Alternative Afternoon Tea at Lumley Castle with Novel Tea

I was kindly invited to experience Lumley castles latest new addition to their amazing set up. Lumley castle provide a range of amazing experiences from medieval banquets to amazing wedding packages that any  bride could afford. Lumley castle are not only a venue but a hotel providing 73 bedrooms all uniquely decorated. They consider themselves a quirky venue and not just an ordinary hotel or venue but something more and The latest arrow to their bow is their new afternoon package in conjunction with the fabulous boys at Novel tea. An alcoholic tea with a twist, Creators and pioneers Vincent and Lucas, while at university decided to create a drink, something modern but still traditional and through their thought process they derived the concept of mixing tea with spirits and whats more traditional than a good old cup of tea?

with us being the North, we do love our booze and an excuse to drink, and from this novel tea was created.  Novel tea is a mix of gin/Rum and tea combined… Yes you heard me correctly GIN /RUM AND TEA and its surprising delicious! Novel tea uses the concept of embodying the heritage of tea with a mix. Novel tea currently have two flavours which includes gin and rum and their drinks are gluten free and vegan friendly. These drinks mix the best of Newcastle and German values.

Both drinks are available in the tale of earl grey and tale of Tanquier. If you are interested in the afternoon tea package more information can be found at 

I had a wonderful afternoon and i cant wait to make a return to the stunning Lumley Castle once more. Thank you to the team at Lumley castle and to Vincent and Lucas for a fabulous afternoon of tea with a twist.

Love Cara

x x x




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