wake me up; Rimmel London Foundation Review


Hello Lovelies

Today I am reviewing Rimmel London’s wake me up foundation which I certainly  need assistance with besides the help of a strong coffee this foundation does help. Within this foundation their is Skin brightening agents and it is filled with vitamin C. I always love a foundation that has a form of  SPF within the formula as even during the winter months the suns rays can have an affect on the skin and increase the ageing process and encourage wrinkles and fine lines around the forehead area to become more  defined. This formula comes with SPF 15 which is ideal for the British weather  as the likelihood of a heat wave is very small. When going abroad a good tip i use is i mix my foundation with a higher SPF sun cream based product  such as the Malibu Face cream in factor 50 especially for the first few days and then i reduce my factors, I love extremely hot climates so i often completely avoid wearing foundations in hotter countries as i find my skin becomes extremely dry  but by blending the two I find it to be a more lighter and less harsher consistency on my skin.

This foundation has good coverage and glides on easily. I find that when my skin becomes blemished it can struggle to cover my blemishes and my more redder areas such as around my nose and eyelids. But i love the texture of the foundation as it is very soft and gentle in comparisons to some foundations i have experienced. I have not tested the product in regards to photographs and natural lighting but i plan to see if this foundation is a very photographic worthy product as we all love to take selfies.

What foundations have got your covered ?

Love Cara





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