Best Places to eat and drink in Edinburgh

IMG_3703[1]Paradise Palms

One of my new favourite places to hang out and enjoy a delicious cocktail is Paradise palms Edinburgh. A quirky, unique and individual hideaway situated on the outskirts of the old town.  Filled with alternative decor, neon signs and tropical vibes this unique bar is a great place for instgrammers alike. Even the bathroom will give you jungle tropical fever. The drinks are delicious and the staff are friendly and welcoming also they sell VINYL with a mini record shop near the entrance. What’s not to love.





The fabulous Brewhemia next to Waverly station. This modern, chic Prosecco Bar and  restaurant is the perfect post travel meal and drink destination. With beautiful copper and blue decor inside and the iconic wreath over the entrance its hard to miss out this quirky spot. Brewhemia is a spacious venue with lovely views onlooking princess street and princess gardens. Perfect place for those gals and guys who love their prosecco.



Pappii’s Cafe


Pappii’s cafe Edinburgh is great brunch spot that will certainly fill a space in  any hungry or hangry travels belly. I went for the buttermilk waffles, bacon and maple syrup with a latte to top it all off. The food was incredible and as you can see from the above photograph the portions alone are certainly worth it.


The Devils Advocate


This little gem is hidden down advocates close and is known as The devils advocate, a secret bar hidden down one of Edinburgh’s many old side streets and closes. This bar hosts many whiskey and cocktails and is a cosy, snug get away from the hustle and bustle on Edinburgh’s busy streets. Photographed below is Stayin’ Alive and i also enjoyed Sloe Your Roll.





Brew Lab

IMG_3825[1] IMG_3826[1]

For my Fellow coffee addicts i recommend Brew lab serving a range of speciality brewed coffees and teas. It is a modern and cosy little coffee shop south of college street and it is certainly worth a visit. The coffee was perfectly brewed and had the right amount for that caffeine buzz.

Honourable mentions 

  • Candy Bar
  • Copper Blossom
  • Panda and sons
  • Hoot the redeemer
  • The witchery by the castle


Edinburgh is filled with hundreds of amazing places to eat and drink and is certainly a place worth visiting. Its filled with modern bars and historic rich places that are just so amazing and quirky its hard to not want to visit. I hope this list helps anyone out if you are visiting Edinburgh or if you already live up North possibly somewhere to visit.

Love from Macara

x x x


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