Face Jewels, are they worth the hype ?

Hello Spacers

I recently purchased some face jewels from New look and decided to make a feature look based upon this summers latest trend. If you haven’t been living under a rock you will notice that all over social media people have been sharing  their selfies from their holidays, festivals or just for the Make up lovers jump ship and join in. Face jewels are re occurring trend and although they look visually stunning the application process is another element. Trying to stick on tiny jewels was highly challenging especially applying on pre-applied makeup i.e foundation the gems would often become unstuck or fall of completely which was infuriating to say the least. Following the pattern with the packet was uber challenging and i ended up changing the design to suit my own way rather than follow the design provided as it didn’t always work out looking as a nice as i expected. The look was successful but a hint of advice to my glitter babes, prepare to have a lot of patience these little gems test your patience like nothing else and do require a mirror, so if your at a festival make sure sure you have one as without a mirror it will be a disaster. I added my own colourful shadow in similar shades to match to gems and added some glitter underneath which i purchased from the POUND SHOP. Literally if your a glitterati like me, glitter need not be expensive as you can find good enough glitter from your local 1 pound shop or local craft shop, which will save you a ton of money. As Keisha states, Glitter makes everything beautiful.

Related image

I really love this recent trend as it allow’s girls, boys and even the older generation to have fun, be more creative and express themselves. Although the jewels are challenging to apply personally i found the stress and outcome worth it and my final look to be a success. So go out, grab your glitter and sequins and express yourself because theirs nothing better than some glitter and sparkle.


Love Macara

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Urban Decay Slay once more

When the lovely Laura from Ellefluence (ellefluence.com) extends an invite to an Urban Decay event, you know your are in for a treat, and as ever i was in make-up heaven.

As the fabulous team at Newcastle’s Debenham’s store presented us with their newest limited edition collection featuring the incredible and thought provoking art work from artist Michel jean Basquiat.

Jean Michel Basquait was an american artist born in Brooklyn who created, informal graffiti and used influences from Manhattan during the late 70’s. Basquiat was inspired by the hip hop and post punk movement and this can be seen throughout his incredible art work. Unfortunately Basquiat passed away in 1988 at the age of 27. His work was suggestive and focused deep on many social issues that Brooklyn and Manhattan was experiencing during the 70’s and 80’s.

Basquaits work and the Urban Decay ethics create a beautiful partnership as they both look to inspire and be different. Both of these concepts are about being different, exploring colour and not being ashamed of being who you are and in this modern day and age, these ideals should be whats implemented in the fashion and make-up industry as imperfection is beauty. I like how Urban Decay look outside the box on make-up and take daring and exciting opportunity’s to push the limits and go out of most peoples comfort zone’s with colourful pallets and glitter for all occasions. I must say the staff at Urban Decay never fail to amaze me their knowledge, training and passion are obvious and how they implement everything they know into providing stunning looks is fascinating. If only i could do it like the UD team everyday i know i would.  This new collection is Limited edition and once it’s gone.. it’s gone so get to it ladies, guys and anyone who is interested in artistry mixed with make-up. I promise you It’s all worth every penny.


After repeating i want everything in every colour, i had a good look around the store and wrote a mini ‘must have list; on my phone… My bank balance will surely kill me.. BUT at least, i will have new make-up and who can say no to new make-up, i can justify it.

Thanks Laura for creating, organizing and planning a fabulous event, To the Urban Decay team for always amazing me and creating sickening looks that inspire, excite and spark my imagination to try new things and add more colour.

Shout out to my Blogging girls, who continue to surprise me with their kindness and passion, you are all the reason why i keep doing what i am doing.

Give these Girls a follow as their blogs are great and we are all from the North East!

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gemmaslittleworld.com             www.talesfromageordiegoth.co.uk


What do you love about Urban Decay?

Love Macara

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The NYX colour’s you need for Spring


Do i have a little addiction to NYX lip products? well i wouldn’t say so but my other half might testify against me, but hey a girl can’t help it if she needs every single lip colour and shade at her demise. Plus we all need a hobbie right ? SO i guess my lipstick collection is justified. I am all about the pinks, nudes and reds this season and i think NYX have nailed it these colours, I would say these are my comfort lipsticks, my go to’s for everyday wear into glamorous night looks. These are my holy grail lipsticks and i think you can see why!. Starting from the left is Cairo, Istanbul, Tokyo and Rome. at £5.50 they are affordable, compact and pigmented. I love how easily these lip creams swatch onto my lips and give me that pop of colour. The NYX liquid Lipsticks are certainly my favorite accessory this spring.


x x x

The Walk in Wardrobe Experience

I was invited to join the Intu Eldon square for a night of fashion, make-up and the latest trends to grace 2017 and let me tell you the return of pastel pinks and floral’s have me excited. The intu Eldon square have recently opened the walk in wardrobe experience which runs from the 24th of March  until April. These workshops provide you with a greater insight about your body shape, colour preference and it provides you as the retailer and customer to be provided with helpful support and advice as to what makes you pop. For more information   http://intu.co.uk/eldonsquare/events/the-walk-in-wardobe-fashion-experience

Each workshop is personalized to you and your individual needs and  to help with any fashion enquirers. Emma our wonderful host and trend guru was very informative and let us in on what to expect for the spring/summer season. SO here we go……

80’s is making a come back, remember what your mum would wear on a night out to the club while listening to wham? Yes that trend is come back with a vengeance so get ready to see more frills, puffed shoulder sleeves and shoulder pads, so prepare to go back to the 80’s.

.Leisure wear is making an appearance thanks to celebs such as the Kardashian’s wearing a tracksuit and joggy bottoms has never looked so cool, so cropped hoodies, fitted joggy bottoms and jersey fabrics are running at us.

Pastel has recently been very relevant but blush pink is this seasons colour to envy, all shades of soft pink and baby pinks are coming back and we are in love. That sense of romanticism with soft and warming colours is making us all blush and is great on a range of different skin tones.

The final must have for your wardrobe is good old fashioned floral’s in all form’s from prints to embroidery.Flower power is making its fight back into out latest trend and perfect for this new season. (Tip from Emma) floral patterns can in fact distract the eye from areas of your body you may be self conscious about and can focus the eye on areas you like! Floral has never looked so good. Feeling very Gucci inspired this spring!

Finally we did a make-up master class with the fabulous girls from Bobbi Brown. As contouring is slowing down the natural more toned down look is emerging and i couldn’t be more pleased as contouring isn’t exactly my forte. I loved the Bobbi Brown foundation stick as it appeared simple and easy to use. My favorite product was the illuminating moisture balm and it looks and smells amazing, a must on my skin care list. I really loved learning more about Bobbi brown and the company’s ethics and  passion towards delivering good quality products with elements that women love. I found the team very warm and inviting and their insight into the nature of make-up fascinating! I think i will be returning for some new make-up products soon.

The event was wonderful thanks to Reds for providing the spread, To Emma for her insight and for the team at Bobbi Brown for providing further knowledge. I had a fantastic night and everything provided by Intu Eldon Square was very thoughtful and kind, Thank you and goodnight.


x x x



Soap and Glory the whole Glam lot!

I am an absolute Soap and glory

addict so receiving this set The whole

glam lot was a god send and now i am all stocked up on beauty products galore.

Inside the case;img_3826

-Sugar crush Body Wash

-Smoothie Body Milk

-Scrub of your life

-Hand Food

-Speed Plump

-Hand Maid

-Sexy mother pucker (rose and shine)

-Mascara thick & fast

-The righteous butter

-Vitamin C facial wash


img_38281I absolutely love the righteous butter especially after shaving as it replenishes the skin and gives that great soft skin feeling. Some body butters don’t have that nourishing effect but i find with the soap and glory moisturizers really help my sensitive/dry skin and i always enjoy applying after a lovely hot bath.

img_3830The vitamin C facial wash is an amazing blue liquid facial wash with a 3 in 1 daily detox filled with natural extract of the super fruit Yuzu. This formula has non drying chemicals and is it to apply and rinse off. Such an interesting facial wash which i am excited to try as part of my skin care routine.

img_3832The speed plump all day moisturizer is a lovely morning moisturizer that you can wear as an everyday product and before you apply your make-up. The moisturizer provides 24 hour hydration and has WATERMELON which is a plus as i love watermelon and it smell’s lovely. The consistency on the skin is very hydrating and i have noticed an improvement  in my skin since using this product. I love the name speed plump and i think this is my new favorite moisturizer next to No7.

img_38351The smoothie body milk filled with almond,cocoa,yogurt,oat and honey which is filled with moisture for the skin. I love the packaging especially with soap and glory products.

The sugar crush body wash is such a fruity and refreshing body wash great to use first thing in the morning. Filled with citrus extracts this refreshing body wash is great on the skin along with the sugar crush exfoliator.



Some other goodies including scrub of your life, sexy mother pucker, thick and fast and hand food. This vanity case is filled with a range of body and make-up filled goodies. I love the design of the soap and glory case and the products is just as inviting as the items themselves.

Love Cara

x x x

Beauty Benefit Brows Babe



Hello Gorgeous Image result for eyebrows drawing

well i have had a busy few weeks with another fabulous event from the wonderful Ellefluence aka elleblonde.com. A trip down to Benefit to see the Benebabe’s and receive some brow-MAZING, make-up and brows from the iconic San Francisco company Benefit. The wonderful and bubbly Laura Pearman Photography was there to make us feel like glamorous bene-babes with a couple of flashes of Laura’s camera and some silly poses we were then off to gaze googly eyed at all the benefit booty on offer. The evening started with a girls favorite poison of prosecco, Move aside coffee hello glass of bubbly! Their was also pizza provided by Manny’s Pizza Deli. (Very delicious might i add) BUT Prosecco and pizza! what a perfect combination to enjoy #BenefiTOON. We then got put into groups i was with some wonderful bloggers new and old and through our makeup tutorial by the mega bene-babe Laura, we chatted,laughed and shared all our make-up guru information. As we each took to the make-up chair each one of us explored a new benefit product that we were either interested or if we felt unsure about. Laura provided great in depth information about each products and provided informative advice on what would suit our complexion and style. A bonus in my opinion! We then wandered around watching all the other chic bloggers get their makeup done and eyebrows waxed and tinted. Looking at the girl’s amazing before and after brows was awesome and such a transformation. I love the almost vintage look to benefits brows and especially how they arch the center brow. Dare i even say i am going to book myself into the brow bar soon for a benefit do over. I mean why not its christmas and those brows were on FLEEK!. Over all the evening was a wonderful opportunity to meet new bloggers and make new friends while exploring the Benefits of Benefit! I was already a customer but now i am an advocate for this great company. I couldn’t love the products or the staff more. Along with all these fabulous products Benefit now have a APP! WOWBROWS which lets you collect a stamp for every treatment at the Brow Bar! Free tints and Make-up lessons can be collected on the app! So what are you waiting for, everyone love’s a good freebie and why not earn points while getting brows that slay all day, everyday!


  • Ka-BROW
  • The POREfessional
  • What’s up Highlighter

I cant wait to get myself to the Brow Bar for some well needed foxy Brow’s

Keep slaying Girls




Urban Decay Event Newcastle

I was given a great opportunity to attend the Urban Decay event in Newcastle Intu Eldon square. Just a quick thank you to;

ellefluence.com and the amazing team at Urban Decay for a fabulous night.

During the evening as we entered the venue we were greeted by the lovely photographer


We got some very crucial snaps of us and took a seat as we watched the team at Urban Decay showcase a day time and night time look using all their own products and of course the dreamy full spectrum pallet, which has every colour then some.. During this make-up demo food was provided by the team at Rub smokehouse, which has just opened at the Gate. Rub is an american style smokehouse who don’t shy away from big portions and hearty food! After being shown all the new must have products and gawking over the Urban Decay Vault we proceeded downstairs to the Urban Decay counter and we were provided opportunities to swatch all the lipsticks and shadows we could fit on our hands/arms while being provided an exclusive look at the Christmas and current range before general release. I ended up breaking into the bank and purchasing one of Ruby Rose’s Vice lipsticks ‘conspiracy’ from the metallized collection. SO AMAZING. This lipstick will be my Christmas night out “go too lippy”

Image result for tumblr urban decay gif

Over all i had lovely night and met some beautiful and inspiring bloggers. Below i will attach my Urban Decay top 5 products which i am certainly putting on my Christmas list. Thank you to my friend Amy, for keeping me company and drinking cocktails with me and it’s was amazing meeting the lovely Sarah, I know i will be seeing you soon! Check out both of these girl’s fabulous blog’s ! ❤




1- Urban Decay Naked 3– This pallet is simply divine any naked pallet is lovely but the Naked 3 is all about rose golds and is a great pallet to start on.

2- All nighter, This foundation has such a strong lasting power, This foundation is waterproof absorbs oil to reduce the appearance of shine.

3- MoonDust eye shadow pallet, The pallet with enough sparkle and glitter. with a vast array of colours that pop and subtle golds and silvers. This pallet is for the inner diva in all of us and not only is the shadows full of glitter but the outside case is also covered in grey glitter.

4- Metallized vice lipstick, Collection from Ruby Rose but in metallized form simply amazing on the lips to recreate popular looks like Kylie Jenner.

5- Naked Illuminated, microfiber shimmer dust to create a luminous glow. It contains light reflecting particles, it comes in rose gold packaging which i love, since i am obsessed  with anything rose gold.

http://www.laurapearman.com/ Amy and Me
http://www.laurapearman.com/ Amy and Me

Terrific Tribal from Mac

Hello Lovelies

I shamefully admit i was lured to this new Mac product through the packaging, and would you blame me? This new range from Mac known as Vibe tribe collection is my dreams rolled into one amazing package. Festival fierce and coachella inspired . I decided to go with the blusher compact, originally i wanted painted Canyon a coral toned blusher but it was literally sold out everywhere and my next favourite was ‘Adobe Brick’  a burnt red tone. At first swatching the blusher came out very bright and very pigmented, i was not 100% sure if this colour would suit my calico skin tone but with some blending and the right amount applied onto my cheeks i started to notice a nice pigment on my cheeks.From swatches i noticed that adobe brick stayed on the longest and had the strongest pigment after 24 hours, So it is a blusher with long lasting staying power. Besides the incredible packaging that reminds me of  pocahontas and her native american tribe, the product within is pretty great too. This new vibe tribe collection is certainly a dreamy boho chic collection is a must have for June.

Love Cara



Life before Mac we had Lip Smacker


Hello lovelies

A little bit of a throwback to when life was a much simpler time and I had no concept of make-up, when your mum Promised you were beautiful without all the Mac, Nars and L’Oreal Products  UNTIL i discovered bright blue eye shadow and pink eyeliner, Yeah…. Anyway Every girl used to own a small tube of lip smacker it was that stuff that everyone talked about and it was what I first got given to put in my make-up bag from my mum. Some strawberry Lip smacker and i was ready to hit the town on the Friday nights after school. Recently i turned the ripe old age of 21 and one of my presents from my good friends Graham and Kim, On a side note (Thanks guys these are sooo cool) was this glorious, vintage style tin of coco cola themed lip smackers and oh my lord they smell amazing my favorite is Vanilla coke it smells so good I want to eat it or bottle it up as a fragrance. Anyway yeah it came in a tin and inside was 6 different lip balms all lovely,fruity and flashback to my youth.

What Lip balms do you guys keep in your make-up bag?

Love Cara


Spring Fling colors- Mac Lipstick

Holla Lovelies

Spring is just around the corner in fact it’s pretty much here. The perfect time to brighten up your wardrobe, Pull out the good old Levi’s and pop your sunnies on .I decided to look at more pop colours for the coming months. The two lipsticks above are from Mac and they are called ‘Snapdragon’ and ‘Lickable’

I have reviewed swatched and discussed lickable before, Link is provided below..


These are both fabulous shades that make your lips pop with colour and add’s a little extra something special to a day or night look. Really great shades to have within your lipstick collection.

Love Cara