Cake Stories Jesmond

28308330_10216278956433216_197599374_nI I recently visited cake stories in Jesmond after hearing much talk of their fantastic selection of cakes. Of course being the coffee and cake addict i am, i went in search of this coffee house.

Firstly it was very small and cosy, I loved the counter and display of the cakes. The interior was quirky filled with stone brick walls, mismatched chairs and a piano. The coffee packs a punch and the environment provides a warm and inviting place to enjoy a brew or two. Their was a range of families, students and couples occupying the seating area of cake stories which was nice to see. I really enjoyed my walnut cake, it was creamy and delicious as with some cakes it can be hit and miss but this little treat was perfectly baked. Over all nice atmosphere, vast selection of cakes and the most important thing delicious coffee.

Have you visited Cake stories before?


x x x

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February Faves

Meeting fellow blogger babe’s

Finally got round to see the lovely Amy Louise also known as, Check this girl out her content is amazing certainly worth a read. We had a lovely afternoon eating pizza, catching up, Swooning over spring fashion and drinking coffee. NGL we had a perfect afternoon and i cant wait to organise more over the year.


The Epic Ariel waffle

How can i not mention my latest tasty treat from the Great British cupcakery the Ariel waffle. Giving me all my Disney dreams. This waffle is certainly a worthy treat after a busy week, treat yo self.


101 Dalmatian Cosmetic bag from Primark 

Come through 90’s Disney and this adorable cosmetic bag took me back to when i was kid and everyone had these cosmetic bags from the Disney store, my neice had a 101 Dalmatian one that was so similar to this, it brought back lovely childhood memories and i simply had to have it, even though i have loads of cosmetic bag’s  at £6 it was an absolute steal.


Making Plans and booking up flights 

SOOOO i kind of have been looking at doing a couple of UK/Ireland staycations and enjoying the country i live in, seeing more of whats on my front door. I have a few hikes planed around Scotland and the lakes. Also i have a tropical getaway lined up but more on that soon. We are also counting down to our trip to Rome and Download Festival.

10628010_10205180235972141_3122338303087721123_n.jpgThrowback to our view to Tenerife 2014

Madame president Bath bomb from Lush


Madame president certainly has my vote, this bath bomb smells and looks incredible. It is filled with grapefruit and petitgrain oil which is great for the skin.  This bath bomb packs a punch with colour and the fragrance is perfect.

What’s been your favourite things this month ?

Love Macara

x x x


The Great British Cupcakery~ The Ariel Waffle


THE waffle of everyone’s dreams has finally arrived into the heart of Newcastle, The Great British cupcakery have brought their mermaid fantasy to life through the fantastic Ariel Waffle. Grab a seat in their beautiful parlour, order a coffee and tuck in. This giant bubble waffle is filled with two scoops of ice cream, strawberry sauce, Meringue, Rainbow drops and a beautifully constructed mermaid tail to complete.  The attention to detail is gorgeous and when it was presented it certainly had a certain wow factor!. This is a very indulgent and photogenic treat. For any of my northerners go check the great British cupcakery out, Their is certainly a little treat for everyone’s tastes.

Love Macara

x x x

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Cocktails and Carbs ~ Laundrette

While going out with one of the girls, we decided to go and explore the much talked about Laundrette down by Newcastle’s central station. I have heard so many blogger babes heading over there for the spectacular cocktails and food so i thought why not.

Upon entering Laundrette the interior was chic and modern with really beautiful furnished chairs and bar. I could not help but swoon over the Neon signs and wish i had them all up in my house. The staff were really friendly and happy to offer suggestions as their cocktail menu is pretty vast.

In the end i went for leon’s love juice and a Raspberry Flossi which were both incredible. Although the cocktails cost around £7/8 each they were certainly worth it and the attention to detail was paramount. We had a side platter of nibbles complimentary with our drinks and we got a side order of chips but the guys on the table next to us ordered the full whack including 21 oz sirloin steak which looked incredible, so i would love to return and try the food in the near future.

Over all a beautiful bar with high quality cocktails in the centre of Newcastle. Certainly a must visit place for food and cocktail loves alike.

Love Macara

x x x

Raspberry Flossi- Laundrette

Leons love Juice- Laundrette

Thing’s To do in Edinburgh

National Museum of Scotland


When visiting Edinburgh their is lots to see,eat and do within this incredibly historic city. One of my favourite places to visit is the national museum of Scotland a beautiful building rich of history, fashion and technology. It is extremely family friendly with something to do for everyone’s taste and age. A lot of the museum is interactive allowing you touch and explore you way through different fragments of history and science. Not only is it interesting but the building and contents is extremely photogenic and makes for lovely photograph. The national museum of Scotland is FREE and is open 10-5 everyday.






Camera Obscura and world of Illusions


Camera obscura is a great place to visit for a variety of reason’s. It is one of Edinburgh’s tallest buildings and once you reach the top you are given the most spectacular views of the city below offering you a panoramic view. You can also see Edinburgh castle from here and it is 5 minute walk away from Camera Obscura. The illusions vary and are really obscure and hilarious, we had a good two hours within camera obscura and i really enjoyed the variations of illusions from images to interactive mazes. We paid £15.50 each but the exhibition did not disappoint and again this one is for all ages and interests.



Princess Gardens and Edinburgh Castle



Princess gardens has always been a special place for me. Growing up my dad worked in Edinburgh and i used to spend many weekends in princess gardens during the summer. Of course more active and scenic during the summer princess Gardens is  a beautiful walk through the city centre of Edinburgh and it provides you with scenic views of the castle and the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh city life.

Tron Kirk & Royal Mile Market


A lovely Market inside one of Edinburgh’s old churches providing a place for local sellers to sell their wares, art work and handy crafts. The market is very spectacular with stunning stained glass windows and original brick work giving a regal look to the venue. I purchased a fabulous print  from a stall called Diedododa which you can follow on instagram @diedododa. A unique place to visit with something a little different inside. Certainly a good place to visit if you enjoy supporting local businesses.

Honourable Mentions


Edinburgh Dungeons

Arthur’s seat

Mary’s king’s close

Dynamic Earth

Scotch Whiskey Experience

Edinburgh Zoo

I had a great time in Edinburgh but i know i will be back real soon. Until them Bye for noo.

Love from Macara

x x x

Best Places to eat and drink in Edinburgh

IMG_3703[1]Paradise Palms

One of my new favourite places to hang out and enjoy a delicious cocktail is Paradise palms Edinburgh. A quirky, unique and individual hideaway situated on the outskirts of the old town.  Filled with alternative decor, neon signs and tropical vibes this unique bar is a great place for instgrammers alike. Even the bathroom will give you jungle tropical fever. The drinks are delicious and the staff are friendly and welcoming also they sell VINYL with a mini record shop near the entrance. What’s not to love.





The fabulous Brewhemia next to Waverly station. This modern, chic Prosecco Bar and  restaurant is the perfect post travel meal and drink destination. With beautiful copper and blue decor inside and the iconic wreath over the entrance its hard to miss out this quirky spot. Brewhemia is a spacious venue with lovely views onlooking princess street and princess gardens. Perfect place for those gals and guys who love their prosecco.


Pappii’s Cafe


Pappii’s cafe Edinburgh is great brunch spot that will certainly fill a space in  any hungry or hangry travels belly. I went for the buttermilk waffles, bacon and maple syrup with a latte to top it all off. The food was incredible and as you can see from the above photograph the portions alone are certainly worth it.


The Devils Advocate


This little gem is hidden down advocates close and is known as The devils advocate, a secret bar hidden down one of Edinburgh’s many old side streets and closes. This bar hosts many whiskey and cocktails and is a cosy, snug get away from the hustle and bustle on Edinburgh’s busy streets. Photographed below is Stayin’ Alive and i also enjoyed Sloe Your Roll.




Brew Lab

IMG_3825[1] IMG_3826[1]For my Fellow coffee addicts i recommend Brew lab serving a range of speciality brewed coffees and teas. It is a modern and cosy little coffee shop south of college street and it is certainly worth a visit. The coffee was perfectly brewed and had the right amount for that caffeine buzz.

Honourable mentions 

  • Candy Bar
  • Copper Blossom
  • Panda and sons
  • Hoot the redeemer
  • The witchery by the castle


Edinburgh is filled with hundreds of amazing places to eat and drink and is certainly a place worth visiting. Its filled with modern bars and historic rich places that are just so amazing and quirky its hard to not want to visit. I hope this list helps anyone out if you are visiting Edinburgh or if you already live up North possibly somewhere to visit.

Love from Macara

x x x

January Faves Babes

25022855_552016395163967_3941780714931879936_n(1)My Vivienne Westwood Leopard print clutch. Anyone who knows me should be aware of my love of the Westwood from the ethics of this designer to the simplicity of the brand i just adore everything Vivienne. Especially when Ms Westwood brought out a bag collection called Newcastle! Simply awesome and Rock and Roll.


26868457_1805488522819184_6862028558299037696_nCome thru Stevie Nicks meets Peaky Blinders. I absolutely adore this checked flat cap. It is so complementing and i love wearing it. Its stylish and easy to wear with comfy fit.  I purchased this hat from Primark.


25037252_172426423489864_6574765885523755008_nRupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey has really brought in a breathe of fresh air and positivity especially coming into a new year and January blues. This book has brought so much joy and comfort especially when i have had a few negative set backs so its always a pleasure to have something to there to put your thoughts into perspective. Milk and Honey is beautifully written with lovely illustrations to accompany the poems. Of course along with mt latest read i have enjoyed many lush baths from my Christmas stock pile of bath bombs and you can never go wrong with a lush bath.


Image result for tumblr lana del reyI got Lust for Life on Vinly for my birthday and i utterly adore the whole album. It simply dreamy and i would not expect anything less from my queen Lana Del Rey. Some of my favourite songs are Lust for life, Beautiful people, Beautiful problems, White Mustang and Summer bummer. I highly recommend this album.


26073198_1958715247714932_225410681241862144_n I have enjoyed wearing more bold colours on my lips being more dangerous and adventurous with my looks. Wearing more red lippies has given me loads of confidence and a sense of identity which i am enjoying.








I am ready for summer and i cant wait to do some travelling and festivals so i have started getting prepared for my Rome adventure roll on August. I am going for bold colours, dramatic flare and being fearless with my Italian chic look. I purchased this Kaftan from Boohoo £15. I adore the bright orange colour and the tassels and wide sleeve looks so 70’s.

Love Macara

x xx


How to start moving out…


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As i am buying and preparing for eventually moving out. I have noticed how much of a perfectionist i am.

Of course when it came to fashion i knew i was super picky about clothes and fashion  but when it comes to home decor, i am just as precise and particular maybe even more so. Alex could not care less as long as the appliance or decor works and is practical but for me i look at durability, colour and style.I have colour coordinated each room of the house to ensure everything flows beautifully within.

The best places i have found for buying home ware is Next, Wilkos, Cath Kidston, Asda, Argos and Primark. I have found loads of lovely pieces that connect with each other but in all honestly 80% of my home ware has came from Next. The pieces are beautifully tailored and have a modern chic to each item that fits with my aesthetic so well. I have  found that for electrical appliances curry’s is a great place to start with constant deals and offers i have got most of my key kitchen and living room appliances for under £200. Moving out is slightly over whelming when you realise you have a full house to furnish and lots of things needed to fill the home ready for living in. It was not until i started getting utensils, a toaster and cutlery that i realised truly HOW much is needed and if you have never moved out and this is your first time brace yourself. Here are my tips and tricks that have got me half way there….

1- I recommend starting a stock pile. Buying a couple of items each month and getting set up for your move. Buying a little each month has proved really beneficial by spreading out the cost and it has allowed me to edit each room exactly how i want it.

2- Look out for deals and sales as sometimes you can grab designer or better made items at a similar cost.

3- Use Pintrest, Instagram and google to look for home inspiration, if you can afford nice things then save up if not you can always find similar items for a cheaper price. I planned my rooms based on research and specific aesthetics i saw online. Instagram was a great tool to see what other people were up to and to feel inspired.

4-  Think outside the box,you don’t always have to use certain items for specific things and of course you can DIY and upscale items to save money. Especially on things like dinning room tables and chairs.  I found a metal tin that was copper with bath goodies inside and i am reusing it as a biscuit tin for the kitchen. Be Creative its your home.

5- Don’t be afraid of flat pack stores such as IKEA offer great chic furniture and accessories that can really transform your room. This is a great idea if you are on a tight budget or have a slightly smaller space to work with.

6- Look at discount stores such as outlets for quirky decorations and storage. I have found some really great photo frames, ornaments and candles reduced and of course they are the remaining stock so they are more quirky and unique.

7- Save save save.. believe me when you start you struggle to stop buying for your home. it is uber ADDICTIVE so make sure you have some cash spare to put towards it. Trust me the world of home decor is so much fun and i will not know what to do with myself once i am done but for now i am going all out.

8- If you are moving out with a partner, friend or husband/wife make sure the house represents both of you and that it reflects both your personalities. a house is just a house but whats in it truly makes it your home. Lots of arguments, disagreements and some strong wording will be used during your planning and moving out process so make sure you value each others opinion and style remember it is the two of you and therefore should involve and reflect both of you.

9- Commit.. hard as it is moving out and buying for your home is shockingly expensive and sacrifices will be made you might not get date night as often or cocktails when you need them but at least you have nice cushions and bed sheets to go. The commitment is hard but worth it for the final outcome.

10- RELAX its going to be over soon and in the end no matter what your home will be beautiful. Sometimes you will buy and build your home over the years or you will have it set out instantly. Either way you will make it your own in the end. It takes passion, commitment and drive to move out. its tough to move and everyone is struggling and trying to make it but we will all get there, with hard work comes amazing pay off… so stay strong my fellow first time movers or first time buyers, your awesome and will get there in no time.

Love Macara

x x x

Turning 23- Accepting change and new chapters

Image result for tumblrThe reality of  hitting the dreaded 23. The last time i had a birthday with a 3 in it, i was 13 and that came with its own set of dramatic and emotional rules and difficulties. Turning 23 i am sick of drama, Alcohol doesn’t seem to agree with me and when it does i lie in bed filled with regret from a painful hangover. My body is getting more wobbly and less defined.  As i hit the first section of my prime i reflect on my achievements and honestly i think i am doing okay. I look to the future, what will i accomplish, will i aspire to what i need and want and my answer is YES. why not? why should i allow doubt and worry to shadow my mind and consume my thoughts, yes somethings will take time and yes i know my life is moving into a different direction and i myself am changing and that is okay too.  The things i was terrified off i am beginning to feel more comfortable around.

change is inevitable but if i am honest i am ready for a change. I am ready for many commitments into independence, marriage and motherhood. My mind and body are crying out for this new chapter and i could not feel more deeply ready for these steps to begin. Some people in my life are already here, past this point or no where near me its a strange move from adolescence and ‘normality’ to a different format of life, i used to be afraid of being the only one, on my own taking these steps but during my recent trip to Florida i had an epiphany, a moment of pure bliss and understanding that i knew i was now 100% ready. Maybe some of my viewers can relate and some are still yet to reach this stage but all i can say is i am ready to move forward, make strides and stop worrying about other peoples opinions and trust my gut.

Love from Macara

x x x