Urban Decay Slay once more

When the lovely Laura from Ellefluence (ellefluence.com) extends an invite to an Urban Decay event, you know your are in for a treat, and as ever i was in make-up heaven.

As the fabulous team at Newcastle’s Debenham’s store presented us with their newest limited edition collection featuring the incredible and thought provoking art work from artist Michel jean Basquiat.

Jean Michel Basquait was an american artist born in Brooklyn who created, informal graffiti and used influences from Manhattan during the late 70’s. Basquiat was inspired by the hip hop and post punk movement and this can be seen throughout his incredible art work. Unfortunately Basquiat passed away in 1988 at the age of 27. His work was suggestive and focused deep on many social issues that Brooklyn and Manhattan was experiencing during the 70’s and 80’s.

Basquaits work and the Urban Decay ethics create a beautiful partnership as they both look to inspire and be different. Both of these concepts are about being different, exploring colour and not being ashamed of being who you are and in this modern day and age, these ideals should be whats implemented in the fashion and make-up industry as imperfection is beauty. I like how Urban Decay look outside the box on make-up and take daring and exciting opportunity’s to push the limits and go out of most peoples comfort zone’s with colourful pallets and glitter for all occasions. I must say the staff at Urban Decay never fail to amaze me their knowledge, training and passion are obvious and how they implement everything they know into providing stunning looks is fascinating. If only i could do it like the UD team everyday i know i would.  This new collection is Limited edition and once it’s gone.. it’s gone so get to it ladies, guys and anyone who is interested in artistry mixed with make-up. I promise you It’s all worth every penny.


After repeating i want everything in every colour, i had a good look around the store and wrote a mini ‘must have list; on my phone… My bank balance will surely kill me.. BUT at least, i will have new make-up and who can say no to new make-up, i can justify it.

Thanks Laura for creating, organizing and planning a fabulous event, To the Urban Decay team for always amazing me and creating sickening looks that inspire, excite and spark my imagination to try new things and add more colour.

Shout out to my Blogging girls, who continue to surprise me with their kindness and passion, you are all the reason why i keep doing what i am doing.

Give these Girls a follow as their blogs are great and we are all from the North East!

anchoredteapot.com                    disneyfind.com

katiemeehan.co.uk                      sarahlouiseporter.blogspot.co.uk

gemmaslittleworld.com             www.talesfromageordiegoth.co.uk


What do you love about Urban Decay?

Love Macara

x x x


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