Terrific Tribal from Mac

Hello Lovelies

I shamefully admit i was lured to this new Mac product through the packaging, and would you blame me? This new range from Mac known as Vibe tribe collection is my dreams rolled into one amazing package. Festival fierce and coachella inspired . I decided to go with the blusher compact, originally i wanted painted Canyon a coral toned blusher but it was literally sold out everywhere and my next favourite was ‘Adobe Brick’  a burnt red tone. At first swatching the blusher came out very bright and very pigmented, i was not 100% sure if this colour would suit my calico skin tone but with some blending and the right amount applied onto my cheeks i started to notice a nice pigment on my cheeks.From swatches i noticed that adobe brick stayed on the longest and had the strongest pigment after 24 hours, So it is a blusher with long lasting staying power. Besides the incredible packaging that reminds me of  pocahontas and her native american tribe, the product within is pretty great too. This new vibe tribe collection is certainly a dreamy boho chic collection is a must have for June.

Love Cara




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