Aberdeen Adventures!

Over the weekend i was invited to Aberdeen to visit our friend Sam before his exciting adventure over to the Middle East.Aberdeen is a stunning city in the North of Scotland. I was half expecting it to be freezing 24/7 but it turned out Aberdeen was warmer than Newcastle… Who would have guessed it ? i Surely didn’t. After a long 5 hour drive we arrived at Sam’s and then checked into our hotel room (Thank you Micheal and Sam) As the deluxe apartment was our engagement gift. The next day we got up early and Climbed the volcano known as Mither Tap! I struggled A LOT (Hill’s are not my my thing.. Generally any exercise in general is not my thing) But i made it to the top and i am so proud of myself as i conquered the mighty hill. After a latte in the adorable Old Post office Tea Room and a slice of cake. we headed back to the hotel to rest up.

Later that night we all headed out for a night out in Aberdeen which started off at Slain’sย Castle Aberdeen for some drinks. I ย went for the lovely vodka themed cocktail called ‘Happiness’. I loved the cocktail menu, especially the seven sins theme as photographed above. We then went to a few other pubs including Six Degree’s North, where i met this lush pug, I was in my happy place drinking a Gin and Tonic with my adorable pudgy pug friend. (Its the simple things in life).


We then had an amazing meal at Angus & Ale. I had the Angus and Ale burger which included an Angus beef burger,smoked arran cheese, black pudding and apple chutney. Hands down the best burger i have even eaten. I shall be dreaming about this burger for days.

Alex skipping stones




Beautiful Aberdeenshire!

On the last day we went on a walk along the beach at Newburgh, which had incredible sand dunes and a stunning still lake. On the other side was the ocean. This walk was very refreshing after a long night out and i felt very relaxed and rejuvenated. This was the perfect way to end our awesome trip to Aberdeen. Thanks Sam for having us and showing us all the cool stuff in Aberdeen!

If you haven’t been to Aberdeen i highly recommend it.The mix of the city life with visually stunning landscapes gives you the best of both worlds. This break away from reality has been the best thing before christmas. Bye Aberdeen you have been awesome

Love Cara

x x x


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