The Body Shop’s Blogger beach Party

Hello Lovelies

I had a super fantastic week with The body Shop as i joined them for the Blogger’s Beach Party to celebrate their new exciting  Piñita Colada Range. I think officially now every product should have a cocktail version selection because this range is literally something else,  Filled with pineapple,coconut and extracts from the Caribbean this tropical tasty treat is just what you need. Some of the products such as the Piñita Colada body sorbet which is great for moisturizing and keeping skin feeling refreshed and the  Piñita Colada body scrub which has received very good reviews and personally from sampling this product i love how the exfoliation isn’t harsh and is ideal for  people with sensitive skin.


I am now going to look at some more fab products from the Vitamin E and oils of life collection, which i think are literally incredible products themselves and i think these should be in every woman’s collections. Starting with the above. The body shop Vitamin E moisture protect Emulsion, this product is very small and compact with a longish tube which is great for girls on the go and for travelling as this moisturizer is an SPF 30 and is a three star PA approved product, Great for those hot days abroad. It is a combination of UV and UVB and is great for generally moisturizing or to protect your face in hotter climates. The vitamin E collection is re-launched and improved product and this moisturizer can hold 1000 times it’s own moisture due to the Biofermented Hyaluronic Acid which allows your skin to keep its moisture and keep the skin moisturized . This products lasts up to 48 hours which i think is a bonus. Their is also an SPF 50 based product The Skin defense multi protection essence. This protects the skin against some serious sun rays and has Four star PA approved rating. So very protective especially for the facial and neck area. If you burn easily or worry about the effects of UV rays, i recommend this product as it is very protective and for being an SPF 50 it has a very light texture and consistency compared to some other facial SPF based products.

13285563_10209969110651015_698099403_n (1)

The oils of life is a fantastic collection. This product contains 3 seed oils and 7 essential oils. The oils of life collection is a very hydrating oil. I myself was very afraid of trying an oil based product due to my combination skin of oil/dry. I was afraid of the outcome of experiencing an oil and would often avoid even going near this section of many skin/beauty stores that stocked such a product, But now i realize oils are very beneficial to the skin and just because it is branded as oil it certainly does not have that effect.In fact oil based products don’t even feel like a oily consistency but very soft and smooth upon the skin . I love oils and the benefits they bring to the skin. If you’re skin is oily don’t be afraid of oily products as when your skin produces oil this represents dehydration.  Another great mention is The Vitamin C Glow boosting moisturizer, as photographed above next to the oils of life. This moisturizer promotes that natural glow and brighten’s the skin to bring out a more natural/healthy glow. Very light and hydrates the skin. Good product for the coming Summer months.



This product is absolutely amazing and i cant believe such a thing exists. The Body Shop Chamomile scrumptious cleansing butter is an incredible make-up remover.It is a waxy consistency but don’t let that scare you, Oh no all you do is rub this wax consistency between you’re fingers and it melts like butter, Exceptionally creamy and smooth, you rub the product all over your faces and it make’s your make-up run literally off your face!!! Nothing is too much for this make-up remover and then you wash off with hot water,cloth and Tada make-up is removed and your skin is nourished. It really is like magic and i was fascinated with how effectively this product works, this is certainly the future of make-up remover and i am going to put this product on my wishlist. Simply outstanding, You go Body Shop.

Thank you too the fabulous girls at The body Shop Metro center for a fabulous event, I literally cant wait to have a shower with my Piñita Colada shower gel and be transported to a tropical caribbean island, Thank you Body shop

Love Cara




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