Kiehl’s Event Newcastle

Hello fellow spacers

I know this event happened a while ago, Sorry Diane for the late post but my life has been travelling at 100 miles an hour and finding time is proving difficult but none the least, i plan on keeping content up this year so please bare with me while i adapt to being a fully fledged working adult….

So i was kindly invited along to the event at Kiehl’s Newcastle branch and upon arrival we were greeted with mythical cocktails provided by the Alchemist, bubbly cocktails known as the famous bubble bath were handed out to those who were keen enough to give it a go.. OF COURSE you had me at cocktail! Along with the bubbly treats to drink we were provided with a massive red velvet cake covered in hundreds and thousands sprinkles which pleased me very much as red velvet cake is my fav.

We got to sample all the products and receive our own personal skin test and of course the fabulous team pointed us each in the right direction for our own personal skincare routine. Some of my favourite products were the  creme de corps which was used by the Victoria secrets models prior to the runway and of course Kim K  used them before her wedding day.  I love the midnight recovery oil it smells and feels amazing on the skin and i could not recommend it more.

I had a really nice evening  and they’re is so many interesting and beneficial products at Kiehl’s so get yourself along and treat yourself and your skin to something special.

Thanks to Diane and the Team at Kiehls

Love Macara

x x xIMG_7253[1]IMG_7260[1]IMG_7250[1]IMG_7254[1]IMG_7256[1]


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