Essential skirt for Spring 2017



Greetings to anyone reading,

Sorry i have been slightly MIA due to my dissertation killing me softly and moving house, has kind of messed my whole set up upside down and i decided to take a break from blogging as i only want to share the best of my blogging content, I find sometime’s when you are blogging you become trapped under the pressures and the write up’s come from the brain not the heart and i hate not staying true to myself and my blog.

So i am starting this year as i mean to go on which is positive, I was born in January and therefore always see this ‘blue’ month as a progression month, a month where i evaluate everything i need and want to achieve. I always felt like my ‘fashion’ content was slightly neglected due to me being without a proper professional camera but now that has changed with my new addition the Sony A500. I plan on extended my fashion content further sharing all my outlandish and rock n roll look books as regularly as i can.

I absolutely adore these pleated skirts and even more so when they come in metallic pinks,silvers and gold’s. Literally Instagram worthy. The metallic skirt comes in a range of colours and styles  i went for the dusty pink as it complemented my skin tone more than the other colour and looked very romantic,classy and flattering.The skirt was £13 and  I really love the length of the skirt and it would look great with a little bomber jacket and a band tee for a more casual look. I  like how this skirt can be converted from day to night providing two looks in one.

Stay tuned for some more fabulous fashion and quirky posts

love Cara

x x x



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