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well i have had a busy few weeks with another fabulous event from the wonderful Ellefluence aka A trip down to Benefit to see the Benebabe’s and receive some brow-MAZING, make-up and brows from the iconic San Francisco company Benefit. The wonderful and bubbly Laura Pearman Photography was there to make us feel like glamorous bene-babes with a couple of flashes of Laura’s camera and some silly poses we were then off to gaze googly eyed at all the benefit booty on offer. The evening started with a girls favorite poison of prosecco, Move aside coffee hello glass of bubbly! Their was also pizza provided by Manny’s Pizza Deli. (Very delicious might i add) BUT Prosecco and pizza! what a perfect combination to enjoy #BenefiTOON. We then got put into groups i was with some wonderful bloggers new and old and through our makeup tutorial by the mega bene-babe Laura, we chatted,laughed and shared all our make-up guru information. As we each took to the make-up chair each one of us explored a new benefit product that we were either interested or if we felt unsure about. Laura provided great in depth information about each products and provided informative advice on what would suit our complexion and style. A bonus in my opinion! We then wandered around watching all the other chic bloggers get their makeup done and eyebrows waxed and tinted. Looking at the girl’s amazing before and after brows was awesome and such a transformation. I love the almost vintage look to benefits brows and especially how they arch the center brow. Dare i even say i am going to book myself into the brow bar soon for a benefit do over. I mean why not its christmas and those brows were on FLEEK!. Over all the evening was a wonderful opportunity to meet new bloggers and make new friends while exploring the Benefits of Benefit! I was already a customer but now i am an advocate for this great company. I couldn’t love the products or the staff more. Along with all these fabulous products Benefit now have a APP! WOWBROWS which lets you collect a stamp for every treatment at the Brow Bar! Free tints and Make-up lessons can be collected on the app! So what are you waiting for, everyone love’s a good freebie and why not earn points while getting brows that slay all day, everyday!


  • Ka-BROW
  • The POREfessional
  • What’s up Highlighter

I cant wait to get myself to the Brow Bar for some well needed foxy Brow’s

Keep slaying Girls





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