Tropical World Leeds








On Saturday the 27th of June we took a road trip to Leeds and decided to visit Tropical World in Leeds.  An amazing interactive Tropical world experience within the UK’s biggest greenhouse. As you explore different contents, species and plant life from across the planet. You can enter the rainforest, Mangroves and desert right within the heart of Leeds.  The experience was better than we anticipated and it was a lovely find with lots of cool things to see including Meerkat’s. We were apprehensive but the Greenhouses and its contents are truly bigger and more interesting than the first appear with an adult ticket only costing £6.20 it was truly worth the money. Its very family and visitor friendly with a gift shop, cafe and facilitates.  If you lover animals, Plant life and Instagram worthy snaps the  Tropical world is the place for you!. tropical-border-1


Neutrals and warm tones











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Lindisfarne Festival


Lindisfarne Festival is an annual music and creative arts festival which takes place in Northumberland. The festival is opposite Beal Farm, and is close to the coast, overlooking Lindisfarne Island, and Bamburgh Castle. Plenty of delicious food and drink venues surrounded the main area including Newcastle’s own Canny Coffees which helped me survive the camping experience! A selection of local talent attended and some more well known names entertained us throughout the weekend including the Levellers and happy Mondays.  The vibe at the festival  was relaxed and lots of fun, I loved the folk style atmosphere and friendliness of everyone there, i would certainly return and i recommend  this fun, local festival especially if you are from the North East.










The Refuge – Manchester


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I cant be the only one who searches for photogenic locations, colourful back drops and unique places to document my gram/blog and lifestyle?. Well here in Manchester i got to do just that and finally check off The Refuge off my list, I mean can you blame me ?

So The refuge by Volta is a successful Bar and  restaurant hot spot when visiting Manchester its different themed rooms are photographers dream. The refuge is also situated in the Principal Hotel also stunning and a nice place to stay or have a staycation when in Manchester.  The Refuge is a elegant, modern and chic dinning experience and i loved the conservatory best as photographed from above for obvious reason such as the tiled floor, stunning plush velvet sofas and green foliage everywhere. We had some bar snacks and cocktails while we were waiting to see the one and only Britney Spears! as photographed above we ordered  ‘One Daisy’ and the ‘The Queen’s Peach’ both were scrumptious.

For the gram, for the cocktails, for the food get yourself to The Refuge as soon as possible.








From our adventure in Rome we took the ItaliaRail Train from the city centre of Rome to Siena a city in the central of Italy’s Tuscany region.  Siena is a beautiful Italian city and well worth  visit with its medieval themed buildings and Gothic inspired churches its is a city soaked in 14th century history. Siena was the location for the iconic Jame’s Bond film Quantum of Solace and Twilight new Moon. You can see why directors would find Siena to be a incredible filming location from the pictures alone the people and hospitality was also another great reason this city was so wonderful to visit.   While spending days in Siena we stayed in a Villa known as ‘Country House Casa Cornacchi’ an incredible, traditional Italian villa with all the necessities including your own private Hot tub and swimming pool ! We were staying at the Casa Cornacchi as two of our friends were getting married which was stunning a day filled with Italian traditions, lace and the coming together of two families it was a  wonderful day  and something i will never forget.  As you can see from the above pictures the views, luxury and privacy of the villa was beautiful enough to say the least.  We had an incredible trip to Rome and Siena experiencing traditional Italian culture and Tuscan traditions. I cant wait to visit italy again and progress my travels to other areas such as Milan and Venice.

Would you ever visit Siena?


48 Hours in Rome












I went for a mini stay-cation in Italy’s heart, Rome.

Rome is a lively and beautiful city with stunning architecture and historic buildings dating back to BC. The city welcomes modern culture in historic surroundings and every new street welcomed something new and unique.

I highly recommend a visit to St Peter’s Basilica for €8 you can climb 551 steps to reach the top and marvel the stunning panoramic views of Rome, embracing the magnificent art and architecture from above and below. St Peter’s Basilica is a  Late Renaissance church with architects including Michelangelo and can hold an impressive 20,000 worshippers, along with the art work, the chapel, you also get access the the Pope’s Tomb and other historic  artefact associated with the Churches longstanding history.

The Trevi fountain is an iconic and free location to visit. Which features a stunning water feature. This stunning fountain was completed 1762 and still stands beautifully intact. With the aqua blue water and mythological inspired sculptures surrounding the fountain. It is such a stunning and must see on the bucket list of many eager travellers. They say if you put a euro into the water and make a wish you will have good luck and good fortune for many years to come.

The Colosseum was a marvel to see visually incredible and vast in size it is only when you are up close can you really appreciate the grandeur and  scale of this well known building. If you are visiting Rome on the first Sunday of a new month then visitation is free otherwise you have to pay. We opted out and decided to appreciate it from the outside as the waiting line was HUGE, Plus if you have seen the movie Gladiator the inside inst hard to imagine. 

I highly recommend visiting the Vatican city it is very specific to Rome. This is where the headquarters to the catholic church resides and it is also home to Pope. Their are a couple of areas attached to visit within the Vatican city these include –  St Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel and the gardens of the Vatican City.

Honorable visit recommendations when in Rome –

  • Pantheon
  • Castle Sant’ Angelo
  • Villa Borghese Gardens
  • Galleria Borghese


I adored Rome and i would love to travel around Italy more i already have Cinque Terre, Milan and Venice on my travel list.  I hope you enjoyed

Have you ever visited Italy ?

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So we put in an offer for our dream first home and it has been accepted we are currently going through the legal aspect and if everything comes back sound we are hoping to move into our house come the summer/ Beginning of autumn. Which is crazy and exciting.

I understand mortgages and the idea of a mortgage is not everyone’s cup of tea. I guess for me its idealistic the over all pride of owning my own house, being on the property ladder and having a huge asset and security come later in our life is certainly more my style. I think the initial step we assume that once we pay our deposit of £10,000 we then put in an offer, sign some stuff and then we own a house is totally incorrect. This whole process has been a curve ball of new experiences and realisations and its all the hidden costs that you are not always talked about which as shook me up the most. Things like a solicitor, surveyor, credit checks and mortgage approvals that really up the stress factor and cost factor of being a home owner. Here are somethings i have learned so far throughout our process

1- Do your homework and make sure you check mortgages, rates, interest and solicitor fees these sure rack up very quickly.

2- Make sure you have your solicitor in place and already instructed plus this is a legal requirement when purchasing a house (something i never knew…)

3- Have lots of savings for additional costs and home alterations/ furnishings.. we have a bit of furniture and appliance shopping to do..

4-Prepare to wait a long time with not a lot really happening but that’s okay.

5- Try not to focus too much on the property until the deeds are passed over and you have legally signed for the house as you can be guzumped or the property can fall through.

6- Nothing is guaranteed and you might find you might not get the property as it is in the owners discretion how and if they sell you the property.

7- you feel the most stress and anxiety you have ever felt, the feelings you get from buying your first home is indescribable, you feel excitement, fear and happiness.

8- Its okay to not feel okay during this process and i have had sleepless nights thinking about the what ifs..

9- Make sure you have a  mortgage that leaves you enough money to still have your comforts and occasional holiday. People find it hard when they cant enjoy their life due to their mortgage payments, none wants to just be working to pay off their mortgage, make sure its affordable.

10- You got this, buying a house is no simple feat it is a huge commitment and legal dedication, it can be scary but amazing at the same time, becoming a home owner isn’t easy but with some courage and positvity things work out in the end and the hard work is always going to be worth it.

I hope this helps anyone who is looking to buy a house or who is currently in the process looking for some reassurance or guidance. Not everyone is lucky enough to be guided and without the information and advice i received from my mortgage adviser, parents and friends i don’t know where or how i would have started this process, so i hope this has helped someone, somewhere. Good luck


x x x



Coat- Primark

Leggings- Primark

Jumper- Primark

Bag- H&m

Sunglassses- Missguided

Boots- Select Fashion


The Great British Cupcakery~ The Ariel Waffle


THE waffle of everyone’s dreams has finally arrived into the heart of Newcastle, The Great British cupcakery have brought their mermaid fantasy to life through the fantastic Ariel Waffle. Grab a seat in their beautiful parlour, order a coffee and tuck in. This giant bubble waffle is filled with two scoops of ice cream, strawberry sauce, Meringue, Rainbow drops and a beautifully constructed mermaid tail to complete.  The attention to detail is gorgeous and when it was presented it certainly had a certain wow factor!. This is a very indulgent and photogenic treat. For any of my northerners go check the great British cupcakery out, Their is certainly a little treat for everyone’s tastes.

Love Macara

x x x

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Cocktails and Carbs ~ Laundrette

While going out with one of the girls, we decided to go and explore the much talked about Laundrette down by Newcastle’s central station. I have heard so many blogger babes heading over there for the spectacular cocktails and food so i thought why not.

Upon entering Laundrette the interior was chic and modern with really beautiful furnished chairs and bar. I could not help but swoon over the Neon signs and wish i had them all up in my house. The staff were really friendly and happy to offer suggestions as their cocktail menu is pretty vast.

In the end i went for leon’s love juice and a Raspberry Flossi which were both incredible. Although the cocktails cost around £7/8 each they were certainly worth it and the attention to detail was paramount. We had a side platter of nibbles complimentary with our drinks and we got a side order of chips but the guys on the table next to us ordered the full whack including 21 oz sirloin steak which looked incredible, so i would love to return and try the food in the near future.

Over all a beautiful bar with high quality cocktails in the centre of Newcastle. Certainly a must visit place for food and cocktail loves alike.

Love Macara

x x x

Raspberry Flossi- Laundrette

Leons love Juice- Laundrette