Face Jewels, are they worth the hype ?

Hello Spacers

I recently purchased some face jewels from New look and decided to make a feature look based upon this summers latest trend. If you haven’t been living under a rock you will notice that all over social media people have been sharing  their selfies from their holidays, festivals or just for the Make lovers jump ship and join in. Face jewels are re occurring trend and although they look visually stunning the application process is another element. Trying to stick on tiny jewels was highly challenging especially applying on pre-applied makeup i.e foundation the gems would often become unstuck or fall of completely which was infuriating to say the least. Following the pattern with the packet was uber challenging and i ended up changing the design to suit my own way rather than follow the design provided as it didn’t always work out looking as a nice as i expected. The look was successful but a hint of advice to my glitter babes, prepare to have a lot of patience these little gems test your patience like nothing else and do require a mirror, so if your at a festival make sure sure you have one as without a mirror it will be a disaster. I added my own colourful shadow in similar shades to match to gems and added some glitter underneath which i purchased from the POUND SHOP. Literally if your a glitterati like me, glitter need not be expensive as you can find good enough glitter from your local 1 pound shop or local craft shop, which will save you a ton of money. As Keisha states, Glitter makes everything beautiful.

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I really love this recent trend as it allow’s girls, boys and even the older generation to have fun, be more creative and express themselves. Although the jewels are challenging to apply personally i found the stress and outcome worth it and my final look to be a success. So go out, grab your glitter and sequins and express yourself because theirs nothing better than some glitter and sparkle.


Love Macara

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Best places to eat, drink and be merry In Newcastle




One of my favourite places to visit for a treat is Proven Handmade Doughnuts a homemade doughnut stall that lives at Tynemouth Market, of course they attend events and make custom orders, but my favourite place to go is Tynemouth market as it allows you a chance to explore the stalls and enjoy a doughnut, I love supporting local businesses, so this is a sweet way to enjoy local produce at delicious prices.



IMG_0244[1]The Naked Deli is all about healthy and clean eating which started of in Heaton as a hot spot for students and people looking for a healthier option, The Naked Deli has expanded and is now available at Heaton, Gosforth and Fenwicks.  With deliciously cooked food and smoothies whats not to love.





Zizzi pizza can be found in Newcastle city centre and at the metro centre. With deliciously stone cooked pizza  and beautifully decorated interior which creates a warm, modern Italian ambience. Service is often quick and fresh and is one of my favourite places to visit for a nice sit down meal.

IMG_0245[1]IMG_0246[1]Aveika Newcastle is in a beautiful location down by the beautiful quayside which is a restaurant and late bar which transforms into a modern and chic club scene. My favourite time to go is for the lunch menu it is beautiful and very well priced i had the salmon pictured above which was beautifully served. Cocktails are creative and incredibly presented with a huge selection to choose from.  Aveika has signature cocktails starting from £4.95 before 8pm.


IMG_0250[1]IMG_0249[1]The Butterfly cabinet is a quirky, unique eatery hidden in the suburbs of Heaton one of the best places for breakfast always providing a perfect fry up and their hidden gem a coconut mocha which is the most tastiest mocha on the market and i highly recommend a tasting . The prices are extremely reasonable with good portion sizes and an active, warm and inviting ambience. Great for couples or families






The Great British cup cakery is a bake house and parlour providing amazing shakes and cakes for all your sugar related needs. The great British cup cakery provides bespoke wedding cakes and celebration cakes for all your needs. There legendary shakes as photographed above are not to be messed with but highly recommend for those with a massive sugar tooth.

IMG_0255[1]Long Play Cafe is one of coolest and quirkiest places in the toon and one of my all time fav places to hang, it’s down by the quayside. Long Play sell vinyl and good homely food and coffees. This is where coffee meets vinyl two of my favourite things to splurge my wages on. As you chill to some classic rock n roll jams on the record player you can enjoy a delicious coffee upon a comfy chesterfield and relax. I love flicking through the vinyl and finding a hidden gem i actually found iron Maiden Piece of mind for £10 and i was smitten, i am a huge iron maiden fan so i was thrilled.

Newcastle has many amazing places to eat and drink here are some additional recommendations;

-Sceince          -Jalou         -Marco Polo

-Chaophraya    -Billy Bootleggers     -The Botanist

-Reds true BBQ house     -Pizza Storm        -Pink lane coffee


If you are just visiting Newcastle or live in the city and need some  new places to eat and drink try something off my menu they all come recommended, if you have any suggestions leave me a comment, i love finding new hidden gems.

Love Macara

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Kitten Update 5 months on

Hello Spacers

As you remember, i did an introductory post about my 8 week old kittens meet my kittens which can found in the link provided but in this segment i am going to provide you animal lovers with a fur baby update. So the kittens have had all the vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and i have just had their pre-op meeting before they go for the snip on Tuesday a decision which never comes lightly to any owner but due to the vast amount of kittens born without homes and the impact it can have on the mothers health we have opted to have both kittens neutered as their are many benefits for them and us through this option. The kittens are getting bigger and fluffier as each day passes. Their little personalities are growing,showing us their differences which is lovely to witness and enjoy alongside them. They are eating plenty and their weight is perfect for their size and we could not be happier with the way both Daphne and Dylan are blossoming. You can keep up to date with the kittens through their personal IG account where weekly content is shared just to add that extra sprinkle of cuteness into your day. daphneanddylan

Love Macara

x x x


Ain’t no party like a pizza party with Pizza Storm

I was kindly invited along to Pizza Storm’s summer party in which we celebrate everything pizza but also the release of their summer menu available now. Pizza Storm is like the subway of pizza in which you get to create your own pizza or salad exactly how you like it and i think that’s pretty awesome. Design your own pizza/salad from £5.95 which is a bargain! great price and amazing service, The staff were enthusiastic and helpful through every step. The restaurant had a busy and energetic atmosphere with lots of different people young and old coming together to enjoy one of the world’s tastiest foods, PIZZA.

I found the quality of the ingredients and service to be extremely good for the price and i am already planning my next visit. If you like pizza then Pizza storm is for you, I would like to thank the Staff and team behind Pizza Storm for inviting me along, I had a truly pizzaerific time, I hope that’s not too cheesy…

Love Macara

x x x


August Faves

20225691_124118151533205_8263504639278710784_nStarting my August favourites is this fragrance body mist by Zoella. This sweet and refreshing spray is filled with all things nice, sugar and spice and is a steal at £8 at Superdrug and is ideal for summer.

20066743_1406445846075591_1322133646882111488_ncomfy bra’s yes you heard Primark have released loads of gorgeous wire free lingerie and  in gorgeous Lacey styles and designs that would have anyone crying with happiness. Comfy and sexy lingerie starting from £8 is certainly a bargain.

20394463_107709799899780_5757121180288942080_nI love Harry potter and i love tattoo’s so when i saw these prints available from Vicky Morgan tattoo, i was jumping for joy the perfect home decor touches to make my room extra cosy. I adore snape and Luna so these prints will hang with pride and the style of them is simply beautiful

19985259_1982016022073687_1931025259150966784_nI have always wanted to own a Vivienne Westwood handbag and after saving i finally got the spends together to treat myself to my first designer handbag. I have always loved Vivienne Westwood since i was a teenager and was fascinated by her designs and philosophy within the fashion industry. So i am glad to own another piece of Westwood to match my  Vivienne Westwood Purse purchased 3 years ago, i now have a matching set.

Finally my next Disney adventure to Orlando, Florida in 30 days i make flight for first trip to the states and i cant wait, the excitement is what is keeping me going and i cant wait to travel and have my dream american holiday with Alex.

4 years together, Here’s to our past,present and future

Me and Alex celebrated 4 years together and one year engaged and we spent it at the Lakes somewhere we both really love and enjoy visiting. We spent a wonderful day eating ice cream walking along the lake front and enjoying each others company on a rare long weekend off together, they come once a month and i appreciate every second that we get.

I am grateful Alex for a lot of things and we have been through a lot, more than i anticipated in 4 years together  but life is always filled with the unexpected and expected. I am grateful for the little things you do, the big things, the difficult things and the nicest things, having you in my life has been the biggest blessing i could have asked for and because of you Alex you give me reason to get up in the morning and  inspire me to pursue my dreams even when i cannot see them myself.  We have been together since i was 18 and you are still the same sweet, kind and lovable guy i met and fell in love with all those years ago, thank you for being you and making me the best that i can be. I love you. Here’s to many more years together

love Cara

x x x





Jake Houlsby Vondelpark

A while back the fabulous Katie Meehan (katiemeehan.co.uk) invited me along to the premier of Jake Houlsby latest album premier known as Vondelpark. A stunning album that transports you to wonderful places, filled with autistic rhythms and softly sung lyrics that for some reason take me back to summer days with friends and late night shenanigans. Watching Jake perform at the Miners institute was simply stunning the venue, the support act sung by the incredible Folk Singer, Luna Fae and of course Jake himself provided a wonderful evening of local talent and beautiful harmonies. I could not recommend Vondelpark more, I find myself listening to it on the bus, walking around town after work or even now as i am typing up these very words, i am reliving and appreciating the amazing talent from the north east that Jake’s lyrics, voice and music brings. Some of my favourite songs include howl and Oklahoma. You can listen to Jake’s music through his YouTube channel link provided below.


Love Cara

x x x


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Kiehl’s Event Newcastle

Hello fellow spacers

I know this event happened a while ago, Sorry Diane for the late post but my life has been travelling at 100 miles an hour and finding time is proving difficult but none the least, i plan on keeping content up this year so please bare with me while i adapt to being a fully fledged working adult….

So i was kindly invited along to the event at Kiehl’s Newcastle branch and upon arrival we were greeted with mythical cocktails provided by the Alchemist, bubbly cocktails known as the famous bubble bath were handed out to those who were keen enough to give it a go.. OF COURSE you had me at cocktail! Along with the bubbly treats to drink we were provided with a massive red velvet cake covered in hundreds and thousands sprinkles which pleased me very much as red velvet cake is my fav.

We got to sample all the products and receive our own personal skin test and of course the fabulous team pointed us each in the right direction for our own personal skincare routine. Some of my favourite products were the  creme de corps which was used by the Victoria secrets models prior to the runway and of course Kim K  used them before her wedding day.  I love the midnight recovery oil it smells and feels amazing on the skin and i could not recommend it more.

I had a really nice evening  and they’re is so many interesting and beneficial products at Kiehl’s so get yourself along and treat yourself and your skin to something special.

Thanks to Diane and the Team at Kiehls

Love Macara

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Alternative Afternoon Tea at Lumley Castle with Novel Tea

I was kindly invited to experience Lumley castles latest new addition to their amazing set up. Lumley castle provide a range of amazing experiences from medieval banquets to amazing wedding packages that any  bride could afford. Lumley castle are not only a venue but a hotel providing 73 bedrooms all uniquely decorated. They consider themselves a quirky venue and not just an ordinary hotel or venue but something more and The latest arrow to their bow is their new afternoon package in conjunction with the fabulous boys at Novel tea. An alcoholic tea with a twist, Creators and pioneers Vincent and Lucas, while at university decided to create a drink, something modern but still traditional and through their thought process they derived the concept of mixing tea with spirits and whats more traditional than a good old cup of tea?

with us being the North, we do love our booze and an excuse to drink, and from this novel tea was created.  Novel tea is a mix of gin/Rum and tea combined… Yes you heard me correctly GIN /RUM AND TEA and its surprising delicious! Novel tea uses the concept of embodying the heritage of tea with a mix. Novel tea currently have two flavours which includes gin and rum and their drinks are gluten free and vegan friendly. These drinks mix the best of Newcastle and German values.

Both drinks are available in the tale of earl grey and tale of Tanquier. If you are interested in the afternoon tea package more information can be found at  www.lumleycastle.com 

I had a wonderful afternoon and i cant wait to make a return to the stunning Lumley Castle once more. Thank you to the team at Lumley castle and to Vincent and Lucas for a fabulous afternoon of tea with a twist.

Love Cara

x x x



Fun at Flamingo Land

IMG_7179[1]OUHM8989 [1]AGYF8561 [1]IMG_7173[1]JQNE5157 [1]EJFV7760 [1]IMG_7176[1]IMG_7187[1]QREK7362 [1]

Bank holiday weekend give’s everyone a reason to go out and do more with a long weekend and why not visit flamingo land, Its around a 2 our drive from Newcastle which is decent and it hosts a range of different amusements such as roller coasters, shows and a zoo filled with numerous safari based animals. When me and Alex found a 241 through the Daily mail we were sold that worked out at £38 for both of us for a full day of activities and fun. My favorite part was the sea lion show which featured flamingo lands resident seal’s showing us their talents and natural abilities, the show was very informative and wonderful. I had a great day and captured some great images.

Love Cranes