Movenpick arrive’s in Newcastle IntuMetrocentre

Nothing gets me more excited than the words, ice cream and now in Newcastle we have our own beautiful ice cream parlor in the heart of metro center. MovenPick is a swiss ice cream brand who deliver everything using fresh and real ingredients. MovenPick choose the best ingredients from around the world, selecting only the finest of flavors and natural products. The ice cream is made with real swiss cream which adds to the consistency of the ice cream being extra creamy and super yummy.

MovenPick also bake their own sugar cones fresh in store and i was lucky enough to make my own cone, as the fabulous team showed me how it’s done. Within MovenPick the menu regularly changes every few months giving new flavors, coffees and sundaes to keep us all intrigued.  For any of my Vegan followers, although MovenPick are a European company, the need and demand for vegan based products was very low but since coming to the UK they have noticed a huge demand for vegan ice creams and so far have only released one, the apple pie flavour!

But are planning more flavors for vegan and vegetarian ice cream lovers. MovenPick is currently only in IntuMetroCenter Gateshead but the next one is opening in the IntuTrafford centre Manchester and hopefully more will appear across the UK as this ice cream is simply divine.

I absolutely loved the pear flavored Sorbet, panna cotta and blueberry cheesecake ice cream.  I would have never originally chosen the Panna cotta flavour but surprisingly enough it was by far the best and i can’t wait to try it again.

Along with incredible ice creams MovenPick do incredible sundaes which… honestly i could not complete on my own! The most tasty one was the chocolate lover which consists of chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Of course MovenPick have a range of different pre made sundaes but you can also design your own.


Delicious coffees, lattes and cappuccinos are also available from the fabulous Nespresso Coffees and Nespresso range. MovenPick have created their own specialty drinks including The rose cappuccino which tastes very similar to Turkish delight and the Movenpick Affogato which includes a scoop of ice cream with hot espresso over the top, simply a coffee loves dream.

KMYA7708Thanks to Katie Meehan,

for inviting me along and to Ellen and her fabulous team at MovenPick for the wonderful day trying all the ice creams and coffee’s, you made me one happy blogger!

What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?

Love Macara

x x x


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