The Walk in Wardrobe Experience

I was invited to join the Intu Eldon square for a night of fashion, make-up and the latest trends to grace 2017 and let me tell you the return of pastel pinks and floral’s have me excited. The intu Eldon square have recently opened the walk in wardrobe experience which runs from the 24th of March  until April. These workshops provide you with a greater insight about your body shape, colour preference and it provides you as the retailer and customer to be provided with helpful support and advice as to what makes you pop. For more information

Each workshop is personalized to you and your individual needs and  to help with any fashion enquirers. Emma our wonderful host and trend guru was very informative and let us in on what to expect for the spring/summer season. SO here we go……

80’s is making a come back, remember what your mum would wear on a night out to the club while listening to wham? Yes that trend is come back with a vengeance so get ready to see more frills, puffed shoulder sleeves and shoulder pads, so prepare to go back to the 80’s.

.Leisure wear is making an appearance thanks to celebs such as the Kardashian’s wearing a tracksuit and joggy bottoms has never looked so cool, so cropped hoodies, fitted joggy bottoms and jersey fabrics are running at us.

Pastel has recently been very relevant but blush pink is this seasons colour to envy, all shades of soft pink and baby pinks are coming back and we are in love. That sense of romanticism with soft and warming colours is making us all blush and is great on a range of different skin tones.

The final must have for your wardrobe is good old fashioned floral’s in all form’s from prints to embroidery.Flower power is making its fight back into out latest trend and perfect for this new season. (Tip from Emma) floral patterns can in fact distract the eye from areas of your body you may be self conscious about and can focus the eye on areas you like! Floral has never looked so good. Feeling very Gucci inspired this spring!

Finally we did a make-up master class with the fabulous girls from Bobbi Brown. As contouring is slowing down the natural more toned down look is emerging and i couldn’t be more pleased as contouring isn’t exactly my forte. I loved the Bobbi Brown foundation stick as it appeared simple and easy to use. My favorite product was the illuminating moisture balm and it looks and smells amazing, a must on my skin care list. I really loved learning more about Bobbi brown and the company’s ethics and  passion towards delivering good quality products with elements that women love. I found the team very warm and inviting and their insight into the nature of make-up fascinating! I think i will be returning for some new make-up products soon.

The event was wonderful thanks to Reds for providing the spread, To Emma for her insight and for the team at Bobbi Brown for providing further knowledge. I had a fantastic night and everything provided by Intu Eldon Square was very thoughtful and kind, Thank you and goodnight.


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