Coco loco for Whittard’s Hot chocolate’s

Sometime’s you find something so unique and spectacular you cannot resist delving into your purse and making that all important purchase. I find i fight my January blues by ensuring i consume more coffee than my own body weight, That i plan some really exciting things to look forward too and i enjoy consistent retail therapy. There is no shame in finding fun in splashing out on yourself or others and i find this sense of reward more encouraging. So for example i will treat myself to a caramel latte from costa just because i made it through the whole of monday…. My new shopping addiction is these whittards hot chocolate’s and i am not being paid or any special blogging goodies, I simply adore the products and paid with my own dolla as i actually do with most things featured within my blog.I think more people should know about these incredible and beautifully packaged treats that are affordable and delicious, and for my my friends who may be on specific diets or food plans whittards also do a skinny chocolate and white chocolate mix.

So for a delicious tub of this hot choc is £6.50 but right now students can get 10% of WIN WIN. Not only that but they do a multitude of flavors as photographed above i got the rocky road and raspberry ripple white chocolate. I cant wait to cosy up in bed with hot cup of coco and enjoy a tasty treat just for me.So go on be devilish, treat yourself and make sure you find time in your busy day,week or month to do something extra special just for you, I promise you its worth it.

Love Cara



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