The Gucci Edit




I have absolutely adored Gucci’s 2016 collection, filled with embroidery, prints and bumble bee’s of course being a student i am not gifted with an unlimited amount of money so one must budget but still attain a stunning piece ‘similar’ to a Gucci ensemble, When visiting Next i went over to marvel at all the shoes when  i noticed this embroidery  beauty in the corner of my eye. At £26 this camera bag was an absolute steal. The embroidery is stunning with a floral detailing in the corner and beautiful colorful birds in the center. The bag is overall black with a glitter detailing strap which can be attached and detached. The bag is a great size especially for travelling and using as a camera bag which is what i intend to use it for.  Over all this bag is a great quality, good material and a fashionably stunning detailing on the front. I think this bag matches up well to a Gucci but a high street version for those gals who want some designer brands at high street prices.

Hope you enjoyed reading

Love Cara

x x x



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