Healthy Hair Care for only £2

Hello Lovelies

Today I come with a bargain Buy to save the penny’s and provide you with luscious locks. Recently I was in Boots and I was looking at all the shampoo’s and conditioners s as i was in dire straights for a top up… #First world Problem’s… These colorful bottles captured my eye  but also the price!

Being a student I am constantly hunting for bargains and ways to cut corners so I can have extra money for cocktails with the girls, But the shock come’s with the price the shampoo and conditioner cost £1 for 500ml Bottle! One whole British Pound !!! Dare i even squeal maybe slightly and especially since they come in many different flavors such as coconut and Apple! Goodness  do they smell sublime. I decided to get the strawberry shampoo and conditioner to try out.

So for the results My hair came out really shiny and smooth  and it felt very nourished. I have not washed my hair is two days and my hair still smell’s like strawberry’s and I love it. For a total of £2 For both I think I have found a great find and also with it being a product from Boot’s it also allows me to gain points on my boots card towards something special just for me.

So any students,Bargain hunters,product lovers and anyone obsessed with anything strawberry related will love these products.

I think my next purchase will be Fresh Apple.

Love Cara



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