Jake Houlsby Vondelpark

A while back the fabulous Katie Meehan (katiemeehan.co.uk) invited me along to the premier of Jake Houlsby latest album premier known as Vondelpark. A stunning album that transports you to wonderful places, filled with autistic rhythms and softly sung lyrics that for some reason take me back to summer days with friends and late night shenanigans. Watching Jake perform at the Miners institute was simply stunning the venue, the support act sung by the incredible Folk Singer, Luna Fae and of course Jake himself provided a wonderful evening of local talent and beautiful harmonies. I could not recommend Vondelpark more, I find myself listening to it on the bus, walking around town after work or even now as i am typing up these very words, i am reliving and appreciating the amazing talent from the north east that Jake’s lyrics, voice and music brings. Some of my favourite songs include howl and Oklahoma. You can listen to Jake’s music through his YouTube channel link provided below.


Love Cara

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Kiehl’s Event Newcastle

Hello fellow spacers

I know this event happened a while ago, Sorry Diane for the late post but my life has been travelling at 100 miles an hour and finding time is proving difficult but none the least, i plan on keeping content up this year so please bare with me while i adapt to being a fully fledged working adult….

So i was kindly invited along to the event at Kiehl’s Newcastle branch and upon arrival we were greeted with mythical cocktails provided by the Alchemist, bubbly cocktails known as the famous bubble bath were handed out to those who were keen enough to give it a go.. OF COURSE you had me at cocktail! Along with the bubbly treats to drink we were provided with a massive red velvet cake covered in hundreds and thousands sprinkles which pleased me very much as red velvet cake is my fav.

We got to sample all the products and receive our own personal skin test and of course the fabulous team pointed us each in the right direction for our own personal skincare routine. Some of my favourite products were the  creme de corps which was used by the Victoria secrets models prior to the runway and of course Kim K  used them before her wedding day.  I love the midnight recovery oil it smells and feels amazing on the skin and i could not recommend it more.

I had a really nice evening  and they’re is so many interesting and beneficial products at Kiehl’s so get yourself along and treat yourself and your skin to something special.

Thanks to Diane and the Team at Kiehls

Love Macara

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Alternative Afternoon Tea at Lumley Castle with Novel Tea

I was kindly invited to experience Lumley castles latest new addition to their amazing set up. Lumley castle provide a range of amazing experiences from medieval banquets to amazing wedding packages that any  bride could afford. Lumley castle are not only a venue but a hotel providing 73 bedrooms all uniquely decorated. They consider themselves a quirky venue and not just an ordinary hotel or venue but something more and The latest arrow to their bow is their new afternoon package in conjunction with the fabulous boys at Novel tea. An alcoholic tea with a twist, Creators and pioneers Vincent and Lucas, while at university decided to create a drink, something modern but still traditional and through their thought process they derived the concept of mixing tea with spirits and whats more traditional than a good old cup of tea?

with us being the North, we do love our booze and an excuse to drink, and from this novel tea was created.  Novel tea is a mix of gin/Rum and tea combined… Yes you heard me correctly GIN /RUM AND TEA and its surprising delicious! Novel tea uses the concept of embodying the heritage of tea with a mix. Novel tea currently have two flavours which includes gin and rum and their drinks are gluten free and vegan friendly. These drinks mix the best of Newcastle and German values.

Both drinks are available in the tale of earl grey and tale of Tanquier. If you are interested in the afternoon tea package more information can be found at  www.lumleycastle.com 

I had a wonderful afternoon and i cant wait to make a return to the stunning Lumley Castle once more. Thank you to the team at Lumley castle and to Vincent and Lucas for a fabulous afternoon of tea with a twist.

Love Cara

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Fun at Flamingo Land

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Bank holiday weekend give’s everyone a reason to go out and do more with a long weekend and why not visit flamingo land, Its around a 2 our drive from Newcastle which is decent and it hosts a range of different amusements such as roller coasters, shows and a zoo filled with numerous safari based animals. When me and Alex found a 241 through the Daily mail we were sold that worked out at £38 for both of us for a full day of activities and fun. My favorite part was the sea lion show which featured flamingo lands resident seal’s showing us their talents and natural abilities, the show was very informative and wonderful. I had a great day and captured some great images.

Love Cranes


The Next Big Thing- Burn’s unit Charity Event

I noticed that recently in this world we do so little for others and so much for ourselves. It’s always welcoming and admirable when we do something for someone we have never met or for a worthy cause. So when fellow Blogger babe Toni put on a fashion event in aid of the Burns unit, well i simply had to come along and be involved.

The wonderful owner of The Next Big Thing events Toni Eaton was presenting a night in aid of the Burns Unit Royal Victoria Newcastle, A heart breaking event shattered Toni’s life as she states in her own words “I received a call to find out my dad had been in a gas explosion, leaving him with 60% plus third degree burns internal and external”  Toni Eaton (https://fashprenuer.com/2017/05/16/what-is-happening-at-the-burns-unit-catwalk-event/). This horrific and frightful experience shattered the whole family, after an induced comma and three months recovery, Toni’s father was then moved to the burns were he received excellent care, support and structure throughout his recovery. The dedication of the staff stood out to Toni and for her event she decided to host a spectacular run way filled of fashion, glamour and show casing brands from across the north east. All funds raised are being donated to the Burns unit at the Royal Victoria as a thank you for all their support and to provide the hospital with some funding to continue their valuable work with patients.

The event showcased Lingerie from the luxurious Black Velvet (Black Velvet), in which i have decided i want everything and especially for my honeymoon, The pieces were divine and simply oozed elegance.  Some festival looks and summer pieces were provided by Slaves2style (Slaves2Style) showing us modern, chick looks for this summers 2017.  Their was something for the Guy’s from Marshall Brady clothing (Marshall Brady Clothing). Which really stood out to me and had some great pieces, Which I might get Alex for our trip to Florida… I love seeing a catwalk that show cases both male and female trends, looks and must haves, especially when i am my fiance’s personal stylist!. My jaw hit the floor when Katherine Davidson’s (katherinedavidson.co.uk). Bridal and occasion wear came on and it provided me with so much wedding inspo, The dress with the tulle and floral detailing were extravagant, striking and breathtaking. These dresses are ideal for the ‘non traditional’ bride like myself or more alternative brides who want a bit more shall we say… Va Va Voom!

Congratulations to our Northern blogger and events planner Toni Eaton for raising £660.50 and it’s still going up, every penny can go to supporting staff costs or vital equipment and it is all for a valuable cause if you wish to donate, Toni has set up a justgiving page https://www.gofundme.com/burns-unit-catwalk and you can also follow Toni’s superb Blog www.fashprenuer.com.

It was a wonderful event filled with fabulous fashion and all for great cause!



Urban Decay Slay once more

When the lovely Laura from Ellefluence (ellefluence.com) extends an invite to an Urban Decay event, you know your are in for a treat, and as ever i was in make-up heaven.

As the fabulous team at Newcastle’s Debenham’s store presented us with their newest limited edition collection featuring the incredible and thought provoking art work from artist Michel jean Basquiat.

Jean Michel Basquait was an american artist born in Brooklyn who created, informal graffiti and used influences from Manhattan during the late 70’s. Basquiat was inspired by the hip hop and post punk movement and this can be seen throughout his incredible art work. Unfortunately Basquiat passed away in 1988 at the age of 27. His work was suggestive and focused deep on many social issues that Brooklyn and Manhattan was experiencing during the 70’s and 80’s.

Basquaits work and the Urban Decay ethics create a beautiful partnership as they both look to inspire and be different. Both of these concepts are about being different, exploring colour and not being ashamed of being who you are and in this modern day and age, these ideals should be whats implemented in the fashion and make-up industry as imperfection is beauty. I like how Urban Decay look outside the box on make-up and take daring and exciting opportunity’s to push the limits and go out of most peoples comfort zone’s with colourful pallets and glitter for all occasions. I must say the staff at Urban Decay never fail to amaze me their knowledge, training and passion are obvious and how they implement everything they know into providing stunning looks is fascinating. If only i could do it like the UD team everyday i know i would.  This new collection is Limited edition and once it’s gone.. it’s gone so get to it ladies, guys and anyone who is interested in artistry mixed with make-up. I promise you It’s all worth every penny.


After repeating i want everything in every colour, i had a good look around the store and wrote a mini ‘must have list; on my phone… My bank balance will surely kill me.. BUT at least, i will have new make-up and who can say no to new make-up, i can justify it.

Thanks Laura for creating, organizing and planning a fabulous event, To the Urban Decay team for always amazing me and creating sickening looks that inspire, excite and spark my imagination to try new things and add more colour.

Shout out to my Blogging girls, who continue to surprise me with their kindness and passion, you are all the reason why i keep doing what i am doing.

Give these Girls a follow as their blogs are great and we are all from the North East!

anchoredteapot.com                    disneyfind.com

katiemeehan.co.uk                      sarahlouiseporter.blogspot.co.uk

gemmaslittleworld.com             www.talesfromageordiegoth.co.uk


What do you love about Urban Decay?

Love Macara

x x x

5 ways to Relax

We all get stressed, we all feel overwhelmed and often feel over worked. Our lives can seem erratic and dysfunctional, as we try to juggle finance, work, family and down time. It can feel as if you are never given 5 minutes peace without something happening, some drama occurring or something breaking that needs a lot of money fixing. Simply the world can feel as if its never on your side… but we must not forget that ourselves, soul, body and mind are important. YOU are important and YOU deserve to relax and enjoy life as you intended. Here are my five tips and tricks for an affordable and well deserved treat yo self relaxation guide.

MUSIC– music is important and it makes you think and feel thing’s beyond your mind. Music is powerful it can captivate you and transport you to a place or a memory, that is significant. I have a dedicated playlist that makes me happy and each song has a memory linked to it. I know that once i listen to the songs, i will feel at peace and switch off from any negative or worrying thoughts because sometimes we all take life too seriously and music reminds me to have fun and enjoy those important moments.


BUBBLE BATH’S– Their is something therapeutic about submerging yourself into warm and beautifully scented water. I find all my worries, aches and pains melt away as i transport my mind to a clearer place. After a long day baths can be the comfort you may need. Also feeling clean, fresh and relaxed often make’s me rather sleepy and can promote me to have decent night’s sleep. To spice up your bath try a bath bomb our bubble bar to add some oomph.


BEAUTY PRODUCTS– Nothing excites me more than having something new to enjoy in my bath such as a new face mask or skin product, I think treating your skin and body to some well deserved pampering is a great idea. If your stressed your skin can often take the brunt of it and blemishes and spots can appear and no one want’s this. I know i am one of those people who, when stressed breaks out against my will.  Our skin is the biggest organ in our body so treating it with some nice products can do wonders and that includes you men as well !


FAVORITE TV SHOWS= NETFLIX AND CHILL–  Sometimes watching a new TV program can help us all switch off as we delve from our own existence into those of Game of thrones or the walking dead. Why dwell on the aspects of mundane life when we can watch a zombie apocalypse or be transported to New York city and live the dreams of the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw.. Sometimes fantasy can be better than fiction? Just like reading a good old book, watching TV programs can make us laugh, cry and relate to that one character and feel a sense that we are not alone… and that can be the power of a good TV show and all of sudden we feel at ease and things make sense. As stimulating as TV is i can often find it very relaxing and a source of comfort for those lonely nights when the other half is working on the night shift.


FRIENDS– Having someone to talk too, someone to rant too about all of life little ups and downs, someone who just simply gets it. That someone you can relate to and speak to is so important when it comes to relaxing and switching off. whether that may be your partner or your best friend… friends are important for our emotional, mental and physical well being, Ever talked to your friend about something that has been bottled up and you feel a sense of relief as they comfort and relate to you… THAT, this exact feeling of worth and understanding can remove a lot of stress, anxiety and thoughts that might be troubling you.. Its true you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends. I am lucky to have an amazing family and an amazing group of friends but not everyone is so lucky. So it’s important to have a friend to speak too and who always encourages tequila shots at 2am.


Fiona, Me and Micheal 
What suggestions do you have to relax, switch off and take time for you ?

Love Macara