Meet and Treat, Newcastle’s hidden Gem

I will admit, I love stalking instagram and seeing what everyone is doing all over the world and especially in my home city of Newcastle. Recently i had a few post’s from a Taiwanese noodle house named Meet and Treat pop up all over my feed and i noticed a few local bloggers featuring images of their iconic floor also known as the most instagramed floor in Newcastle and i cant resist finding extremely photogenic and eye pleasing places to take photos so i took a nice walk through china town and arrived at meet and treat.

As i walked in i was in awe of the interior design and of course the floor was extremely eye catching. Although i only went in for a latte i was greeted very kindly with a warm welcome and was even brought my drink to my table. The coffee was gorgeous and definitely filled my caffeine fix right up. At ยฃ2.75 the service, coffee and ambiance was worth it and such value. Although i only had a coffee, the food smelled and looked amazing and i think a return visit is in order. Overall if your in Newcastle or simply visiting get yourself to Meet and Treat it is certainly worth it.


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