Cake Stories Jesmond

28308330_10216278956433216_197599374_nI I recently visited cake stories in Jesmond after hearing much talk of their fantastic selection of cakes. Of course being the coffee and cake addict i am, i went in search of this coffee house.

Firstly it was very small and cosy, I loved the counter and display of the cakes. The interior was quirky filled with stone brick walls, mismatched chairs and a piano. The coffee packs a punch and the environment provides a warm and inviting place to enjoy a brew or two. Their was a range of families, students and couples occupying the seating area of cake stories which was nice to see. I really enjoyed my walnut cake, it was creamy and delicious as with some cakes it can be hit and miss but this little treat was perfectly baked. Over all nice atmosphere, vast selection of cakes and the most important thing delicious coffee.

Have you visited Cake stories before?


x x x

Image result for tumblr coffee wordsImage result for tumblr cgirl drinking coffee drawing



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