The Gucci Edit




I have absolutely adored Gucci’s 2016 collection, filled with embroidery, prints and bumble bee’s of course being a student i am not gifted with an unlimited amount of money so one must budget but still attain a stunning piece ‘similar’ to a Gucci ensemble, When visiting Next i went over to marvel at all the shoes when  i noticed this embroidery  beauty in the corner of my eye. At £26 this camera bag was an absolute steal. The embroidery is stunning with a floral detailing in the corner and beautiful colorful birds in the center. The bag is overall black with a glitter detailing strap which can be attached and detached. The bag is a great size especially for travelling and using as a camera bag which is what i intend to use it for.  Over all this bag is a great quality, good material and a fashionably stunning detailing on the front. I think this bag matches up well to a Gucci but a high street version for those gals who want some designer brands at high street prices.

Hope you enjoyed reading

Love Cara

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April Favourites



Hello lovelies,

Today I am bringing you a favorites post, which is something i have never posted/done before. So here we go.

Firstly I got these lovely peep toe flat’s from H&M they have a snake skin like print and the leather is like a matte black which is lovely. I am addicted to black clothing and accessories and these shoes were just what i had been looking for, Especially with the weather gradually getting more nicer and for going travelling in the summer.

Speaking about H&M they are currently slaying with their new home section and did you know that H&M now do beauty and makeup, I didn’t either until i went in for a visit and i feel in love with the colours and the packaging. I went for Pure radiance powder blush in Sunrise pink. Slightly pigmented and swatched well on the skin still yet to try it on my cheeks but i will report back with a full review soon .


One of my favorite products is the Kiehl’s Radical moisturizer. This moisturizer is a very nourishing product and only a  little bit goes a long way. It is very light on the skin and feel’s completely weightless great for keeping the skin protected throughout the day. A great little addition into everyone’s skin care routine.


I am a lush addict, I always check my Instagram for recent lush additions especially their bubble bars and bath bombs. When doing some online shopping i noticed the SkyDancer bath bomb and to be honest i was more drawn into the look of the bath bomb before i even had an opportunity to smell it, Luckily it smells amazing and a percentage of the profits from this bath bomb goes to charity which is an even bigger incentive to buy this bath bomb.


Summer is on the cards soon so i thought i would invest in plenty of summer essentials especially some sunnies. I purchased these in Liverpool at Forever 21 and the rose gold case is from primark. I am obsessed with rose gold so this case was an absolute MUST. I really wanted a pair of sunglasses in this style with the cat eye flicks and these sunglasses have a very vintage feel and they look fab on too.

What are loving this month?

Love Cara

Jewellery from Becky Rose

Hello Lovelies

Today i bring you some beautiful pieces from Becky Rose, Becky Rose Crafts is a vintage inspired Jewellery brand which is right up my street as i completely adore all things vintage and old fashioned.Each piece is lovingly handcrafted and made with lots of love and thought. The Jewellery  is simply stunning with some bespoke pieces as can be seen above. I even took a picture of myself with one of my favorite pieces, I love silver so i was drawn to this piece like a magpie and it sits beautifully around the neck as do all of the pieces within Becky Rose’s Collections. Each piece of Jewellery  has been hand crafted and that is a really special addition. You can clearly see the love and passion that is put into each product as they are made from high quality materials and are well made to last. The style of the pieces are extremely unique and affordable  not only that you can have pieces of Jewellery is made just for you as Becky Rose also does commissions and that is what makes these products truly stand out. If you have a few minutes spare in your day check out Becky Rose and maybe treat yourself to something special from her collections. As for me i am completely smitten with Beck Rose’s Crafts.

Love Cara


Sunglasses for Days from ASOS



These are the most vintage and fabulous pair of sunnies I have found in a while. When browsing on ASOS as one does, i stumbled across these flattering beauty’s. What enticed me more was the chunky, dusty pink frames. They reminded me of frenchie from grease! completely pink and outrageous. The return of the kitten eye sunglasses are making a huge comeback for 2016 spring and summer collections and with big brands such as Quay Australia and ASOS clicking onto this trend you can bag yourself some great shades. Link to the pair i purchased in the photographs  from ASOS has been added below.

Love Cara


The must have clutch bag

Hello Lovelies

I come with a fashion/Accessory that Literally is so sparkly and amazing I couldn’t leave it in the shop and in fact I didn’t buy this as this is a Christmas present from my friend Nicholas. When shopping at Christmas he asked me the hardest question.. ‘What do you want for Christmas’ My reply being ‘Just surprise me’ . We were helping each other with last minute Christmas steals when we I had a nosy in accessorize and saw the holy grail of clutch bags. I couldn’t leave this majestic mermaid clutch behind. I turned into a crazy eyed magpie and grabbed the bag and clutched it close to my chest as i noticed a few other people had but similar intentions. Nick and Myself had a look and I said NO i am paying for it and to that point he grabbed it off me, proceeded towards the till and pulled out that plastic piece of payment to the cashier.. I couldn’t stop him and I felt slightly awful that he felt the need to buy me something so lovely but at the same time it also reminded me of how awesome my friends were and how grateful I am to have friends like this in my life.

So after the high of getting the most gorgeous clutch bag ever and having the most amazing friends ever. I felt like this beautiful clutch bag should be shared with the world.

So the clutch bag is from accessorize and I cant remember how much was paid for it but it is simply stunning why would you consider costing ? #Confessionsofashopaholic. The bag is completely embellished with sequins and the back of the clutch  is a  Glittery black and silver fabric. Their is one handle upon the side of the clutch and zip along the top. The inside has one separate compartment with the rest being open. The beading almost has an ombre affect as it starts off at gold tone,copper,orange,pink,lilac,blue then purple showing an array of colour similar to a rainbow. This clutch is simply draw dropping and certainly a great touch to an outfit to add that sense of extra glam and glitz. Really great size and well made Clutch.

Love Cara



Spooktastic – Nails

Hello Lovelies

SO your a poor student and all the big occasions are coming up and your budget is Limited. We all know the stress of looking  BLOODY GORGEOUS as possible on the night of Halloween.

Well girls I’m going to hook you up with a little Halloween accessory that will raise your look from the dead… Literally..

These little Stick on Ghost Nails from Primark only cost £1!!!! a whole ONE POUND and don’t they look frighteningly Adorable. These little ghosties will Transform your Outfit from Gloom  to DAYUM girls your nails are on point.

Get yours now In preparation for your mischievous nights of Halloween Fun.

What is your Halloween Plans ?

Love cara


~Summer Haul summer Essentials~

Hello Lovelies

I am so excited to Travel and get on a plane and escape the day to day grind of life, I always feel very refreshed and blessed after a holiday away their is something special about leaving your home to escape to somewhere else.

anyway, this is a few of my holiday essentials I have recently bought, so first the watermelon towel is from Asda and it cost £5 if you haven’t guessed I love watermelons! And I had to have this for my beside the pool chills and for the beach it’s very fresh and bright and a little it fun Asda have a selection of fun and quirky towels that are great extra to take away with you.
The next is my bikini this is truly a lovely set I bought at primark you can buy both separate or together the bottoms were £4 and the top £6 so altogether £10 BARGIN also I love the colors the neon pink against the blue and the flowers add a tropical element. It was the little tassels that added that sense of Middle East feel to the bikini that I loved.
The coconut milk  (£5.99 boots) I have still yet to try but I have heard really positive stuff about it I bought the conditioner as it’s the conditioning aspect that I focus on more when it comes to my hair it is sulfate free so it should protect all he natural oils in my hair and it has EGG WHITES actually egg whites in the formula this shall be interesting guys I will let you know the results soon!
AH the good old selfie stick (£8 primark)  I didn’t want to give in to popular cult trends but this one is too much fun not to get involved and I can film with the selfie stick !!! I’m thinking of doing a holiday film of all my travels ?
(Me and Alex got a tourist to take our photo last year and his finger print covered the corner of the picture 😦 )
So that is why I thought the selfie stick would be ideal.
The hand chain is so detailed and beautiful I am going to the Middle East so it had that element look to it and I couldn’t resist some bling and the price was hard to not say now £3     Primark and the laser cut tan detail sandals are perfect for a lovely day look very pretty and detailed and £4 primark again I had to have them.I hope you enjoyed my little recent shopping trip buys, I have so many more exciting posts to come in the following weeks hang tight everyone.

Cara x

~Disney’s Cinderella Clutch bag : Day 2 ~

Hello Lovelies

Day 2 of the Cinderella Haul only 1 more day until the release of the film!!!

Today I am looking at this beautiful Cinderella Clutch From Disney, It is Gold with a metallic sheen through the clutch which I absolutely Adore because it adds a modern Twist to a good old classic. The clutch has been laser cut and as you can see from the pictures above little Cinderella elements have been embellished through the clutch such as the famous glass slipper the mass amount of detail within the clutch makes it more desirable and special, Finally the iconic Butterfly which appears to be a reoccurring Theme especially in the Trailer and Cinders Good old Kitten heels, I like this little element and this could possibly be a big element to the film. Possibly suggesting Freedom considering the Mac lipstick is called ‘Free as a butterfly’  This could be a beautiful metaphor/symbolism I love how Butterfly’s are a theme through out. The Clutch comes with a chain which can automatically turn the clutch into a bag adding more convince if you don’t like clutches and you prefer a strap. At £20  this clutch is a beautiful and special tribute that any Disney lover such as myself would love, Mainly Disney products are directed towards children but I’m really loving their new movement with the more Adult Group giving us some Disney Magic and keeping the fun which has been very much needed.

‘A Dream is a wish your Heart makes…

Have Faith In your Dreams, someday your Rainbow will come smiling through’

~ Mini Accessorize Haul ~

The first product I got was a little Watermelon coin purse it had sequins and beading decorating the outside as you can see from the picture above this will be ideal as I am travelling to 3 different countries this will be great for my Euro and My Turkish Lira. I LOVE WATERMELONS so this was a must also my phone case Is a watermelon so everything will match.This little cute coin purse was £7.00.

The second Product was my Cat Eye Sunglasses, Made popular in the ‘50s by glamorous celebs like Marilyn Monroe, cat eyes add the perfect amount of drama to any look. Today, they still shine in the spotlight, worn frequently by celebs like Katy Perry and if Katy perry is rocking them then that’s a whole reason to wear them I just love them.My new touch to every look. The glasses cost £15

Also Accessorize now do POINTS CARDS so you gain points for spending in store and you can use your points for a lovely treat once you have enough,Also this card is the most prettiest card i have in my purse.

More posts coming soon


The dream clutch~ Fashion Addict Diary


I absolutely love this clutch for A/W14 from H&M the powder blue colour  is absolutely on point for this season the back of the clutch is sheepskin nice change to mix up a wardrobe the mixture of leather and sheepskin is so perfect to mix with different colours and textures.

The inside of the clutch is powder blue silk is really divine and adds some luxury to the clutch itself

This will be a signature piece to a few of my outfits over the season