Cocktails and Carbs ~ Laundrette

While going out with one of the girls, we decided to go and explore the much talked about Laundrette down by Newcastle’s central station. I have heard so many blogger babes heading over there for the spectacular cocktails and food so i thought why not.

Upon entering Laundrette the interior was chic and modern with really beautiful furnished chairs and bar. I could not help but swoon over the Neon signs and wish i had them all up in my house. The staff were really friendly and happy to offer suggestions as their cocktail menu is pretty vast.

In the end i went for leon’s love juice and a Raspberry Flossi which were both incredible. Although the cocktails cost around Β£7/8 each they were certainly worth it and the attention to detail was paramount. We had a side platter of nibbles complimentary with our drinks and we got a side order of chips but the guys on the table next to us ordered the full whack including 21 oz sirloin steak which looked incredible, so i would love to return and try the food in the near future.

Over all a beautiful bar with high quality cocktails in the centre of Newcastle. Certainly a must visit place for food and cocktail loves alike.

Love Macara

x x x

Raspberry Flossi- Laundrette

Leons love Juice- Laundrette

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