#Secrets for Great Glowing Skin with N07

Hello Lovelies,

Today I am looking into skin care and in all honesty I am one of those girls who will jump into bed and not take a second thought on doing my skin care routine or taking of my makeup I am as they say my worst enemy. I shouldn’t really have a right to complain about spots and blemishes in all honesty but I think if most girls and ladies were honest we would find that most us are probably  victims to this trap time and time again.

I mean after all the effort of applying my face the process of taking it all off never excites me.

So when I got this No7 skin care collection for Christmas Two thoughts crossed my mind…

1- Mother always know’s best

2- Now i  don’t have an excuse to avoid cleansing,moisturizing and toning

So within this set I received a day and night moisturizer. I keep the day cream in my make-up bag and use this before applying my makeup and I keep my Night cream beside my bed so that I remind myself to apply some before i go to sleep. With the changes in weather, The unhealthy Christmas and birthday binge and Just the general grind of blue January my skin has never been so thankful for moisturizer. I also received  a face illuminating cream which has product within it that rejuvenates that tired skin providing a generous glow, When i used the cream i did notice an improvement in the distribution of my skin tone. Basically my skin looked very even and one tone which had a nice shine. As if I had done some highlight and contour but less dramatic. My results were really nice and it was enjoyable to notice in photos my skin looking less blotchy and more porcelain. The next product was an Overnight revitalizing eye balm as i spend way too many hours on my computer by completing assignments,Blogging and online shopping, I find that my eyes tend to become more itchy and irritated so using under eye creams and eye drops are usually a great way of combating this and i look less like a Tim Burton character and more human.

Over all I really like these products and they each bring their own advantages to the table. I am enjoying trying them out and comparing them to my other creams. I would recommend No7 for their moisturizers which are really thick,smooth with a creamy consistency which offer  Great coverage through out the day.

Have you guy’s found any great Skin care goodies in 2o16?

Love Cara




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