Today’s looks is very rock n roll inspired. I spent the day with family and friends visiting a vintage record sale, enjoying a latte from the cold and snapping pictures of my beautiful city Newcastle in all its glory. My look today was to incorporate my new favorite metallic skirt, with some black and white vans on my feet and my zara ‘kiss the boy’ tee famously posted about here – kiss the boy tee. I then layered my LA bomber jacket on top to add that certain grease is the word look to my outfit. Along with my shades i set off and took some amazing pictures and had a lovely time.

Hope everyone is having a sweet Saturday.

Love Cara

x x x


新年快乐 – Chinese New year in Newcastle









Today me and Alex had an adventure into Newcastle’s china town to join the festivities of Chinese new year. 2017 is the year of the rooster, unfortunately not my year, but let’s hope that the year of the rooster brings good luck and prosperity. As we strolled through the streets of china town Chinese cooking filled the air and children were running around with their colorful dragons. China town was alive and booming. I especially loved the traditional Chinese new year dragon dance, the colours and atmosphere was electric and exciting. I couldn’t resist buying my own Chinese lucky dragon as a memorable keepsake from my first year experiencing Chinese new year in my home city. After wandering the streets of china town we headed up northumberland street and went into the hay market where a hidden gem lies. The recent opening off Shijo is my new favorite place to eat out not only is it reasonably priced if you are a student you can get discount off your food. Although Shijo appears small do not let its size deceive you as it packs a lot of punch and flavor into every dish.  A tasty treat that you can also take-away with you or sit in the cute little restaurant space. I truly loved experiencing a new cultural experience and i think i need to look into some travels over to Asia sometime in the future.

Love Cara


Christmas Countdown at The Grainger Market; Blogmas

Me  and  Toni (Fashprenuer.com)

Christmas is truly on our doorstep. In minus 23 days we will be waking up to presents, The smell of home cooking and gingerbread, Along with Tucking into a delicious feast of turkey and many other wonderful delights.

At the heart of Newcastle lies the Grangier Market. The Grangier market has been around for decades, opening those iron gates back 1835 and since then has become an iconic trademark of the North East. Over 100 small local businesses reside within the Victorian building. You can find anything from fresh meat to quirky home ware. The Grangier market has it all. On the 1st of December me and Toni A.K.A the Fabulous fashprenuer.com  Ventured out into the wintry cold to attend the Christmas night market. I had a wonderful time enjoying a variety of alternative music. I absolutely loved Ragtime Rewind. The vibe was festive and energetic and i felt humble to be in the presence of so many fabulous people supporting local businesses and coming together to enjoy the festivities.

During my time in the market i had a huge slice of pizza from slice and a delicious Baileys cupcake from http://petlambpatisserie.com/. I adored all the stunning cupcakes and coffees on offer.The girl’s are YouTube Vloggers/Bloggers as well! Double win for me. Supporting business and bloggers. You can check out Pet Lamb’s youtube channel here > https://www.youtube.com/c/petlambgirls.  They really are as delightful as their cake’s.

We had an good explore around the market. Meeting the Vendor’s and sampling some delicious goods. My favourite was at La casa, Me and Toni got to sample some delicious sweet,dry white wine and explore the world of wine tasting. I loved all the alternative and different wine brand’s, especially since i know a lot of wine lover’s. These Spanish wine’s would make a great gift.  (http://www.lacasadelicatessen.com/).


Then we got an exclusive preview of the underground air raid shelter. Hidden out of sight underneath the ginormous market. Our guide was truly wonderful and very informative. Hearing all the stories and facts of life in the shelter really brought home the struggles of the war on the people of Newcastle. The tight passage ways were dark and dingy. item’s that have been abandoned lie dormant around the shelter. Clothes, Suitcases and china (I.E cups and plates) are stacked as only a memory of once was. The eerie atmosphere was almost spine chilling. I would have not enjoyed spending days underground in the air raid shelter, i can tell you that. To venture down into the shelter was a rare opportunity as it is not open to the public, so i felt very humble to be allowed to go down into the dark underground of the toon’s streets and market. I surely will never forget it anytime soon.

A wonderful performance topped the evening of by the Glamorous and Northern star Trixie Blue. Sashaying and working the center stage with some Fabulous Burlesque. Trixie provide’s classes and one on one sessions for you Northern Naughties who want to have some fun while getting your clothes off! Believe me the benefits of burlesque are amazing and i would highly recommend it. More info about the House of Trixie Blue can be found at http://www.houseoftrixieblue.co.uk/


I had a wonderful evening and i couldn’t fault the atmosphere, the variety and experiences available. Thank you to Toni and Pixie for an awesome night! Have a look at both of these Ladies Fabulous blog’s and spread some Northern Love. ❤



What are you excited for this Christmas?

Love Cara

x x x

Aberdeen Adventures!

Over the weekend i was invited to Aberdeen to visit our friend Sam before his exciting adventure over to the Middle East.Aberdeen is a stunning city in the North of Scotland. I was half expecting it to be freezing 24/7 but it turned out Aberdeen was warmer than Newcastle… Who would have guessed it ? i Surely didn’t. After a long 5 hour drive we arrived at Sam’s and then checked into our hotel room (Thank you Micheal and Sam) As the deluxe apartment was our engagement gift. The next day we got up early and Climbed the volcano known as Mither Tap! I struggled A LOT (Hill’s are not my my thing.. Generally any exercise in general is not my thing) But i made it to the top and i am so proud of myself as i conquered the mighty hill. After a latte in the adorable Old Post office Tea Room and a slice of cake. we headed back to the hotel to rest up.

Later that night we all headed out for a night out in Aberdeen which started off at Slain’s Castle Aberdeen for some drinks. I  went for the lovely vodka themed cocktail called ‘Happiness’. I loved the cocktail menu, especially the seven sins theme as photographed above. We then went to a few other pubs including Six Degree’s North, where i met this lush pug, I was in my happy place drinking a Gin and Tonic with my adorable pudgy pug friend. (Its the simple things in life).


We then had an amazing meal at Angus & Ale. I had the Angus and Ale burger which included an Angus beef burger,smoked arran cheese, black pudding and apple chutney. Hands down the best burger i have even eaten. I shall be dreaming about this burger for days.

Alex skipping stones




Beautiful Aberdeenshire!

On the last day we went on a walk along the beach at Newburgh, which had incredible sand dunes and a stunning still lake. On the other side was the ocean. This walk was very refreshing after a long night out and i felt very relaxed and rejuvenated. This was the perfect way to end our awesome trip to Aberdeen. Thanks Sam for having us and showing us all the cool stuff in Aberdeen!

If you haven’t been to Aberdeen i highly recommend it.The mix of the city life with visually stunning landscapes gives you the best of both worlds. This break away from reality has been the best thing before christmas. Bye Aberdeen you have been awesome

Love Cara

x x x

Alton Tower’s Scarefest 2016



Every year from the end of October to the start of November Alton Tower’s host’s Scare Fest an awesome Halloween theme park experience. With any Cadbury’s or kellogs product you can find 241 voucher which are valid throughout the year including scare fest. Which is perfect if you are in a party of 2 or more!

open to all guests up until 9pm at night allowing you to ride your favorite roller coasters in the dark and to enjoy the most out of the park for a longer period of time in comparison to the summer opening times. Scare fest has a great atmosphere and the park is well decorated and thought out as you walk along the grounds, the amount of detail that is incorporated into each section is very tentative and effective. Along with enjoying the rides you can also pay extra to do the scare mazes each based off a different theme adding to the Halloween experience for those who don’t scare too easily? There are loads of great activities for the bambinos along with sing along’s and skelvins spooky story time for those who little’ins who need it a little more PG this Halloween. Scare fest is my favorite time to visit Alton  Towers and i am certain 2017 will be yet another visit to one of the best theme parks we have here in the UK.

p.s Alton towers are now providing thermostat scare fest mugs for £8 which allow unlimited refills on lattes and hot chocolates galore which ended up being our savoir as the night became gradually colder. Over all my scare fest experience came to around £35 for my ticket and unlimited hot drink and cup.


I’m in the love with Corfu







On a bleak Tuesday morning in February i had a spontaneous look around the Thomas cook website, i say spontaneous it  is almost everyday! (i swear i don’t have a problem just a bad case of wander lust) I  like to look at exotic and international destinations dreaming of where to next and if i can find a great deal, well to say i found a great deal was an understatement when i saw this great package holiday to Corfu,I could not say no! all inclusive for 7 nights for around £400 each… I was sold. Me and my fiance had a really busy year experiencing new things such as distance while i studied and stayed with my parents down Durham and he stayed in Newcastle we both went back to education to complete diplomas and it was a year filled with challenges, so i thought we should reward ourselves with a holiday, something relaxing and romantic and Corfu sounded like a dreamy destination. So i searched around and thought about both of us getting some winter sun for a change and i found a great deal with the Mareblue Resort a 4* hotel complex, which is literally breath taking, as photographed above, The Mareblue is on the edge of the coast next to a nature reserve, which provided plenty of peace and serenity. The hidden beaches are only a 5 min walk from the resort, which was our personal favorite place to chill out. The food was good and the Apricot cooler was divine, literally my favorite cocktail of the week. The best thing about the Mareblue was it was completely isolated allowing complete relaxation. Although Alex preferred  the main Corfu town we both agreed that this type of trip was well needed and deserved. It was such a lovely holiday as my parents decided to grab a flight ticket and book up a room and come along for the adventure too, which allowed lovely time with my parents and even more bonding time for Alex to spend time with his future mother and father in law. I find time with family and friends extremely important and in our busy lives we sometimes forget to pause and spend some extra time together especially since this world is turning so fast we should enjoy every minute and holidays such as these are ideal for clearing time for each other while having fun. Corfu is a small island on the North West coast and the whole island is surrounded by aqua blue water and rugged mountains, Corfu is filled with vast natural scenery and dense amount of nature and wildlife that live on the island.It is a great Greek island to visit and i truly enjoyed returning back to cool, calm corfu.

Now we are back in the UK, where to next ?

Love Cara




The Lady Boy’s of Bangkok

My yearly tradition is to always heading down to the center of life to see the stunning lady boys of Bangkok in which i get to see beautiful women, enjoy a whole bottle of wine and the best chicken satay and peanut sauce. YUM! The lady boys of Bangkok effortlessly put on a fabulous show each year showing of different stunning costumes and hilarious cameos. For the price of the ticket you are guaranteed a great night out especially with all the girls, The Lady boys of Bangkok never fail to make me laugh and it is part of October i look forward too along with Halloween of course. I highly recommend seeing the Lady boy if they are in town because as they shared happiness also spells penis.

Love Cara