On a bleak Tuesday morning in February i had a spontaneous look around the Thomas cook website, i say spontaneous it  is almost everyday! (i swear i don’t have a problem just a bad case of wander lust) I  like to look at exotic and international destinations dreaming of where to next and if i can find a great deal, well to say i found a great deal was an understatement when i saw this great package holiday to Corfu,I could not say no! all inclusive for 7 nights for around £400 each… I was sold. Me and my fiance had a really busy year experiencing new things such as distance while i studied and stayed with my parents down Durham and he stayed in Newcastle we both went back to education to complete diplomas and it was a year filled with challenges, so i thought we should reward ourselves with a holiday, something relaxing and romantic and Corfu sounded like a dreamy destination. So i searched around and thought about both of us getting some winter sun for a change and i found a great deal with the Mareblue Resort a 4* hotel complex, which is literally breath taking, as photographed above, The Mareblue is on the edge of the coast next to a nature reserve, which provided plenty of peace and serenity. The hidden beaches are only a 5 min walk from the resort, which was our personal favorite place to chill out. The food was good and the Apricot cooler was divine, literally my favorite cocktail of the week. The best thing about the Mareblue was it was completely isolated allowing complete relaxation. Although Alex preferred  the main Corfu town we both agreed that this type of trip was well needed and deserved. It was such a lovely holiday as my parents decided to grab a flight ticket and book up a room and come along for the adventure too, which allowed lovely time with my parents and even more bonding time for Alex to spend time with his future mother and father in law. I find time with family and friends extremely important and in our busy lives we sometimes forget to pause and spend some extra time together especially since this world is turning so fast we should enjoy every minute and holidays such as these are ideal for clearing time for each other while having fun. Corfu is a small island on the North West coast and the whole island is surrounded by aqua blue water and rugged mountains, Corfu is filled with vast natural scenery and dense amount of nature and wildlife that live on the island.It is a great Greek island to visit and i truly enjoyed returning back to cool, calm corfu.

Now we are back in the UK, where to next ?

Love Cara





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