Bouncing, Boozy, Brilliant Billy Bootleggers


New bar and dining experiences are hitting Newcastle and what a time to be alive as Billy Bootleggers, hidden american dive bar has arrived. Billy bootleggers provides each guest the chance to experience american beers, incredible live music and delicious apple pie moonshine.  The bar is located on Nelson street below bar no 28. Billy bootleggers has a range of live music. When i arrived the fabulous King bee’s were in full swing giving me traditional blues vibes, (As photographed below). They really set the mood and the vibe was electric.

The underground bar has a capacity to hold 60 so it is very snug and inviting with a range of american and retro themed decor to make the american themed bar all the more well… american.  I really loved the atmosphere and ethics around billy bootleggers especially with their drive to bring in new and current up coming musical talent. Being friends with a few musicians and bands, i know the North East has a range of fantastic talent just waiting to be heard, so this opportunity that Billy Bootleggers is providing as a venue is really great as we get to listen to up coming musicians and they get to play.

We also sampled the available food provided by snappy’s which was tasty, affordable and world renowned for their frankfurter sausage! Really nice food to have alongside a good old bourbon brew.

I adored Billy Bootleggers for being an independent venue with their own unique twist of style, drinks and food. Billy bootleggers is certainly a humble and enjoyable place to visit and i would recommend it to anyone, not just because i have been, but personally i had a really good time and sometimes living in the city that can be difficult with everything being so expensive. It is such a fantastic find and one i plan on visiting again. Billy Bootleggers is open 7 days a week from 5-2pm. If any bands, musicians or acts want to get involved you can contact american style basement bar at




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