Hollywood Studios

Hollywood studios is my absolute fave place to be very similar to Disney studios in Paris but also slightly different. I got to go on Aerosmith’s, Rock n roller coaster and the tower of terror which was great to experience and compare to the ride’s in Paris and of course re-live the epicness but in another country was pretty cool if you ask me. I really enjoyed the Indiana Jones stunt spectacular which showed you the magic of the movies and the magic behind the scenes, It’s really incredible to be able to see how stunt men and women operate and plan around shooting action shots and i loved every second well worth a viewing if you are at Hollywood studios as shows are scheduled at select times.  The storm trooper march is pretty epic as Captain Phasma leads her Troopers through the streets of Hollywood studios. their is also a stars wars spectacular on the evenings at 9pm which features awesome graphics and fireworks that celebrate the many years of Star wars and each of their beloved characters and enemies, must admit when Carrie Fisher was projected i had a small tear in my eye, Sleep well princess Leia. While in Hollywood studios we ate twice once at Sci-fi dine in theatre and Rosie’s all American cafe which i highly recommend for both, great portions and tasty options, we went to Rosie’s for Lunch and enjoyed the 8 piece nugget meal and at the Sci-fi dine in theatre we had a classic american style burger and onion rings which really hit the spot.

Rosie’s All American Cafe






Epcot was interesting and so different from the other parks, a lot of the rides are based on education and science which was pretty fascinating. While we were at Epcot,the Food and wine festival was on, and Alex decided to try some beers from around the world we also had some German hot-dogs in Epcots Germany which provided some throw backs to mine and Alex’s trip to Munich for the real Oktoberfest! My favourite areas within the world showcase was Morocco and Japan as the colours and architecture was visually stunning and intriguing, I loved how distinguished both these countries looked although it was funny seeing the how the US views United Kingdom.. BUT hey most of it was spot on but funny seeing it at the same time.

Glow in the dark Cocktail- Coral Reef restaurant

I made a dinning reservation for the Coral Reef restaurant which provides a unique dinning experience under the sea, huge aquariums surround the dinners as they eat in a, way under the sea. I enjoyed the glow in the dark cocktail, while sharks, turtles and divers passed the viewing windows. It was a truly magical experience and one i will not  forget it. The meal was delicious and it was a slightly more expensive dinning experience but for both of us it was worth every dollar.




Also Epcot is a huge character meet and greet point as we had a busy schedule we didn’t get to meet all the characters we met one of our favourites Baymax and he was certainly squishy and great with hugs.

Anyway over and out from me and Baymax Balalalalala !

Love Macara

x x x

Picture with Baymax- Epcot – Photography Disney
EPCOT Photography- Macara Morrison
EPCOT- Japan Photography- Alex Judge
EPCOT- China Photography- Alex Judge
EPCOT- Morocco Photography- Alex Judge
EPCOT- Morocco Photography- Macara Morrison

Blizzard Beach/ Typhoon Lagoon



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We went to both of Disney’s water park’s typhoon lagoon and blizzard beach which were awesome, I didn’t get as many pictures due to having too much fun and i was terrified of getting my phone/camera wet in the process. I love the set up and themes of both parks which had different looks and different rides and attractions available.  I loved getting a huge bucket of ice cream in an actual bucket, it came to $15 Dollars but so worth it. This was from Typhoon Lagoon Ice cream shack.

I loved all the slides and of course the lazy river, If you ever have a Disney trip planned i highly recommend making a trip out to water parks as they are great fun and a great place to cool off especially within the sunshine state.









Florida- Animal Kingdom

Our first full day we spent at the wonderful Animal Kingdom we walked around looking at all the animals,the incredible birds of flight was stunning and having parrots caw over our heads in a multitude of colours was beautiful, transporting us to the tropics.

Me and Alex loved exhibition Everest and the Safari was so much fun. we ate three times at when at Animal Kingdom on two different days.

-Flame tree BBQ

-Rain forest cafe


Which were all great places to eat and relax during the hot days. I also got to meet some characters including Donald duck,Pocahontas and baloo/ King Louie.

which was a bonus. I loved the ambience and energy of animal Kingdom it is a beautifully designed park with all the feels and vibes of being in Africa.















love and Lattes in London- A day in pictures

Hello Spacers

Before our flight to Florida we spent a few days down south in London with Alex’s dad and the family, we enjoyed bank holiday Monday with one too many G&Ts and a delicious Chinese take away. Before our flight we went into the centre of London and visited Peggy Porschen which sells the best cupcakes according to vanity fair, but it was so busy we were only able to have a latte which went down smoothly and we re visited Buckingham palace and Big  Ben, it has been 4 years since we were last in the centre of London so we felt obliged to make an update visit and upgrade our photo album as we have changed a bit since those early love bird days.  Anyway now onto the good stuff our incredible trip over to the USA!

Love Macara

x x x


Face Jewels, are they worth the hype ?

Hello Spacers

I recently purchased some face jewels from New look and decided to make a feature look based upon this summers latest trend. If you haven’t been living under a rock you will notice that all over social media people have been sharing  their selfies from their holidays, festivals or just for the Make up lovers jump ship and join in. Face jewels are re occurring trend and although they look visually stunning the application process is another element. Trying to stick on tiny jewels was highly challenging especially applying on pre-applied makeup i.e foundation the gems would often become unstuck or fall of completely which was infuriating to say the least. Following the pattern with the packet was uber challenging and i ended up changing the design to suit my own way rather than follow the design provided as it didn’t always work out looking as a nice as i expected. The look was successful but a hint of advice to my glitter babes, prepare to have a lot of patience these little gems test your patience like nothing else and do require a mirror, so if your at a festival make sure sure you have one as without a mirror it will be a disaster. I added my own colourful shadow in similar shades to match to gems and added some glitter underneath which i purchased from the POUND SHOP. Literally if your a glitterati like me, glitter need not be expensive as you can find good enough glitter from your local 1 pound shop or local craft shop, which will save you a ton of money. As Keisha states, Glitter makes everything beautiful.

Related image

I really love this recent trend as it allow’s girls, boys and even the older generation to have fun, be more creative and express themselves. Although the jewels are challenging to apply personally i found the stress and outcome worth it and my final look to be a success. So go out, grab your glitter and sequins and express yourself because theirs nothing better than some glitter and sparkle.


Love Macara

x x




Best places to eat, drink and be merry In Newcastle




One of my favourite places to visit for a treat is Proven Handmade Doughnuts a homemade doughnut stall that lives at Tynemouth Market, of course they attend events and make custom orders, but my favourite place to go is Tynemouth market as it allows you a chance to explore the stalls and enjoy a doughnut, I love supporting local businesses, so this is a sweet way to enjoy local produce at delicious prices.



IMG_0244[1]The Naked Deli is all about healthy and clean eating which started of in Heaton as a hot spot for students and people looking for a healthier option, The Naked Deli has expanded and is now available at Heaton, Gosforth and Fenwicks.  With deliciously cooked food and smoothies whats not to love.





Zizzi pizza can be found in Newcastle city centre and at the metro centre. With deliciously stone cooked pizza  and beautifully decorated interior which creates a warm, modern Italian ambience. Service is often quick and fresh and is one of my favourite places to visit for a nice sit down meal.

IMG_0245[1]IMG_0246[1]Aveika Newcastle is in a beautiful location down by the beautiful quayside which is a restaurant and late bar which transforms into a modern and chic club scene. My favourite time to go is for the lunch menu it is beautiful and very well priced i had the salmon pictured above which was beautifully served. Cocktails are creative and incredibly presented with a huge selection to choose from.  Aveika has signature cocktails starting from £4.95 before 8pm.


IMG_0250[1]IMG_0249[1]The Butterfly cabinet is a quirky, unique eatery hidden in the suburbs of Heaton one of the best places for breakfast always providing a perfect fry up and their hidden gem a coconut mocha which is the most tastiest mocha on the market and i highly recommend a tasting . The prices are extremely reasonable with good portion sizes and an active, warm and inviting ambience. Great for couples or families






The Great British cup cakery is a bake house and parlour providing amazing shakes and cakes for all your sugar related needs. The great British cup cakery provides bespoke wedding cakes and celebration cakes for all your needs. There legendary shakes as photographed above are not to be messed with but highly recommend for those with a massive sugar tooth.

IMG_0255[1]Long Play Cafe is one of coolest and quirkiest places in the toon and one of my all time fav places to hang, it’s down by the quayside. Long Play sell vinyl and good homely food and coffees. This is where coffee meets vinyl two of my favourite things to splurge my wages on. As you chill to some classic rock n roll jams on the record player you can enjoy a delicious coffee upon a comfy chesterfield and relax. I love flicking through the vinyl and finding a hidden gem i actually found iron Maiden Piece of mind for £10 and i was smitten, i am a huge iron maiden fan so i was thrilled.

Newcastle has many amazing places to eat and drink here are some additional recommendations;

-Sceince          -Jalou         -Marco Polo

-Chaophraya    -Billy Bootleggers     -The Botanist

-Reds true BBQ house     -Pizza Storm        -Pink lane coffee


If you are just visiting Newcastle or live in the city and need some  new places to eat and drink try something off my menu they all come recommended, if you have any suggestions leave me a comment, i love finding new hidden gems.

Love Macara

x x x

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Kitten Update 5 months on

Hello Spacers

As you remember, i did an introductory post about my 8 week old kittens meet my kittens which can found in the link provided but in this segment i am going to provide you animal lovers with a fur baby update. So the kittens have had all the vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and i have just had their pre-op meeting before they go for the snip on Tuesday a decision which never comes lightly to any owner but due to the vast amount of kittens born without homes and the impact it can have on the mothers health we have opted to have both kittens neutered as their are many benefits for them and us through this option. The kittens are getting bigger and fluffier as each day passes. Their little personalities are growing,showing us their differences which is lovely to witness and enjoy alongside them. They are eating plenty and their weight is perfect for their size and we could not be happier with the way both Daphne and Dylan are blossoming. You can keep up to date with the kittens through their personal IG account where weekly content is shared just to add that extra sprinkle of cuteness into your day. daphneanddylan

Love Macara

x x x


Ain’t no party like a pizza party with Pizza Storm

I was kindly invited along to Pizza Storm’s summer party in which we celebrate everything pizza but also the release of their summer menu available now. Pizza Storm is like the subway of pizza in which you get to create your own pizza or salad exactly how you like it and i think that’s pretty awesome. Design your own pizza/salad from £5.95 which is a bargain! great price and amazing service, The staff were enthusiastic and helpful through every step. The restaurant had a busy and energetic atmosphere with lots of different people young and old coming together to enjoy one of the world’s tastiest foods, PIZZA.

I found the quality of the ingredients and service to be extremely good for the price and i am already planning my next visit. If you like pizza then Pizza storm is for you, I would like to thank the Staff and team behind Pizza Storm for inviting me along, I had a truly pizzaerific time, I hope that’s not too cheesy…

Love Macara

x x x


August Faves

20225691_124118151533205_8263504639278710784_nStarting my August favourites is this fragrance body mist by Zoella. This sweet and refreshing spray is filled with all things nice, sugar and spice and is a steal at £8 at Superdrug and is ideal for summer.

20066743_1406445846075591_1322133646882111488_ncomfy bra’s yes you heard Primark have released loads of gorgeous wire free lingerie and  in gorgeous Lacey styles and designs that would have anyone crying with happiness. Comfy and sexy lingerie starting from £8 is certainly a bargain.

20394463_107709799899780_5757121180288942080_nI love Harry potter and i love tattoo’s so when i saw these prints available from Vicky Morgan tattoo, i was jumping for joy the perfect home decor touches to make my room extra cosy. I adore snape and Luna so these prints will hang with pride and the style of them is simply beautiful

19985259_1982016022073687_1931025259150966784_nI have always wanted to own a Vivienne Westwood handbag and after saving i finally got the spends together to treat myself to my first designer handbag. I have always loved Vivienne Westwood since i was a teenager and was fascinated by her designs and philosophy within the fashion industry. So i am glad to own another piece of Westwood to match my  Vivienne Westwood Purse purchased 3 years ago, i now have a matching set.

Finally my next Disney adventure to Orlando, Florida in 30 days i make flight for first trip to the states and i cant wait, the excitement is what is keeping me going and i cant wait to travel and have my dream american holiday with Alex.