Pumpkins, Gianni from G Edit and The Body Shop

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I love a good old Body shop event and when a fellow blogger Gianni from the G edit www.thegedituk.com

Decided to host one, well i could not say no. The event could not have been better time as the Vanilla pumpkin range has been released and the iconic Banana hair care range was on my radar.

Well the event was lovely seeing some old faces and some news ones, through the hustle and bustle of discussing beauty, animal testing and future products. I must admit the Body shop are certainly bringing out an array of interesting and new products that will excite the loyal costumers and intrigue some news ones.

The vanilla pumpkin range is certainly a winner. Combined with an iconic PSL in  hand and this product you couldn’t get anymore pumpkin themed if you tried. The smell and consistency is so lovely and inviting it reminds me of cold autumnal days mixed with warm bubble baths and cosy duvet days. If anything this range is almost like a comfort for the soul during this harsh months.

Next is the Banana hair care range. This product smells more bananas than real bananas which is bizarre.. but i love it even more for that exact reason. I got the hair mask and it certainly worked wonders on my fine dry hair and it made a nourishing improvement which is a bonus.

I personally adore the spa collection and the new non gender fragrances which are not targeted at any specific gender but for anyone which is an interesting concept for fragrances and it will save me a lot of money if me and Alex both agree to the same one and we can share.

It was a lovely night of conversations, products and fellow NE bloggers which is always going to guarantee a mint time.

Love Macara

x x x


Sarah, Myself and Pixie


Face Jewels, are they worth the hype ?

Hello Spacers

I recently purchased some face jewels from New look and decided to make a feature look based upon this summers latest trend. If you haven’t been living under a rock you will notice that all over social media people have been sharing  their selfies from their holidays, festivals or just for the Make up lovers jump ship and join in. Face jewels are re occurring trend and although they look visually stunning the application process is another element. Trying to stick on tiny jewels was highly challenging especially applying on pre-applied makeup i.e foundation the gems would often become unstuck or fall of completely which was infuriating to say the least. Following the pattern with the packet was uber challenging and i ended up changing the design to suit my own way rather than follow the design provided as it didn’t always work out looking as a nice as i expected. The look was successful but a hint of advice to my glitter babes, prepare to have a lot of patience these little gems test your patience like nothing else and do require a mirror, so if your at a festival make sure sure you have one as without a mirror it will be a disaster. I added my own colourful shadow in similar shades to match to gems and added some glitter underneath which i purchased from the POUND SHOP. Literally if your a glitterati like me, glitter need not be expensive as you can find good enough glitter from your local 1 pound shop or local craft shop, which will save you a ton of money. As Keisha states, Glitter makes everything beautiful.

Related image

I really love this recent trend as it allow’s girls, boys and even the older generation to have fun, be more creative and express themselves. Although the jewels are challenging to apply personally i found the stress and outcome worth it and my final look to be a success. So go out, grab your glitter and sequins and express yourself because theirs nothing better than some glitter and sparkle.


Love Macara

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Kiehl’s Event Newcastle

Hello fellow spacers

I know this event happened a while ago, Sorry Diane for the late post but my life has been travelling at 100 miles an hour and finding time is proving difficult but none the least, i plan on keeping content up this year so please bare with me while i adapt to being a fully fledged working adult….

So i was kindly invited along to the event at Kiehl’s Newcastle branch and upon arrival we were greeted with mythical cocktails provided by the Alchemist, bubbly cocktails known as the famous bubble bath were handed out to those who were keen enough to give it a go.. OF COURSE you had me at cocktail! Along with the bubbly treats to drink we were provided with a massive red velvet cake covered in hundreds and thousands sprinkles which pleased me very much as red velvet cake is my fav.

We got to sample all the products and receive our own personal skin test and of course the fabulous team pointed us each in the right direction for our own personal skincare routine. Some of my favourite products were the  creme de corps which was used by the Victoria secrets models prior to the runway and of course Kim K  used them before her wedding day.  I love the midnight recovery oil it smells and feels amazing on the skin and i could not recommend it more.

I had a really nice evening  and they’re is so many interesting and beneficial products at Kiehl’s so get yourself along and treat yourself and your skin to something special.

Thanks to Diane and the Team at Kiehls

Love Macara

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The NYX colour’s you need for Spring


Do i have a little addiction to NYX lip products? well i wouldn’t say so but my other half might testify against me, but hey a girl can’t help it if she needs every single lip colour and shade at her demise. Plus we all need a hobbie right ? SO i guess my lipstick collection is justified. I am all about the pinks, nudes and reds this season and i think NYX have nailed it these colours, I would say these are my comfort lipsticks, my go to’s for everyday wear into glamorous night looks. These are my holy grail lipsticks and i think you can see why!. Starting from the left is Cairo, Istanbul, Tokyo and Rome. at £5.50 they are affordable, compact and pigmented. I love how easily these lip creams swatch onto my lips and give me that pop of colour. The NYX liquid Lipsticks are certainly my favorite accessory this spring.


x x x

Love your body with the Body shop

I was invited to another fabulous event hosted by the Body shop Metrocentre and this is my third invite along and each time, i am amazed with the warm welcome from staff and the always evolving products which never fail to amaze me. I love the body shops ethics and i enjoy sampling their products as there is always something new in the pipelines.

During my visit i met up with northern-geordie-gotindeapthof.blogspot.co.uk and anchoredteapot.com. We chatted and had a good old catch up since it has felt like ages since we last spoke in person. It was refreshing and enjoyable to see both of these girls again. It is good being in the blogging community but it can feel kind of lonely and disconnected at times, so seeing some of the blogging girls was a breath of fresh air.

We then printed off our own personalized body butter labels available at certain Body shop stores which allows you to customize your body butter, add a design or phrase to add that something extra special. I went with the peace and love design. I loved the rainbow print and of course the words peace and love felt appropriate as i think the world needs a little sprinkle more of it, especially since recent events.

We also sampled the amazing liquid peels available in three different variations to target specific areas. Be that vitamin c or anti aging. This peel is so therapeutic you simply rub into your face and the dead skill cells melt away and all impurities are removed from the skin. I loved the vitamin C and drops of youth peel as they smelled and delivered lovely results. My skin felt more nourished and cleansed and i think this will be a great addition for when i go on my travels later in the year.

Another interesting product was the hemp oil hand creams which are very nourishing if you have extremely dry skin. Hemp seed oil is really beneficial when softening and targeting dry skin. The benefits of hemp oil has been brought to the attention of doctors and medics and is now often used as a form of skin care in hospitals. For any of my readers who suffer from extremely dry skin the body shop hemp hand protector could be an interesting product to try out. My fiance suffers from very bad dry skin so i understand how challenging it can be to tackle dry skin and to find products that actually work, So trying hemp oil could be a positive way forward.

Over all i had a wonderful time, sampling some old classic body shop products and got to see the new range coming in for spring. Thanks for having me Body shop Metro Center and i am looking forward to using my body butter after a nice warm bath,

Over and out


x x x

Soap and Glory the whole Glam lot!

I am an absolute Soap and glory

addict so receiving this set The whole

glam lot was a god send and now i am all stocked up on beauty products galore.

Inside the case;img_3826

-Sugar crush Body Wash

-Smoothie Body Milk

-Scrub of your life

-Hand Food

-Speed Plump

-Hand Maid

-Sexy mother pucker (rose and shine)

-Mascara thick & fast

-The righteous butter

-Vitamin C facial wash


img_38281I absolutely love the righteous butter especially after shaving as it replenishes the skin and gives that great soft skin feeling. Some body butters don’t have that nourishing effect but i find with the soap and glory moisturizers really help my sensitive/dry skin and i always enjoy applying after a lovely hot bath.

img_3830The vitamin C facial wash is an amazing blue liquid facial wash with a 3 in 1 daily detox filled with natural extract of the super fruit Yuzu. This formula has non drying chemicals and is it to apply and rinse off. Such an interesting facial wash which i am excited to try as part of my skin care routine.

img_3832The speed plump all day moisturizer is a lovely morning moisturizer that you can wear as an everyday product and before you apply your make-up. The moisturizer provides 24 hour hydration and has WATERMELON which is a plus as i love watermelon and it smell’s lovely. The consistency on the skin is very hydrating and i have noticed an improvement  in my skin since using this product. I love the name speed plump and i think this is my new favorite moisturizer next to No7.

img_38351The smoothie body milk filled with almond,cocoa,yogurt,oat and honey which is filled with moisture for the skin. I love the packaging especially with soap and glory products.

The sugar crush body wash is such a fruity and refreshing body wash great to use first thing in the morning. Filled with citrus extracts this refreshing body wash is great on the skin along with the sugar crush exfoliator.



Some other goodies including scrub of your life, sexy mother pucker, thick and fast and hand food. This vanity case is filled with a range of body and make-up filled goodies. I love the design of the soap and glory case and the products is just as inviting as the items themselves.

Love Cara

x x x

Beauty Benefit Brows Babe



Hello Gorgeous Image result for eyebrows drawing

well i have had a busy few weeks with another fabulous event from the wonderful Ellefluence aka elleblonde.com. A trip down to Benefit to see the Benebabe’s and receive some brow-MAZING, make-up and brows from the iconic San Francisco company Benefit. The wonderful and bubbly Laura Pearman Photography was there to make us feel like glamorous bene-babes with a couple of flashes of Laura’s camera and some silly poses we were then off to gaze googly eyed at all the benefit booty on offer. The evening started with a girls favorite poison of prosecco, Move aside coffee hello glass of bubbly! Their was also pizza provided by Manny’s Pizza Deli. (Very delicious might i add) BUT Prosecco and pizza! what a perfect combination to enjoy #BenefiTOON. We then got put into groups i was with some wonderful bloggers new and old and through our makeup tutorial by the mega bene-babe Laura, we chatted,laughed and shared all our make-up guru information. As we each took to the make-up chair each one of us explored a new benefit product that we were either interested or if we felt unsure about. Laura provided great in depth information about each products and provided informative advice on what would suit our complexion and style. A bonus in my opinion! We then wandered around watching all the other chic bloggers get their makeup done and eyebrows waxed and tinted. Looking at the girl’s amazing before and after brows was awesome and such a transformation. I love the almost vintage look to benefits brows and especially how they arch the center brow. Dare i even say i am going to book myself into the brow bar soon for a benefit do over. I mean why not its christmas and those brows were on FLEEK!. Over all the evening was a wonderful opportunity to meet new bloggers and make new friends while exploring the Benefits of Benefit! I was already a customer but now i am an advocate for this great company. I couldn’t love the products or the staff more. Along with all these fabulous products Benefit now have a APP! WOWBROWS which lets you collect a stamp for every treatment at the Brow Bar! Free tints and Make-up lessons can be collected on the app! So what are you waiting for, everyone love’s a good freebie and why not earn points while getting brows that slay all day, everyday!


  • Ka-BROW
  • The POREfessional
  • What’s up Highlighter

I cant wait to get myself to the Brow Bar for some well needed foxy Brow’s

Keep slaying Girls




The Body Shop! #JungleBells

Hello lovelies

I got an invite to the body shop blogging event in the intu metro centre and how could i say no to one of my favourite brands. We started the evening by being greeted by one of the girls. We went over to a special machine and designing our own labels on our body butters. This is a new exclusive service that the body shop have brought to us lovely folks for 2016. You can have a personalized message up to 11 characters made especially for you. I went with Coffee as i am a coffee addict… seriously i think i might drink too much, But enough isn’t enough! Being healthy is too boring for me. SO photographed below is my lovely body butter with my wild about coffee label. I picked the frosted berry body butter although it was a tough choice between this and the vanilla chai i caved for the sweeter scent of the frosted berries.


We then proceeded to the middle counter where i received a lovely hand exfoliation with the frosted berry exfoliating sugar body scrub which was divine, very nourishing and a great result on the skin. I love how this exfoliator can be used in the shower too !

We then looked at the new Christmas range goodies which this year themes are;

-Frosted Berries

-Vanilla Chai

-Spiced Apple

The box sets are adorable i think the apple festive tin would be a great gift idea for someone for Christmas! you can get any of the above flavours in an adorable tin. The little Treat boxes are a great stocking filler with little travel sized goodies.

We then got to look at the make-up and the Body shop have released new matte lipsticks similar to the NYX matte lipsticks at £6. The colours are gorgeous especially the nudes Cali Gerbera 010 and Crete Carnation 030 are a make-up bag necessity for those girls who are obsessed with their nudes.

I really loved the eye colour stick, it is great to add a bit of a sparkle to your eyes, the product consists of beeswax and is waterproof. Nevada gold and Siberian Quartz are my go to products. I adore eye shadows that have a metallic shimmer especially for the Christmas season for all those christmas party’s and night outs. You can use the colour stick for wings,shading and highlighting your eyes. Great addition for those girls who like a more galm look.

Next we looked into skin care and i adore the vitamin E range already but the Body shop’s Face masks are something else i think i need to invest in. I love the over all packaging very clear and sophisticated and i desperately want to try the Amazonian Acai mask which fights the appearance of fatigue and provides that extra bit of radiance, great for these winter months ahead.  At £15 its a little pricey especially with me being a student but it is a price i would be willing to pay due to quality of the masks and the ingredients.

Over all i had a wonderful night thank you Body Shop for having me  #Thebodyshopmetrocentre and i cant wait to use my fabulous frosted berry body butter and vanilla chai hand cream. I’m already feeling festive! Not long until christmas now!

Love Cara

x x x


Urban Decay Event Newcastle

I was given a great opportunity to attend the Urban Decay event in Newcastle Intu Eldon square. Just a quick thank you to;

ellefluence.com and the amazing team at Urban Decay for a fabulous night.

During the evening as we entered the venue we were greeted by the lovely photographer


We got some very crucial snaps of us and took a seat as we watched the team at Urban Decay showcase a day time and night time look using all their own products and of course the dreamy full spectrum pallet, which has every colour then some.. During this make-up demo food was provided by the team at Rub smokehouse, which has just opened at the Gate. Rub is an american style smokehouse who don’t shy away from big portions and hearty food! After being shown all the new must have products and gawking over the Urban Decay Vault we proceeded downstairs to the Urban Decay counter and we were provided opportunities to swatch all the lipsticks and shadows we could fit on our hands/arms while being provided an exclusive look at the Christmas and current range before general release. I ended up breaking into the bank and purchasing one of Ruby Rose’s Vice lipsticks ‘conspiracy’ from the metallized collection. SO AMAZING. This lipstick will be my Christmas night out “go too lippy”

Image result for tumblr urban decay gif

Over all i had lovely night and met some beautiful and inspiring bloggers. Below i will attach my Urban Decay top 5 products which i am certainly putting on my Christmas list. Thank you to my friend Amy, for keeping me company and drinking cocktails with me and it’s was amazing meeting the lovely Sarah, I know i will be seeing you soon! Check out both of these girl’s fabulous blog’s ! ❤




1- Urban Decay Naked 3– This pallet is simply divine any naked pallet is lovely but the Naked 3 is all about rose golds and is a great pallet to start on.

2- All nighter, This foundation has such a strong lasting power, This foundation is waterproof absorbs oil to reduce the appearance of shine.

3- MoonDust eye shadow pallet, The pallet with enough sparkle and glitter. with a vast array of colours that pop and subtle golds and silvers. This pallet is for the inner diva in all of us and not only is the shadows full of glitter but the outside case is also covered in grey glitter.

4- Metallized vice lipstick, Collection from Ruby Rose but in metallized form simply amazing on the lips to recreate popular looks like Kylie Jenner.

5- Naked Illuminated, microfiber shimmer dust to create a luminous glow. It contains light reflecting particles, it comes in rose gold packaging which i love, since i am obsessed  with anything rose gold.

http://www.laurapearman.com/ Amy and Me
http://www.laurapearman.com/ Amy and Me

The Body Shop’s Blogger beach Party

Hello Lovelies

I had a super fantastic week with The body Shop as i joined them for the Blogger’s Beach Party to celebrate their new exciting  Piñita Colada Range. I think officially now every product should have a cocktail version selection because this range is literally something else,  Filled with pineapple,coconut and extracts from the Caribbean this tropical tasty treat is just what you need. Some of the products such as the Piñita Colada body sorbet which is great for moisturizing and keeping skin feeling refreshed and the  Piñita Colada body scrub which has received very good reviews and personally from sampling this product i love how the exfoliation isn’t harsh and is ideal for  people with sensitive skin.


I am now going to look at some more fab products from the Vitamin E and oils of life collection, which i think are literally incredible products themselves and i think these should be in every woman’s collections. Starting with the above. The body shop Vitamin E moisture protect Emulsion, this product is very small and compact with a longish tube which is great for girls on the go and for travelling as this moisturizer is an SPF 30 and is a three star PA approved product, Great for those hot days abroad. It is a combination of UV and UVB and is great for generally moisturizing or to protect your face in hotter climates. The vitamin E collection is re-launched and improved product and this moisturizer can hold 1000 times it’s own moisture due to the Biofermented Hyaluronic Acid which allows your skin to keep its moisture and keep the skin moisturized . This products lasts up to 48 hours which i think is a bonus. Their is also an SPF 50 based product The Skin defense multi protection essence. This protects the skin against some serious sun rays and has Four star PA approved rating. So very protective especially for the facial and neck area. If you burn easily or worry about the effects of UV rays, i recommend this product as it is very protective and for being an SPF 50 it has a very light texture and consistency compared to some other facial SPF based products.

13285563_10209969110651015_698099403_n (1)

The oils of life is a fantastic collection. This product contains 3 seed oils and 7 essential oils. The oils of life collection is a very hydrating oil. I myself was very afraid of trying an oil based product due to my combination skin of oil/dry. I was afraid of the outcome of experiencing an oil and would often avoid even going near this section of many skin/beauty stores that stocked such a product, But now i realize oils are very beneficial to the skin and just because it is branded as oil it certainly does not have that effect.In fact oil based products don’t even feel like a oily consistency but very soft and smooth upon the skin . I love oils and the benefits they bring to the skin. If you’re skin is oily don’t be afraid of oily products as when your skin produces oil this represents dehydration.  Another great mention is The Vitamin C Glow boosting moisturizer, as photographed above next to the oils of life. This moisturizer promotes that natural glow and brighten’s the skin to bring out a more natural/healthy glow. Very light and hydrates the skin. Good product for the coming Summer months.



This product is absolutely amazing and i cant believe such a thing exists. The Body Shop Chamomile scrumptious cleansing butter is an incredible make-up remover.It is a waxy consistency but don’t let that scare you, Oh no all you do is rub this wax consistency between you’re fingers and it melts like butter, Exceptionally creamy and smooth, you rub the product all over your faces and it make’s your make-up run literally off your face!!! Nothing is too much for this make-up remover and then you wash off with hot water,cloth and Tada make-up is removed and your skin is nourished. It really is like magic and i was fascinated with how effectively this product works, this is certainly the future of make-up remover and i am going to put this product on my wishlist. Simply outstanding, You go Body Shop.

Thank you too the fabulous girls at The body Shop Metro center for a fabulous event, I literally cant wait to have a shower with my Piñita Colada shower gel and be transported to a tropical caribbean island, Thank you Body shop

Love Cara