Christmas Countdown at The Grainger Market; Blogmas

Me  and  Toni (

Christmas is truly on our doorstep. In minus 23 days we will be waking up to presents, The smell of home cooking and gingerbread, Along with Tucking into a delicious feast of turkey and many other wonderful delights.

At the heart of Newcastle lies the Grangier Market. The Grangier market has been around for decades, opening those iron gates back 1835 and since then has become an iconic trademark of the North East. Over 100 small local businesses reside within the Victorian building. You can find anything from fresh meat to quirky home ware. The Grangier market has it all. On the 1st of December me and Toni A.K.A the Fabulous  Ventured out into the wintry cold to attend the Christmas night market. I had a wonderful time enjoying a variety of alternative music. I absolutely loved Ragtime Rewind. The vibe was festive and energetic and i felt humble to be in the presence of so many fabulous people supporting local businesses and coming together to enjoy the festivities.

During my time in the market i had a huge slice of pizza from slice and a delicious Baileys cupcake from I adored all the stunning cupcakes and coffees on offer.The girl’s are YouTube Vloggers/Bloggers as well! Double win for me. Supporting business and bloggers. You can check out Pet Lamb’s youtube channel here >  They really are as delightful as their cake’s.

We had an good explore around the market. Meeting the Vendor’s and sampling some delicious goods. My favourite was at La casa, Me and Toni got to sample some delicious sweet,dry white wine and explore the world of wine tasting. I loved all the alternative and different wine brand’s, especially since i know a lot of wine lover’s. These Spanish wine’s would make a great gift.  (


Then we got an exclusive preview of the underground air raid shelter. Hidden out of sight underneath the ginormous market. Our guide was truly wonderful and very informative. Hearing all the stories and facts of life in the shelter really brought home the struggles of the war on the people of Newcastle. The tight passage ways were dark and dingy. item’s that have been abandoned lie dormant around the shelter. Clothes, Suitcases and china (I.E cups and plates) are stacked as only a memory of once was. The eerie atmosphere was almost spine chilling. I would have not enjoyed spending days underground in the air raid shelter, i can tell you that. To venture down into the shelter was a rare opportunity as it is not open to the public, so i felt very humble to be allowed to go down into the dark underground of the toon’s streets and market. I surely will never forget it anytime soon.

A wonderful performance topped the evening of by the Glamorous and Northern star Trixie Blue. Sashaying and working the center stage with some Fabulous Burlesque. Trixie provide’s classes and one on one sessions for you Northern Naughties who want to have some fun while getting your clothes off! Believe me the benefits of burlesque are amazing and i would highly recommend it. More info about the House of Trixie Blue can be found at


I had a wonderful evening and i couldn’t fault the atmosphere, the variety and experiences available. Thank you to Toni and Pixie for an awesome night! Have a look at both of these Ladies Fabulous blog’s and spread some Northern Love. ❤

What are you excited for this Christmas?

Love Cara

x x x


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