Soap and Glory the whole Glam lot!

I am an absolute Soap and glory

addict so receiving this set The whole

glam lot was a god send and now i am all stocked up on beauty products galore.

Inside the case;img_3826

-Sugar crush Body Wash

-Smoothie Body Milk

-Scrub of your life

-Hand Food

-Speed Plump

-Hand Maid

-Sexy mother pucker (rose and shine)

-Mascara thick & fast

-The righteous butter

-Vitamin C facial wash


img_38281I absolutely love the righteous butter especially after shaving as it replenishes the skin and gives that great soft skin feeling. Some body butters don’t have that nourishing effect but i find with the soap and glory moisturizers really help my sensitive/dry skin and i always enjoy applying after a lovely hot bath.

img_3830The vitamin C facial wash is an amazing blue liquid facial wash with a 3 in 1 daily detox filled with natural extract of the super fruit Yuzu. This formula has non drying chemicals and is it to apply and rinse off. Such an interesting facial wash which i am excited to try as part of my skin care routine.

img_3832The speed plump all day moisturizer is a lovely morning moisturizer that you can wear as an everyday product and before you apply your make-up. The moisturizer provides 24 hour hydration and has WATERMELON which is a plus as i love watermelon and it smell’s lovely. The consistency on the skin is very hydrating and i have noticed an improvement  in my skin since using this product. I love the name speed plump and i think this is my new favorite moisturizer next to No7.

img_38351The smoothie body milk filled with almond,cocoa,yogurt,oat and honey which is filled with moisture for the skin. I love the packaging especially with soap and glory products.

The sugar crush body wash is such a fruity and refreshing body wash great to use first thing in the morning. Filled with citrus extracts this refreshing body wash is great on the skin along with the sugar crush exfoliator.



Some other goodies including scrub of your life, sexy mother pucker, thick and fast and hand food. This vanity case is filled with a range of body and make-up filled goodies. I love the design of the soap and glory case and the products is just as inviting as the items themselves.

Love Cara

x x x


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