Jake Houlsby Vondelpark

A while back the fabulous Katie Meehan (katiemeehan.co.uk) invited me along to the premier of Jake Houlsby latest album premier known as Vondelpark. A stunning album that transports you to wonderful places, filled with autistic rhythms and softly sung lyrics that for some reason take me back to summer days with friends and late night shenanigans. Watching Jake perform at the Miners institute was simply stunning the venue, the support act sung by the incredible Folk Singer, Luna Fae and of course Jake himself provided a wonderful evening of local talent and beautiful harmonies. I could not recommend Vondelpark more, I find myself listening to it on the bus, walking around town after work or even now as i am typing up these very words, i am reliving and appreciating the amazing talent from the north east that Jake’s lyrics, voice and music brings. Some of my favourite songs include howl and Oklahoma. You can listen to Jake’s music through his YouTube channel link provided below.


Love Cara

x x x


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