Meet my kitten’s

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we as a family decided it was time to adopt something fury and cute into our new home. My parents especially are huge cat lovers and our last two Harold and Maude lived a grand old age of 15 years. I have grown up with cats and when my two passed away the silence was heartbreaking. I think any pet owner knows what i mean. Animals can be as close to you as a member of your family, and so moving on from a pet can be difficult but we felt it was time. I did some research to try and find the right kittens for us, and by this i do not mean their look but simply whether they came from a good home and had been looked after properly. Eventually i found this litter on Gumtree surprisingly enough and from that point we began chatting and planned a time to meet and see the kittens. As soon as we saw them we knew they were the ones. The care, support and love that had been implemented into the kittens already was paramount. Their mother misty was a supportive and nurturing mother. Last week they were ready to leave and join our loving home, although it was emotional for misty she understood in a strange way what was happening and we were away. We named them Leo and Dylan and they are the cutest kitten double act to grace the world. They are two boys and they were born in March. Our kittens mother was a tabby but the father is unknown and our kittens appear to have maine coon genetics and features. We now think that Leo and Dylan are Maine Coon Tabby’s and from the pictures you can kind of see why. Anyway to wrap this up short, i love my two little boys and i am so happy they are settled, comfortable and loving their new home.


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