It’s Better to be absolutely ridiculous, Than absolutely Boring- 60’s Lookbook

Hello Lovelies

This post is one of my look book’s and it 60’s glam look  inspired by Betty Page with a rock and roll twist. I recently Got a fringe cut in and with my Dark hair and my new cat eye sunglasses. I suddenly felt transformed into a 60’s glam kitten. I absolutely adore vintage,Pinup and Rock and Roll related fashion. Also I felt like My fashion side of the blog has been slightly neglected Much apologies to those who prefer my more Fashion based post’s. I will be adding more Fashion related content  In the coming months.

Right now I am absolutely loving Cat eye sunglasses and leopard print. I feel like such a wild child in this outfit. The link’s for The whole outfit are listed below with prices and where to find them should you wish to copy this look or twerk it to match you’re own sense of style.

Leopard Print top- Topshop £20

Denim Pencil Skirt- New Look £19.99

Sheepskin Jacket- Missguided £60

Necklace- Primark £4

Sunglasses- ASOS £10.00

Skull Patch- Hallow Society £10.00

This look is a throw back to the days of Betty Page when people would collect Records and drink Milkshakes at their local diner with their friends . When Jim Morrison was a girls fantasy and Every girl was a vintage dream. I adore the 40’s through to the 80’s. Their was just something extremely inspirational and exciting back in those days.People often expressed their creativity through their fashion and looks.The world was beginning to emerge and people had the confidence to start to become what they wanted to be and to me that is fashion.

With this look I wore a Denim pencil skirt from New look and matched it with my Leopard print roll neck top from Topshop which brought this outfit to life. I added my chunky necklace which is a mixture of gold and black details from Primark and I wore my Cat eye sunglasses to complete the look these sunglasses are in a dusty pink color and they are from ASOS.

An added touch was my sheepskin biker jacket I got from Missguided almost Two years ago which can be seen on my blog, Link provided here >>>>

I have since then began customizing my jacket with patches and I am starting with the main back patch of course another patch will be added to this one but this is the center piece ‘Heavier then Heaven and Louder than Hell’ which I purchased from Hallow Society Link to their cartel has been added at the top of the post. I absolutely LOVE Hallow society and you should head over and give those guys some loving, Really great stuff for any rock chic or rocker.

I hope you liked this post and More will be on the way.

Love Cara




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