Alton Tower’s Scarefest 2016



Every year from the end of October to the start of November Alton Tower’s host’s Scare Fest an awesome Halloween theme park experience. With any Cadbury’s or kellogs product you can find 241 voucher which are valid throughout the year including scare fest. Which is perfect if you are in a party of 2 or more!

open to all guests up until 9pm at night allowing you to ride your favorite roller coasters in the dark and to enjoy the most out of the park for a longer period of time in comparison to the summer opening times. Scare fest has a great atmosphere and the park is well decorated and thought out as you walk along the grounds, the amount of detail that is incorporated into each section is very tentative and effective. Along with enjoying the rides you can also pay extra to do the scare mazes each based off a different theme adding to the Halloween experience for those who don’t scare too easily? There are loads of great activities for the bambinos along with sing along’s and skelvins spooky story time for those who little’ins who need it a little more PG this Halloween. Scare fest is my favorite time to visit Alton  Towers and i am certain 2017 will be yet another visit to one of the best theme parks we have here in the UK.

p.s Alton towers are now providing thermostat scare fest mugs for £8 which allow unlimited refills on lattes and hot chocolates galore which ended up being our savoir as the night became gradually colder. Over all my scare fest experience came to around £35 for my ticket and unlimited hot drink and cup.



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