Instant Make-up Spring look’s

Hello Lovelies, In this blog post I am going to share My two favorite looks for Spring. I am torn between smokey Amy Winehouse themed looks and More natural Vintage make-up with a twist.

12446032_155368081510188_1636627195_n(1) This is one of my favorite looks. I use my eyebrow pencil and keeping my eyebrows reasonably thin with an arch and blending in a white based eye shadow under the arch to create a highlight. With my eyes I use my make-up revolution pallet and begin with a darker shade this pallet is called ‘what you waiting for?’ By blending in the darker matte tone in the crease of my eyes and following my eye line along consistently blending I then add a more metallic pigmented shadow on the lids usually a light pink or nude to bring out the eye lids and to compliment my smokey eyes. For my eyeliner I use the ‘Kiko Definition liner in black’ and begin by tracing the black liner across my lid and progressively flicking out i then re join my lines and fill in the middle giving me a thick,defined flick. A few more layers of this eyeliner increases the thickness and longitude of the liner. For my contouring I use ‘Too Face, Amazing face in warm honey’ and to finish I apply my ‘Kiko Milano Lavish Lipstick 05’ Which I have previously reviewed on macaraspace. I have Added the link to that post below to that post.

12547257_616532598485504_824439692_nMy second look is a more simplistic and natural look. I love vintage eyebrows and I have named mine ‘The thin Lizzy’s’ As i think they frame my face better this way. So i lightly fill in my brows with my eyebrow pencil. On my lids I have used the same shadow pallet from make-up revolution ‘what you waiting for?’ This time I have shaded in the corner of my eyes with the more metallic based shadows and on the lids I have used a more matte colour going for more neutral tones such as cream to make my eyes appear wider.With my eyeliner I have continued to use ‘Kiko Definition liner’ and i have began my liner half way into my eye and making my flicks into more cat like flicks to give off that more 60’s feel. I have used my Nars blush ‘Unlawful’ on my cheeks and on my lips I have finished with my Mac Nude lipstick in ‘Plum Dandy’ which I swatched on my post ‘show me your nudes’ Link to that post has been added below.

These are my two favorite looks for everyday wear and for something more dramatic. I apologize for my firsts selfie being slightly blury as it was at night time. Thanks for stopping by at macaraspace, I hope this post has helped or inspired someone into creating their own beautiful look. Thanks for all the support

Love Cara



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