Bluedot Festival

Hello Lovelies

For my dad’s birthday being the RockNRoll legend that he is wanted to celebrate a big coming of age Party at the Bluedot Festival at Jordell Bank ! What a way to spend it.





We spent the day enjoying music from MoonDuo,Air and of course the main attraction of Jean Michel Jarre, feasting upon the festival cuisine of hotdogs and home made strawberry cider. Lounging in the sun at the stunning Jodrell Bank, an observatory with much to look at and explore. Literally i was start struck watching the telescope move and the sheer Monumental size of it made my jaw hit the ground. This Festival has dynamic of music and science mixed together and is a totally unique festival which welcomes all walks of life and all ages, I would LOVE to bring my children one day to this festival as it is so friendly,warm and the atmosphere is extremely welcoming, Everyone is relaxed and down to earth. I loved my experience at BlueDot, it was a very different festival to what i have experienced at the likes of Leeds Festival. I would love to return back one day and possibly do the full weekend of camping. 10/10 for Bluedot festival and Jordrell bank for putting on a fantastic festival filled with ambiance,excitement and fantastic music form up coming artists big and small.


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