Hello Lovelies

This week my other half took my away to Paris and Disneyland this was my present from him for turning the big 21. It has always been my dream to go to Disneyland and as much as i have went on about going to Disney for 3 years he thought the time was right to whisk me off on the most romantic trip of my life.

On our first full day we began to explore the city and our first visit was the Eiffel Tower which was magnificent and huge! we spent some time enjoying the scenery and basking in the sunshine it was around 30 degrees! we went shopping in Paris and i rightfully visited SEPHORA and LADUREE ! Makeup and Macaroons are the best. We then visited the famous Moulin Rouge and then we went to a very scenic park in the centre of Paris and it was here that Alex went down on one knee and asked me the biggest question of my life, ‘Will you marry me’ the shock and happiness pulsed through my whole body, stunned i managed to say Yes and we embraced in the most romantic city in the world, We were both extremely happy and so was so many of our family and friends, literally hundreds of people to be exact! I had never felt so happy in my whole life and how were we going to celebrate this engagement ? with a meal at the Hard Rock Cafe Paris and spending the whole two days following in DISNEYLAND ! Best way to celebrate an engagement EVER!!!!


The next two days i spent we spent in Disney and it was the most incredible experience of my life, It has always been my dream to go to Disney and it was just as incredible and beautiful as i expected. I will do a whole post dedicated to Disney next.


On the last full day we did the typical tourist day we started with the catacombs, Then we went to notre dame and the louvre. I loved the catacombs it was 10 euros and it was incredible, 6 million skeletons which is over whelming to think and the vast quantity of bones is also incredible. I am very glad we managed to visit the catacombs it was almost a 2 hour wait to go inside but those two hours were worth it. At notre Dame we met these lovely lovely old ladies who gave us bird feed and taught us how to feed the pigeons, and smaller birds, it was a lovely experience. we ended the evening with a lovely walk and meal. Paris was incredible city filled with beautiful buildings and scenery, we met many kind faces and enjoyed the Parisian culture it was fantastic to experience. The city of romance was very romantic for me, It will always be the city Β got engaged in and the where i had my first Disney experience. Paris will always be a very special place and i hope to return there one day soon, for now Bon Voyage!

Stayed tuned for my DisneyLand Paris post!!

Love Cara



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