Tattoo’s and why they aren’t a Taboo

At the age of 17 i anxiously waited outside of a tattoo parlor, waiting eager and excited for my skin to be zapped a million time’s with a needle. I have always wanted a tattoo from a young age. I became fixated around the art work and history of tattoo’s and always said i wanted one right on my wrist. BUT this decision did not come lightly in fact it took a lot of thought to decide what i wanted,where i wanted and why… many people bite the bullet and get a tattoo on random occasion, seeking that lust for adrenaline and rebellion, which can often follow with regret… But  not me and i would caution the same thought process to anyone else. Tattoo’s are permanent and they are embedded into your skin, they are not without pain and of course repercussions can come from having specific ink such as nudity and violence. If you have tattoo’s on your neck and hands you might struggle with employment opportunities. Although i think this is wrong and a very negative stigma which is attached to tattoo’s but the people behind them are often kind,loving and spirited people with open mind’s and an appreciation for art. In this 21st century the taboo of tattoo’s has melted slightly and people are more open to the idea as more and more of us go under the needle.  As a young woman with 7 tattoo’s myself and having a space to blog, i thought i would share my experience and tips for getting tattoo’s.

Here are my top tips for those who are considering getting tattooed

1- Remember this design is permanent get something that you will love 20,30,50 years into the future, think about what you want and make sure it is what you want

2- Try to avoid getting tattooed on holiday, if you do check the artists credentials such as previous work

3- research your artists and the tattoo parlor, check their work and reviews

4- Consider your future if you want a job in public services you cannot have tattoo’s that represent violence, racism or sexuality/nudity

5- Think of where you want tattooed, think about the pain element as well as the size of the tattoo and the type of job you may have

6- cheap does not always mean cheerful and sometimes people will go with the cheapest artist which could lead you with a nasty piece of ink that you didn’t want, the cost comes with the artists skill’s

7- Research prices, some artists might over charge you for a design that is simple but another artist might have a more reasonable price

8- Do not tattoo yourself with a kit bought online, only allow professionals to tattoo your skin, due to skin infections from the needles etc

9- Always ensure you follow the aftercare using tattoo cream such as bepanthen to support the healing process and avoid submerging your tattoo into hot water such as baths or showers as this can damage the healing process and make your tattoo fade quicker

10- Always eat 4 hours before being inked, ideally mars bars are a great choice as the sugar thickens the blood and provides you with something on your stomach in case you may feel poorly

Getting tattoo’ed for some can be a important aspect. Some of my tattoo’s have been from part of my grievance process and it has been a way for me to express my identity and self image in a way that i felt appropriate. I love art and have a deep fascination with the different styles of art and having that converted and painted upon my skin i find truly mesmerizing. I love tattoo’s and they do not define me as a person, they do not make me less adequate or less passionate than the girl without tattoo’s, my ink does not make me less intelligent or more likely to commit a crime… In fact far from it, My tattoo’s represent my open mindfulness and acceptance to being different and surely that should be celebrated not classed as a taboo. Difference is what makes us perfect, What a truly awful world it would be without our unique differences. It’s your body, your rules, with freedom of speech and a right to represent yourself in whatever way you can, do it, and if that is through tattoo’s then go for it. We are not hear for a long time so have a good time.

Rock on, express yourself and do not live in fear of what other’s may think of you

love Cara

x x x

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