My Kiehl’s Skincare Journey


Hello Lovelies

I have exciting news !    On Saturday I got the opportunity to attend the  Kiehl’s Blogger event at The  House of Fraser in the Metro center. During the afternoon I met two amazing members of the Kiehls family Vicky and Julie, On a side note i just want to say how fantastic these two ladies are!

They have reformed me into a Kiehl’s addict i am already planning on my next purchase and also my mum is  now an eager beaver to find out more.

During my time with Kiehl’s we discussed my skin, what issues i face with my own skin and what routine i have and from this Vicky was able to complete a skin test which showed i had dry skin with a small amount of oil. With this info we started looking into some fab products to help me conquer my skin Problems. Kiehl’s use a combination of science and natural products, The ingredients are all natural and botanical and packed with plenty of vitamin C in fact Kiehl’s are THE ONLY company to harness 10.5% Vitamin C within all their  products, Another part I love about Kiehls is they are  extremely passionate about their products and they are a family who never consider their clients as merely customers but friends, Its all about showing and telling not selling and this is a policy i love.

NOW onto some amazing products that are available FOR all skin types, All types of people and any guys out there we know that 40% of you shop at Kiehls for your skin care necessity’s so this is a universal post for all sizes,Genders and colours, This is about feeling great !!!!! Especially since Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and the Victoria Secrets Angels use and  own these products how can you say No?

 These are my 5 Favorite Products from Kiehl’s


  1. Everyone love’s a good Facial cleanser especially the Ultra Facial Cleanser after a long day. This cleanser is packed with vitamin C and contains No fragrance which can damage the skin over time. In fact it contains Olive fruit which is exclusive to Kiehl’s and even REMOVES make-up. This is a girls dream in a bottle. Prices start- £8.50 for 75ml & £15.00 for 150ml.

2. Cleanse and Tone is mothers first rule. The Ultra Facial Toner is filled with a milk consistency and feels absolutely weightless upon the skin, I felt the benefits instantly. Prices start from £8.50 for 75ml and £15.00 for 250ml.


3. This is the Daily reviving concentrate which is ideally used during a day time routine. Within this bottle their is sunflower oil which is a great product for making the skin look energized and look fresh, Kiehls are surely onto something with this product. When i applied it onto myself i couldn’t  believe the results my skin looked 100% more brighter and i felt amazing. This product is a dry oil  and all you do is apply 2 drops onto your hands, press the oil between your palms to heat the oil up and then pat onto your skin easy as 1,2,3. Prices start from £49 for 50ml


4. This is one of my favorite products by Kiehls and no wonder it is the  No1 best seller. The Midnight Recovery Concentrate, This product is great for any stress related issues, when i am stressed i tend to break out into blemishes and spots and being a student this happens way to often to count. (NIGHTMARE). So i was advised this product by Vicky and it is a magic potion safely secured in this bottle, Fab product for stress relief and provides barriers for different factors. Holla at any students or anyone dealing with stress related issues this is your ticket out of stress town. The midnight recovery consists of lavender and the bottle will last months and months as all you need is two small drops. This product can be used by all ages,all skin types and all genders it truly is a universal product. prices start from £37 for 30ml and £49 for 50ml.

5. I am obsessed with mask based product’s. I love having a facial after putting my skin through hell and back with the amount of makeup i can pile onto it especially when my pores become clogged! The Turmeric and Cranberry seed energizing radiance masque is incredible. This mask contains Turmeric and cranberry which will spice up your life, Its great for giving your skin a treat and you can use this mask in two ways. The first way is to leave it on for you 5-10 minutes and the wash it off or you can massage it into the skin area and use it for a facial exfoliator which is great for getting rid of any dead skin cells and refreshing the skin. After using this mask i noticed my skin was more brighter and rejuvenated. An absolutely lovely mask to have for those long weeks or that night out with the girls. Safe to say this is surely one of my March favorites. Price comes to £28 for 75ml.


I hope you all Enjoyed this post, It has been absolute pleasure sharing it with you all, Please if you have Kiehls near you, pop in and have a look I promise you wont be disappointed. Thank you to the great Girls at Kiehl’s  Vicky and Julie and also to the team at Thierry Muggler THANK YOU soo much for your Lovely goodie bag, You literally know how to hook a girl up ❤


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