How to start moving out…


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As i am buying and preparing for eventually moving out. I have noticed how much of a perfectionist i am.

Of course when it came to fashion i knew i was super picky about clothes and fashion  but when it comes to home decor, i am just as precise and particular maybe even more so. Alex could not care less as long as the appliance or decor works and is practical but for me i look at durability, colour and style.I have colour coordinated each room of the house to ensure everything flows beautifully within.

The best places i have found for buying home ware is Next, Wilkos, Cath Kidston, Asda, Argos and Primark. I have found loads of lovely pieces that connect with each other but in all honestly 80% of my home ware has came from Next. The pieces are beautifully tailored and have a modern chic to each item that fits with my aesthetic so well. I have  found that for electrical appliances curry’s is a great place to start with constant deals and offers i have got most of my key kitchen and living room appliances for under £200. Moving out is slightly over whelming when you realise you have a full house to furnish and lots of things needed to fill the home ready for living in. It was not until i started getting utensils, a toaster and cutlery that i realised truly HOW much is needed and if you have never moved out and this is your first time brace yourself. Here are my tips and tricks that have got me half way there….

1- I recommend starting a stock pile. Buying a couple of items each month and getting set up for your move. Buying a little each month has proved really beneficial by spreading out the cost and it has allowed me to edit each room exactly how i want it.

2- Look out for deals and sales as sometimes you can grab designer or better made items at a similar cost.

3- Use Pintrest, Instagram and google to look for home inspiration, if you can afford nice things then save up if not you can always find similar items for a cheaper price. I planned my rooms based on research and specific aesthetics i saw online. Instagram was a great tool to see what other people were up to and to feel inspired.

4-  Think outside the box,you don’t always have to use certain items for specific things and of course you can DIY and upscale items to save money. Especially on things like dinning room tables and chairs.  I found a metal tin that was copper with bath goodies inside and i am reusing it as a biscuit tin for the kitchen. Be Creative its your home.

5- Don’t be afraid of flat pack stores such as IKEA offer great chic furniture and accessories that can really transform your room. This is a great idea if you are on a tight budget or have a slightly smaller space to work with.

6- Look at discount stores such as outlets for quirky decorations and storage. I have found some really great photo frames, ornaments and candles reduced and of course they are the remaining stock so they are more quirky and unique.

7- Save save save.. believe me when you start you struggle to stop buying for your home. it is uber ADDICTIVE so make sure you have some cash spare to put towards it. Trust me the world of home decor is so much fun and i will not know what to do with myself once i am done but for now i am going all out.

8- If you are moving out with a partner, friend or husband/wife make sure the house represents both of you and that it reflects both your personalities. a house is just a house but whats in it truly makes it your home. Lots of arguments, disagreements and some strong wording will be used during your planning and moving out process so make sure you value each others opinion and style remember it is the two of you and therefore should involve and reflect both of you.

9- Commit.. hard as it is moving out and buying for your home is shockingly expensive and sacrifices will be made you might not get date night as often or cocktails when you need them but at least you have nice cushions and bed sheets to go. The commitment is hard but worth it for the final outcome.

10- RELAX its going to be over soon and in the end no matter what your home will be beautiful. Sometimes you will buy and build your home over the years or you will have it set out instantly. Either way you will make it your own in the end. It takes passion, commitment and drive to move out. its tough to move and everyone is struggling and trying to make it but we will all get there, with hard work comes amazing pay off… so stay strong my fellow first time movers or first time buyers, your awesome and will get there in no time.

Love Macara

x x x


Turning 23- Accepting change and new chapters

Image result for tumblrThe reality of  hitting the dreaded 23. The last time i had a birthday with a 3 in it, i was 13 and that came with its own set of dramatic and emotional rules and difficulties. Turning 23 i am sick of drama, Alcohol doesn’t seem to agree with me and when it does i lie in bed filled with regret from a painful hangover. My body is getting more wobbly and less defined.  As i hit the first section of my prime i reflect on my achievements and honestly i think i am doing okay. I look to the future, what will i accomplish, will i aspire to what i need and want and my answer is YES. why not? why should i allow doubt and worry to shadow my mind and consume my thoughts, yes somethings will take time and yes i know my life is moving into a different direction and i myself am changing and that is okay too.  The things i was terrified off i am beginning to feel more comfortable around.

change is inevitable but if i am honest i am ready for a change. I am ready for many commitments into independence, marriage and motherhood. My mind and body are crying out for this new chapter and i could not feel more deeply ready for these steps to begin. Some people in my life are already here, past this point or no where near me its a strange move from adolescence and ‘normality’ to a different format of life, i used to be afraid of being the only one, on my own taking these steps but during my recent trip to Florida i had an epiphany, a moment of pure bliss and understanding that i knew i was now 100% ready. Maybe some of my viewers can relate and some are still yet to reach this stage but all i can say is i am ready to move forward, make strides and stop worrying about other peoples opinions and trust my gut.

Love from Macara

x x x



5 things to remember in the New year

1- I am enough–  Sometimes i feel i am not enough as a whole person and constantly see simple errors in myself forgetting that i am enough and i can do anything. In the new year i need to appreciate myself.I am guilty of pushing myself when i should be appreciating myself instead

2- Self Love–  LOVE WHO I AM and what i am more. Recently i have had doubts over my body/appearance in Florida i truly embraced my natural self. No makeup, No falseness and appreciating all the curves and shapes for what they are and loving them rather than wishing they were something else.  Self love is so important and as i verge the age of 23 i am finally accepting all of me and i am loving it.

3- I will buy my first home- Being in a relationship for almost 5 years, living together at our parents and experiencing a raw perspective of life together along with finally having  the funds and lifestyle we are hoping to have a house or be putting in offers over the coming year. Independence and adulating responsibilities are now paramount.

4- I will manage my Diabetes better-  i am a type one diabetic which means i live with a never ending chronic illness. I have good days and bad days but i want to be better and manage my condition better. It is the hardest thing to live with but i will not allow my diabetes to define my quality of life and i will try my best to make the healthier and better choices.

5-  make time for whats most important-  Sometimes my needs are more important, sometimes its Alex’s and sometimes its something else. I must ensure that i make time for whats important when its important. Don’t worry about whats to come and what could be, live in the moment and live for now and if my needs, need to be met then so it shall be.

Love Macara

x x x

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2017 Summary

Sorry i have been so MIA but…    YKTT3645

I have taken a long and thoughtful break from the blogging community to focus on my own self love and prioritising time with friends, family and my other half. (Along with adjusting to my new work regime).

I was left with very little time and that is hopefully something i will work on in the new year. Sometimes you need to step back and adjust. I feel my blogging content will always come thick and thin but my IG content will be more consistent as i just love Instagram and the simplicity of it all. BUT doing meaningful and passionate blog posts that i enjoy doing must become a priority and i hope you all understand that. I only want the best content on  Macara’s space and the best images and sometimes it comes at a cost i.e time, money and oppertunitys that i truly enjoy so please bare with me.

I wish you all a more positive, meaningful and inspiring year as 2018 fast approaches and 2017 begins to leave us. 2017 has been a good year filled of memories but also grinding away. Saving for my house, buying home ware and wedding planning.  I went on my dream trip to the states and saw Iron Maiden live in my home city. I adopted two gorgeous kittens who fill my life up with so much life and happiness. This year has not been a year that has had many downfalls but more eye openers sure i have had to commit to things that adulating has brought has presented many realisations that many 20 somethings experience or as my mam says the ‘reality check’  but within this realisation, i have found comfort in my goals, purpose and drive to where i want to be and that guidance and ‘reality check’ has changed me more as a person.

2018 is already looking up, with a couple of lovely trips, a flight over to Rome to watch our good friends tie the knot, Download festival with my best chums, Iron Maiden for the  second year and of course seeing the current reigning drag queen Sasha Velour is just some of the amazing plans ahead. 2018 looks like the year we will be buying our first home and experiencing being ‘first time buyers’  and owning our own slice of heaven together. 2018 is the year of Music, friendship, Travel and new chapters for us.

what will your 2018 bring ?

Love Macara

x x x


The amazing Hail to the string burger at Fat Hippo underground

Hello Spacers

I am big on my Halloween season and just like Christmas i go all out, watching horror films, doing scarefest at Alton towers and dressing up consecutively every year without fail. Halloween is a fun time and at times it provides me a reason to dress up and act like the big kid that i am

I recently saw and read a recent blog post by the fabulous also known as Chloe McGuirk and i realised i had to make a trip down to the Fat Hippo to sample this incredible burger and boy was i not disappointed.

The incredible Hail to the string burger is certainly  worth the wait. The burger is loaded with a double patty, Pumpkin hash which reminded me of Florida and the iconic charcoal burger is certainly eye popping and a huge game charger compared to your standard classic burger. Me and Alex made a lunch date since we were both off and enjoyed a selection of starters including mac and cheese balls, sweet potato fries and tasty burgers.  If your more subtle about the hallows eve why not get yourself down to the Fat Hippo and taste the delicious hail to the string burger.

Love Macara

x x x



A post for all those hard working women, you got this!

The grind… A bazaar stage in your life when you seem to work full time, all the time and seem to get nowhere. Money just disappears, and you are usually in this specific grind due to adulating  taking place.

It could be, you are renting, paying off a mortgage,current debts or just anything that requires a direct debit. All you feel you are doing is paying bits off, bit by bit but you seem stuck in square one.

To be honest saving up for my first home is driving me slightly bonkers. (WHY IS BUYING A HOME SO EXPENSIVE) and sometimes i really want to just give in and then i feel a desperate urge for my own independence. It is like a massive decision between the best of two evils and like an indecisive child I keep hesitating. I feel like my money rarely makes an appearance and all I see is receipts and not because I’m spending but because of the grind of day to day living costs. General living is so expensive just to have a coffee and cake will set you back a £5 at least. It feels like money burns quicker than how and when we earn it. I don’t know maybe everyone has these initial feelings when saving up for something so life changing or maybe I am just being silly and getting my knickers in a twist either or I just feel like, life is difficult and I thought begin a student was tricky then the real world bites you and reality becomes real. sometimes you do ponder…. their has got to be more to life than this. But the question that worries me more is maybe this is it, the point of qualification meets dedication.

The grind life that we all lead, becomes the star of the show. I have friends who rebel against this status quo and live their life day by day on the edge of their own existence. Each day different and totally unique but this frivolous lifestyle is hard for me to comprehend. I love routines, security, guarantees and comfort. I wish I was ruthless and lived life in the unexpected lane, but I know I would end up feeling that drained and mentally exhausted, I would just want to go back to my security. Could it be that watching my mother work full time, while raising a child plus keeping a household has moulded my expectations of my own life before I have even lived it ?

Possibly so ? Is it a bad thing, well yes and no I would say. I am the creator of my own life and I guess part of that is the grind. Nothing comes without hard work right ? Eventually the pay off will be monumental and the security and comfort from the end result will justify my tightened budget and lifestyle.

So to my fellow women  keep pushing, keep proving the grind wrong, work hard and don’t give up because in the end life can lead us to many places but we decided the ultimate destination.

Love Macara x x x



Spooktacular times at Scream Factory

Hello Spacers      tumblr_oqufitCx7i1u84suwo1_500

I got invited to the press release of scream factory’s newest attraction for 2017 their incredible extreme tour which was intense, hilarious and brilliantly executed to give you that horror vibe.

Scream factory is produced and created by a imaginative productions LTD a small family run event business who put on incredible walk through scare mazes and experiences. Scream factory is located in Teeside at redcar. Scream factory is the Newcastle’s only purpose built Halloween attraction and aren’t we lucky to have such an amazing Halloween experience in our beautiful north east.

Scream factory is located at the old nursery site behind Kirkleatham museum and has plenty of parking and sign posts to guide you there.

Although i wont reveal any spoilers all i can say is get your tickets now it is an awesome experience and i would do it again in a heart beat. For a spooky evening of fun get your tickets from scream factory’s website. 

Thank you to Katy and her fabulous team for an amazing night

Happy Hauntings gals and ghouls

Love Macara

x x x



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Intu- Inspiring women in the art of power dressing

Hello Everyone,

I got to attend a fashion based event with the wonderful team at Intu Metrocentre as based on how we as women empower ourselves through fashion, when our voices are over shadowed and ignored. Yes my little inner feminist is coming out, looking at our fashion history with Meridith Towne, Costume historian and dressmaker, was fascinating and i learned a few things that i never knew, such as;

-Women in the past who were in power had to dress as men, because they were not accepted to dress as a woman due to dominating powerful roles being run by men only.

-The house of commons has no dress code for women BUT men are restricted to a suit and tie, Many female politicians wear graphics tees to vocalise their political opinions

-The only place in the UK a woman could get a degree in the 19th century was in Durham! GO NORTH EAST

Along with looking at outfit’s over the decades, accessories and of course shoes!. Meridith lead a very informative talk filled with interesting facts, props and spoke so much about her passion about fashion and her political fashion insights through the pro feminist movement.

We were then served delicious appetisers and pizzas from the wonderful team at Zizzi’s which went down a treat. Along with the extensive talk from Meridith we got to make our own custom made makeup bags with Crafthood, which was so much fun. I got to use the stamps to print my own design, my bag was inspired by the  Gucci 2017 campaign. Using the stamper i popped my initials down in a type writer style format and then found a fabulous bee stamper! I even got to learn how to make tassels, which are trickier than they may appear. But i was so proud of myself and happy with the over all outcome, i will certainly be using this on my travels. Thanks Crafthood.

Crafthood provide a range of activities for all occasions if you love craft then Crafthood is certainly for you.

I had a lovely evening learning about something new, creating some new and tasting something new, it was truly an evening of new experiences, which proves theirs is always more and more to the fashion world every season.

Thank you to Rachel and the team at Intu fort the invite and the wonderful goody bag. To Meridith for teaching me ways i can make myself powerful without using words but fashion and Crafthood for the wonderful experience of making something practical with a stamp of my individuality on it.

love Macara

x x x

The Crafthood
Intu Metrocentre
My custom made cosmetics bag- The Crafthood
The iconic Nasty woman tee

Pumpkins, Gianni from G Edit and The Body Shop

Hello Spacers,     Related image

I love a good old Body shop event and when a fellow blogger Gianni from the G edit

Decided to host one, well i could not say no. The event could not have been better time as the Vanilla pumpkin range has been released and the iconic Banana hair care range was on my radar.

Well the event was lovely seeing some old faces and some news ones, through the hustle and bustle of discussing beauty, animal testing and future products. I must admit the Body shop are certainly bringing out an array of interesting and new products that will excite the loyal costumers and intrigue some news ones.

The vanilla pumpkin range is certainly a winner. Combined with an iconic PSL in  hand and this product you couldn’t get anymore pumpkin themed if you tried. The smell and consistency is so lovely and inviting it reminds me of cold autumnal days mixed with warm bubble baths and cosy duvet days. If anything this range is almost like a comfort for the soul during this harsh months.

Next is the Banana hair care range. This product smells more bananas than real bananas which is bizarre.. but i love it even more for that exact reason. I got the hair mask and it certainly worked wonders on my fine dry hair and it made a nourishing improvement which is a bonus.

I personally adore the spa collection and the new non gender fragrances which are not targeted at any specific gender but for anyone which is an interesting concept for fragrances and it will save me a lot of money if me and Alex both agree to the same one and we can share.

It was a lovely night of conversations, products and fellow NE bloggers which is always going to guarantee a mint time.

Love Macara

x x x


Sarah, Myself and Pixie

20 questions about me!

Hello Spacer’s

I though i would do a different type of post in which i share more of myself to you in a fun Q&A.

1- Something you cannot leave the house without- My phone it has literally everything on it which is cool but kind of scary at the same time.

2- Favourite brand of makeup- SO hard but NYX affordable and experimental.

3- Favourite flowers- I adore peonies but Sunflowers are my mums Favourites and i have grown up with sunflowers around the house.

4- Favourite clothing store- Primark 100%

5- Favourite perfume- Gucci Flora or Vera Wang princess

6- Heels or flats- Both i like to mix things up

7- Favourite colour- Anything Pastel such as pinks, lilacs and blues

8- Do you want to be married- I am engaged and planning a wedding, so i am going to say yes!

9- Do you get mad easily? Depending on what it is, but i am a very calm and forgiving person so to truly get me mad it takes a lot.

10 – Any phobias ?- YES spiders, heights and drowning but please not in that order.

11- Have you ever had a near death experience? – Yes i almost died twice and was an hour from death at age 11, I am very lucky my mum and dad got me to the hospital in time.

12- Are you addicted to anything- Coffee and Netflix’s.

13- How long have you been with your Fiance ?- 4 years and it will be 5 next July, where has all the time has went.

14 How many Tattoo’s do you have? – 8 for now…

15- Describe you fashion style- I am rather modern day rock n roll with a girlie twist

16- Have you changed in the last two years ? Hell yes, I think i am personally forever developing and emerging and become a better version of myself each time.

17- Something your constantly worried about? – I would say between my family and my health but i think that’s a normal approach.

18- What was your childhood like? – I had a very privileged childhood which was filled with amazing memories. I have two wonderful parents who never failed to amaze me, they are my idols.

19- what is your bad habit- Spending Money.

20-  What is your dream trip- I would love to experience Asia but also to explore more of the states so LA, Las Vegas and New York.