Radical Self Love- By Gala Darling


In life we all often become consumed with others around us, We become more interested in other people’s lives and not our own and We dream of having what We  don’t have rather than what we have and in a way these are not necessarily bad things but they can often have a negative effect. I live with a chronic illness (Type 1 Diabetes) and through this i have went through some tough times, And Sometime’s i can find it hard to appreciate what i have, And i am sure i am not alone…

This book is written by the gorgeous Gala Darling, who started as a blogger, blogging through her website and now Gala Darling has helped over one million women find happiness within themselves and provided them with a voice in which to be heard. Radical self love has been an absolute inspiration to me and everyone should own a copy. Often life becomes to much and we forget we need to love ourselves and achieve our goals. Radical self love is a guide to loving yourself and living your dreams.It is based on Gala Darlings own personal experiences, providing techniques and ideas on how to become a more positive and motivated person.

For me this book is like a refreshing cleanse and when i read the pages i take deep comfort in the word’s that are written, as i can relate so much to specific subjects, it is almost like my own therapy. I found Gala’s writing to be completely down to earth,filled with beautifully written quotes and honest words of wisdom especially for this 20 something, Big dreamer.

‘When you love yourself, life is limitless. You can do anything you want. it’s time to throw off the shackles of expectation, and start living from your heart. it’s time to astound yourself with how beautiful your life can be. It’s time to treat every single day like a celebration’- Gala Darling.

I know not everyone is perfect and some of us experience problems such as depression,anxiety, body confidence the list goes on, Please know that you are not alone 🙂  I recommend reading radical self love, it is not just a novel but an experience. I am so happy i purchased this book, because now i am going to continue to love myself through all my imperfections, stay strong and positive. Sometimes you just need a little guidance.




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