The must have clutch bag

Hello Lovelies

I come with a fashion/Accessory that Literally is so sparkly and amazing I couldn’t leave it in the shop and in fact I didn’t buy this as this is a Christmas present from my friend Nicholas. When shopping at Christmas he asked me the hardest question.. ‘What do you want for Christmas’ My reply being ‘Just surprise me’ . We were helping each other with last minute Christmas steals when we I had a nosy in accessorize and saw the holy grail of clutch bags. I couldn’t leave this majestic mermaid clutch behind. I turned into a crazy eyed magpie and grabbed the bag and clutched it close to my chest as i noticed a few other people had but similar intentions. Nick and Myself had a look and I said NO i am paying for it and to that point he grabbed it off me, proceeded towards the till and pulled out that plastic piece of payment to the cashier.. I couldn’t stop him and I felt slightly awful that he felt the need to buy me something so lovely but at the same time it also reminded me of how awesome my friends were and how grateful I am to have friends like this in my life.

So after the high of getting the most gorgeous clutch bag ever and having the most amazing friends ever. I felt like this beautiful clutch bag should be shared with the world.

So the clutch bag is from accessorize and I cant remember how much was paid for it but it is simply stunning why would you consider costing ? #Confessionsofashopaholic. The bag is completely embellished with sequins and the back of the clutch  is a  Glittery black and silver fabric. Their is one handle upon the side of the clutch and zip along the top. The inside has one separate compartment with the rest being open. The beading almost has an ombre affect as it starts off at gold tone,copper,orange,pink,lilac,blue then purple showing an array of colour similar to a rainbow. This clutch is simply draw dropping and certainly a great touch to an outfit to add that sense of extra glam and glitz. Really great size and well made Clutch.

Love Cara




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