My Five Guys Experience

Hello Lovelies

On Friday night Alex took me out for a bite to eat and to see the Jungle Book which on a side note was great especially the graphics! We decided to explore the new food court within the Metro center and Five Guys was on our list. I have heard many reviews from Five Guys and seen loads of photos of the food on Instagram, but was it all hype?

To answer honestly, i loved the food and the burger filled me right up, not too much that i couldn’t enjoy it but enough that i felt full and satisfied. The drink’s options are awesome Raspberry Coke and Grape Fanta, was an out of this world experience due to those quirky options they provided  a unique touch to the establishment, I could feel the New York Diner inspired decor and layout which was very kitsch in a sense but I felt that Five guys was rather expensive for what it was. It was like a posh McDonalds. We thought it was more like a restaurant experience but instead we had to stand for over 20 minutes to get a brown bag filled with our food and then we had to find a table which  provided to be difficult due to influx of customers at the time. Me and Alex enjoyed the food but it came to over £25 for both of us for two burgers, One large fries to share and two drinks and for two students who work part time hours it was slightly pricey but for the quality of the products we felt it was worth it. I really enjoyed Five Guys if anything i wish they provided student discount like Nandos and other big food establishments. over all I rate our experience 8/10.

Love Cara



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