5 ways to Relax

We all get stressed, we all feel overwhelmed and often feel over worked. Our lives can seem erratic and dysfunctional, as we try to juggle finance, work, family and down time. It can feel as if you are never given 5 minutes peace without something happening, some drama occurring or something breaking that needs a lot of money fixing. Simply the world can feel as if its never on your side… but we must not forget that ourselves, soul, body and mind are important. YOU are important and YOU deserve to relax and enjoy life as you intended. Here are my five tips and tricks for an affordable and well deserved treat yo self relaxation guide.

MUSIC– music is important and it makes you think and feel thing’s beyond your mind. Music is powerful it can captivate you and transport you to a place or a memory, that is significant. I have a dedicated playlist that makes me happy and each song has a memory linked to it. I know that once i listen to the songs, i will feel at peace and switch off from any negative or worrying thoughts because sometimes we all take life too seriously and music reminds me to have fun and enjoy those important moments.


BUBBLE BATH’S– Their is something therapeutic about submerging yourself into warm and beautifully scented water. I find all my worries, aches and pains melt away as i transport my mind to a clearer place. After a long day baths can be the comfort you may need. Also feeling clean, fresh and relaxed often make’s me rather sleepy and can promote me to have decent night’s sleep. To spice up your bath try a bath bomb our bubble bar to add some oomph.


BEAUTY PRODUCTS– Nothing excites me more than having something new to enjoy in my bath such as a new face mask or skin product, I think treating your skin and body to some well deserved pampering is a great idea. If your stressed your skin can often take the brunt of it and blemishes and spots can appear and no one want’s this. I know i am one of those people who, when stressed breaks out against my will.  Our skin is the biggest organ in our body so treating it with some nice products can do wonders and that includes you men as well !


FAVORITE TV SHOWS= NETFLIX AND CHILL–  Sometimes watching a new TV program can help us all switch off as we delve from our own existence into those of Game of thrones or the walking dead. Why dwell on the aspects of mundane life when we can watch a zombie apocalypse or be transported to New York city and live the dreams of the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw.. Sometimes fantasy can be better than fiction? Just like reading a good old book, watching TV programs can make us laugh, cry and relate to that one character and feel a sense that we are not alone… and that can be the power of a good TV show and all of sudden we feel at ease and things make sense. As stimulating as TV is i can often find it very relaxing and a source of comfort for those lonely nights when the other half is working on the night shift.


FRIENDS– Having someone to talk too, someone to rant too about all of life little ups and downs, someone who just simply gets it. That someone you can relate to and speak to is so important when it comes to relaxing and switching off. whether that may be your partner or your best friend… friends are important for our emotional, mental and physical well being, Ever talked to your friend about something that has been bottled up and you feel a sense of relief as they comfort and relate to you… THAT, this exact feeling of worth and understanding can remove a lot of stress, anxiety and thoughts that might be troubling you.. Its true you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends. I am lucky to have an amazing family and an amazing group of friends but not everyone is so lucky. So it’s important to have a friend to speak too and who always encourages tequila shots at 2am.


Fiona, Me and Micheal 
What suggestions do you have to relax, switch off and take time for you ?

Love Macara





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