Liverpool Love


Hello Lovelies

I am so sorry for neglecting you for so long, I have been so busy with student life and bringing macaraspace into the youtube-universe along with binge watching  Rupaul and the Walking Dead OFC!


I recently went on an all girls road trip to Liverpool and I had an incredible time from the moment we got to Liverpool we put on our Glam rags and embraced the city. The plan was to go to Matthew street but we ended up getting tipped off about Liverpool’s hidden nightclub scene mainly the secret telephone booth known as ex-directory. Where we enjoyed cocktail after cocktail. The next day we experienced the beauty of Moose Coffee a chic American Diner and embraced the Brunch of gods! Following brunch we hit the shops and then rested at the hotel before heading out to get our make-up done by Amy Helen and Jennifer Alice who did an awesome job.Then we got ready and hit the night club scene in the square enjoying shots especially tequila and dancing our butts off to Nicki Minaj; Anaconda, Stumbling in drunk at 5 am was just like a moment in sex and the city and I adored it. The last day of the trip we spent walking around the docks and shops, taking in Liverpool in all its glory wandering around the city, stumbling upon the beloved Matthew street home of the Beetles and having some fun in the Liverpool World museum Before driving back home. It was an incredible weekend filled with lovely memories,laughter and the occasional diva accident.Liverpool is a fantastic city with a great night life and legendary history. I hope one day soon I can return back to Liverpool and fall in love again.

Also check out my Vlog on Liverpool ❤

Love Cara




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