My March Faves


I have wanted a chip mug for years and been unable to find one in the UK i gave up hope UNTIL with the recent release of beauty and the beast, Disney decided that the UK deserve the chip mugs after all these years, once i got my hands on my own little chip mug i squealed with happiness and now he leaves on my bookshelf.  The mug is a fantastic size for display or for use as a tea cup. At £15, I couldn’t say no.

IMG_5181[1]As spring is coming back to us i have recently found my love for fresh flowers. I purchased these of a woman in the market. I really like buying local and supporting local businesses but also how beautiful is this bunch i picked up!. This photograph enchants me every time and it reminds me that beauty can be found in this simplest of things.

I recently won a competition with IntuMetrocentre and won this fantastic Byron cookbook filled with alternative burger recipes, sides and deserts. The book is beautifully presented with pictures and interesting tips and ideas. I cant wait to attempt the B-Rex burger and of course those incredible looking sundaes!

IMG_5124[1]Collecting pins is now a recent hobby i have attained. i love collecting badges from different countries or places i have been. I like to display them on my denim jacket and i adored this little set from primark at £3. I love the palm tree as it reminds me of all my tropical getaways. The pack comes with a range of different styles to choose from, great way to accessorize.

SPMW1923[1]My final March favorite is Gucci Flora. This perfume just reminds me of spring and makes me feel fresh and ready for warm days, holidays and long walks in the woods. The packaging is simply beautiful and the bottle is well presented. I really love this fragrance and it brings back memories of all the exciting plans i have made this year.

What’s your favorite thing about this month?

Love Cara



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