Life before Mac we had Lip Smacker


Hello lovelies

A little bit of a throwback to when life was a much simpler time and I had no concept of make-up, when your mum Promised you were beautiful without all the Mac, Nars and L’Oreal Products  UNTIL i discovered bright blue eye shadow and pink eyeliner, Yeah…. Anyway Every girl used to own a small tube of lip smacker it was that stuff that everyone talked about and it was what I first got given to put in my make-up bag from my mum. Some strawberry Lip smacker and i was ready to hit the town on the Friday nights after school. Recently i turned the ripe old age of 21 and one of my presents from my good friends Graham and Kim, On a side note (Thanks guys these are sooo cool) was this glorious, vintage style tin of coco cola themed lip smackers and oh my lord they smell amazing my favorite is Vanilla coke it smells so good I want to eat it or bottle it up as a fragrance. Anyway yeah it came in a tin and inside was 6 different lip balms all lovely,fruity and flashback to my youth.

What Lip balms do you guys keep in your make-up bag?

Love Cara



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