Love your body with the Body shop

I was invited to another fabulous event hosted by the Body shop Metrocentre and this is my third invite along and each time, i am amazed with the warm welcome from staff and the always evolving products which never fail to amaze me. I love the body shops ethics and i enjoy sampling their products as there is always something new in the pipelines.

During my visit i met up with and We chatted and had a good old catch up since it has felt like ages since we last spoke in person. It was refreshing and enjoyable to see both of these girls again. It is good being in the blogging community but it can feel kind of lonely and disconnected at times, so seeing some of the blogging girls was a breath of fresh air.

We then printed off our own personalized body butter labels available at certain Body shop stores which allows you to customize your body butter, add a design or phrase to add that something extra special. I went with the peace and love design. I loved the rainbow print and of course the words peace and love felt appropriate as i think the world needs a little sprinkle more of it, especially since recent events.

We also sampled the amazing liquid peels available in three different variations to target specific areas. Be that vitamin c or anti aging. This peel is so therapeutic you simply rub into your face and the dead skill cells melt away and all impurities are removed from the skin. I loved the vitamin C and drops of youth peel as they smelled and delivered lovely results. My skin felt more nourished and cleansed and i think this will be a great addition for when i go on my travels later in the year.

Another interesting product was the hemp oil hand creams which are very nourishing if you have extremely dry skin. Hemp seed oil is really beneficial when softening and targeting dry skin. The benefits of hemp oil has been brought to the attention of doctors and medics and is now often used as a form of skin care in hospitals. For any of my readers who suffer from extremely dry skin the body shop hemp hand protector could be an interesting product to try out. My fiance suffers from very bad dry skin so i understand how challenging it can be to tackle dry skin and to find products that actually work, So trying hemp oil could be a positive way forward.

Over all i had a wonderful time, sampling some old classic body shop products and got to see the new range coming in for spring. Thanks for having me Body shop Metro Center and i am looking forward to using my body butter after a nice warm bath,

Over and out


x x x


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