Disney and Paris Haul

                  Disney Land Haul 

When visiting Disney i wanted to start Pin trading, a few of my friends had started over the years and i thought it was an adorable way to hold memories, (little fact if a cast member is wearing a pin you want you can trade with them!!! ) I loved the concept and being a student while training to be a practitioner,working alongside children i thought the lanyard would be a lovely touch as all the children love Mickey and Minnie Mouse. My Lanyard was €10 and my pin as photographed below was €6-8, The Disney pins have different price bands for specific pins. Since i got engaged in Paris and it was my first Disney pin,i went very cute and traditional. Now my first Disney experience and engagement  will be attached with a special memory with the pin






Those nearest and dearest to me will know i am obsessed with Disney even from childhood i was transfixed, Of course this love of all things Disney has followed me into adulthood and i do indeed collect the Christmas decorations. My goal is to have a Christmas tree filled with different characters. This one will symbolize mine and Alex’s first Christmas together as a couple engaged. We both adored this one of mickey and Minnie holding hands and this cost €13.99.

Next we bought some Lollipops,they came to €5. They come in different flavors and designs, but we went went for the berry flavour for our giant souvenir, YUM.

I also purchased my Minnie mouse ear’s because who doesn’t go to Disney without purchasing a pair, I will be going to Disney again so i plan on collecting the ear’s but i went for the classic Minnie mouse look and these cost €14


Alex called me a big kid for purchasing thumper but hey he is a Disneyland exclusive, and the one’s in the UK have nothing on this guy!! super soft and fluffy and as soon as we got back to the UK, i think after giving thumper a cuddle a falling asleep with him, Alex agreed it was a good purchase after all!! THE FUTURE WIFE IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Thumper stole my heart and he cost me a total of €25.  (LOOK AT THAT FRONT TOOTH) 


First things first SEPHORA, now i was slightly disappointed although their was plenty of french products, it was a lot of products i could get at home such as Dior,Chanel and YSL. I was after some Kat Von D,Tarte and specific Too Faced pallets such as the peanut butter and jelly pallet. I wanted products i could not get back in the UK. Although they had Too Faced, i was after certain pallets which were unavailable and apparently because Tarte and Kat Von D were american beauty lines they were only available in the states. DEVASTATION!!! But on the plus side i discovered a french make-up brand called Lollipops and this was their french souvenir pallet which came in Day and Night options, I went for the night as photographed above and this came to €20 . I also purchases the Sephora pearl face mask €4, I have seen lots of reviews about these Korean beauty innovations where it is a mask that almost represents a second skin and they are meant to be pretty fabulous, Further review and results will follow, I went with the pearl option as it sounded interesting.


IMG_0871[1]Me and Alex enjoy visiting the Hard Rock cafe’s across the word and of course we visited the hard Rock Paris in which Alex got a souvenir glass un-photographed at €5 when purchased with an alcoholic beverage and i purchased a pin for my Hard Rock Pin collection, €13. This is where we had our engagement meal and although it was slightly pricey the food was so delicious it was worth every penny. We love the concept of the Hard Rock Cafe’s and we plan on continuing seeing them all over the world. Couples who rock together, stay together.  

when in Paris a girl has to purchase a lipstick or two, I love YSL and i went for a little stroll through the Duty free and i swatched a few shades and then picked one at random who would have guessed before i landed in Paris i would pick the Lipstick called ‘Pink in Paris’ and at £20 it was an absolute steal and i just love the colour plus it smell’s of watermelon!!! when in Paris we also went into the Louvre and their is a shopping mall actually in the art gallery. I purchased this really nice cream leather wallet/pouch at a shop called Delfonics stationary, which cost  €15. As photographed below with my YSL lipstick and a few of my favorite necessity’s. 


Along with the very traditional Eiffel tower statue for my office, Delicious Macaroons from the Marquis chocolatier Paris and my survival pin from the Catacombs, Another and my last favorite item from Paris was this piece of art work i picked up from Notre Dam, this is from late 18/19th century, She is a fortune teller but also provides guidelines of astrology and star signs, with a calendar hidden on the back. I just loved this for my new house and i have even got it framed already to go on the wall. I absolutely love it the price i cant remember as it was from a market stall. 


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, as much as i did writing it and sharing my Haul of French Treats.

When going to Paris i will admit the city is very expensive and it is filled with so many charms and goodies to tempt you,it is certainly a city of luxury and grandeur, i cant wait to return to the Paris and of course Disneyland one day in the future ! maybe you are inspired or you are already travelling to Paris, i would recommend it,100% but take plenty of spends because if i could i would have bought everything in this stunning city in a heart beat.

Bon Voyage Paris

Love Cara



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