Jewellery from Becky Rose

Hello Lovelies

Today i bring you some beautiful pieces from Becky Rose, Becky Rose Crafts is a vintage inspired Jewellery brand which is right up my street as i completely adore all things vintage and old fashioned.Each piece is lovingly handcrafted and made with lots of love and thought. The Jewellery  is simply stunning with some bespoke pieces as can be seen above. I even took a picture of myself with one of my favorite pieces, I love silver so i was drawn to this piece like a magpie and it sits beautifully around the neck as do all of the pieces within Becky Rose’s Collections. Each piece of Jewellery  has been hand crafted and that is a really special addition. You can clearly see the love and passion that is put into each product as they are made from high quality materials and are well made to last. The style of the pieces are extremely unique and affordable  not only that you can have pieces of Jewellery is made just for you as Becky Rose also does commissions and that is what makes these products truly stand out. If you have a few minutes spare in your day check out Becky Rose and maybe treat yourself to something special from her collections. As for me i am completely smitten with Beck Rose’s Crafts.

Love Cara



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