The Waiting rooms Newcastle



Within our humble city of Newcastle we are seeing more and more amazing food and drinks venues popping up all over the place and one of those is the waiting rooms. Formally known as the long bar, this new renovated space has been transformed into a rustic and inviting place to enjoy their specialty beers and pies.  The waiting rooms offer you their delicious pies from pieminster pies in many tasty flavors, I enjoyed Deer stalker and Free ranger the most, who can deny a good old reliable pie. The waiting rooms have deals on in which you can get pie and gravy for £6.50 or pie, gravy and a side for £8.50 and being in the city those prices are hard to bargain with. I love eating out but the expenses of eating out, can be off putting but with the waiting rooms you are guaranteed a tasty meal, humble environment and welcoming staff for under £10!. The waiting rooms have a range of draught beers and cask ales to wet your whistle if your into a good brew, if not they have a range of spirits and my favorite  GIN. On a side note a highly recommend the pork crackling, its crispy and divine and simply made the meal even more tasty than it was. Over all if you love a good old pie and pint in the center of town than the waiting rooms is for you, if not head over and enjoy a cask ale, after all whats Newcastle without a good pint and pie.


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